laxman performs yudh with luv kush siya ke ram 6th october

Siya Ke Ram – 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 283]

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Siya Ke Ram 6th October Episode starts with

Lav saying this is Ram’s horse for Ashwamedha yagya. Kush says no, we did not do anything wrong, wherever this horse goes, the land will belong to Ram, is this right to get anyone’s independent land. Lav says yes, we did right to catch this horse, else Ram would have taken everyone’s land, we will tell Mata. Kush says no, if Mata knows this that we caught Ashwamedha yagya horse, she will get angry, and we have to helplessly free this horse. Hanuman sees this and says they captured Raghukul’s horse, it means enmity with Ram, I have to stop this disaster from happening.

Guru Vashisht tells Ram that Ayodhya’s Praja was upset since 12 years, but you gave them new happiness by keeping Ashwamedha yagya. Kaushalya asks Guru Vashisht to come and have food. Guru Vashisht goes. Laxman asks for the horse. The man says we could not find horse in entire jungle. Laxman says you know its imp for us, where did horse go. The man says someone has seen horse going towards Valmiki ashram. Ram says Sita, any anushtaan is meaningless for me without you. Sita appears and says I m with you, you are doing this Anushtaan and utsav, the reason is me, I was reason for Ayodhya Praja’s sorrow, and I m reason for their happiness, why are you feeling I m away from you, this smile suits your face a lot, just keep smiling like this. He stops her from going. She gets tearful eyes.

Lav and Kush take the grass to feed horse. Hanuman says you both did not do this right, I know you both capture the horse. Lav says that horse is left for anyone to catch it, so we caught it. Hanuman says you know its meaning, enmity with Ram… same Ram whose story you told to everyone, he has made powerful warriors like Raavan, Bali and others lose by his bravery and power. Lav says we will see how Ram frees his horse from us, will he succeed or not. Hanuman goes to Sita and says come fast, big disaster is going to happen. She smiles and asks him to have food. Hanuman eats Prasad. He says Lav and Kush are not listening to me.

A lady tells Sita about Ashwamedha yagya one day completing today. Sita says even my puja’s one day completed and gives her Prasad. The lady says its coincidence that Ashwamedha yagya and your puja started together, it seems like your puja happening for the yagya. Hanuman thinks maybe its happening for Sita and Ram’s union, that’s why Lav Kush caught the horse, I should not tell Sita. Sita asks him about Lav Kush. Hanuman says nothing, I will give this Prasad to them. She asks him to distribute it in entire ashram. He goes. She says but Maruti said of some disaster.

Laxman stops Hanuman. Hanuman asks how can I help you. Laxman asks him did you see Ashwamedha yagya horse anywhere. Hanuman says no, and asks him to have Prasad. Laxman asks whats this Prasad. Hanuman says its of puja done for success of Ashwamedha yagya. Laxman takes it and thanks him. Hanuman thinks I could have told Laxman about Lav and Kush, but I don’t want to ruin the link between Ram and Sita.

Lav and Kush talk to Sita about Ashwamedha yagya. She says everyone knows about it. Lav says its not right to takeover other’s land by it. She says its not like that, its to keep prestige of Kul. Lav asks her what does it mean if Ram has done yagya along with Sita’s idol, it means he accepted Sita. Hanuman hears them and thinks someone is talking in Sita’s favour for the first time, even if the sons don’t know that their mum is Sita. Lav and Kush ask Sita about Ram’s ego. Sita asks them to be quiet, I can’t hear anything against Ram. She goes. They say they knew their mum won’t hear against Ram, but Sita has bear many troubles, she should get justice, and swear not to leave the horse till Ram accepts Sita.

Hanuman gets sure that this Ashwamedha yagya will become reason of Ram and Sita’s union. Laxman asks for the horse. He sees the horse and tells the soldiers to come. He asks who challenged us for war, come infront. Soldier says someone tied the horse without knowing anything, when he knew this is Ram’s horse, maybe he has run away. Laxman says free the horse. Lav and Kush shoot at the soldier and stop him. Lav says if anyone tries to free this horse, he will not be saved, this is our horse now. Laxman sees them.

Laxman says you both are same boys to came to Rajbhavan to say Ramkatha. They say yes. Laxman says this horse is Ashwamedha yagya’s victorious horse, its important for Rajya and Praja. They say we know it, so we have captured it. Laxman asks the motive. Lav says our motive is to get justice for Devi Sita, till she gets justice, we will not free this horse. Hanuman hears Sita calling out Lav and Kush. He says if Sita knows Lav and Kush fighting for justice, she will not allow them, I have to stop her. He goes to Sita and shows the flowers. She says its beautiful, but did you see Lav and Kush. He says no, I will find them and get to you. She says fine, find them and get them to me. She takes flowers and goes.

Laxman says I m glad that someone took Sita’s name infront of me, do you both know where is she. They say you should know it, you are asking us, you left her in this jungle. Laxman says I know whatever happened with her was wrong, but I was helpless, it was King Ram’s command and I had to obey it. Kush says you obeyed Ram’s command, but you did not think for Sita, your Dharm was that you should have not left Sita alone and stayed with her, but you left her alone and went back to Rajbhavan. Laxman says no, you are misunderstanding me, I have served Sita for 14 years and protected her. Lav says its wrong, you have stayed awake for Ram’s protection, if you worried for Sita, you would have not left her here alone, like Raja Ram is culprit, you are equally wrong, Laxman says but I want to rectify my mistake, apologize to Sita and repent, do you know where is she.

Lav says no, we just know she is innocent and pure, we will get justice for her. Laxman says I m sure she is innocent, I m with you to get justice for her, but now its imp to free this horse for yagya, its Ram’s command. Kush says you follow your duty, and we will follow our motive to get justice for Sita. Laxman says you don’t know the yagya, free the horse, else consequences will not be good. Lav says cowards worry for the consequences, if you want to free this horse, you have to fight with us. Laxman says its right.

A lady informs Sita about Lav and Kush capturing Ashwamedha yagya horse and refusing to return the horse to Laxman, they are ready to fight with Laxman. Sita gets shocked and says no, if this happens, it will be big disaster. She thinks she can’t go infront of Laxman, Gurudev is not in ashram, how to stop this disaster from happening. Laxman aims at Lav and Kush, and they aim at him. Hanuman looks on. siya ke ram 6th october

siya ke ram 6th october siya ke ram 6th october siya ke ram 6th october siya ke ram 6th october

Precap :
Sumanth tells Guru Vashisht, Ram and others that Rishikumars have captured the horse, when Laxman fought with them, he got hurt and fainted. Guru Vashisht asks whats their motive. Sumanth says they want to seek justice for Sita. They all get shocked.

siya ke ram 6th october siya ke ram 6th october siya ke ram 6th october siya ke ram 6th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

guru vashist and ram together

kush and luv trapped ashwa

laxman and sena finding ashwa

laxman cries thinking about sita

laxman performs yudh with luv kush

sita comes in between yagya

sita shocked luv kush trapped ashwa

sita smiling pics valmiki asharam

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