urmila innocent face to cry siya ke ram 4th october

Siya Ke Ram – 4th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 281]

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Siya Ke Ram 4th October Episode starts with

Sita seeing Ayodhya’s soldiers. She says why did they come here, did they know about me. The man greets Valmiki and tells about Ram’s decision of Ashwamedha yagya. He invites Valmiki to come in the yagya along with his students. Valmiki says its matter of pride, Ram initiates that Ashwamedha yagya, we will surely come if time permits. Sita says how can Ram keep Ashwamedha yagya, no, he can never do this.

Ram says its impossible, I can’t remarry. Rishi says all kings of Raghukul have done more than one marriage for the good of Rajya, its tradition of Raghukul. Other Rishi says we know you love Sita, but you have to remarry for welfare of Praja, if you can abandon Sita, why can’t we remarry. Ram says you are saying right, but marriage is union of two souls, its not of a king, but its of a man, a man is everything for his wife. Rishi says as a man and husband, your thoughts are right, but second marriage is necessary as you are the king, there is no other way to keep Ashwamedha yagya. Guru Vashisht looks on.

Sita asks Guru Mata can a king do Ashwamedha yagya without his wife. Guru Mata says no, his wife’s presence is necessary. Sita says if king abandoned his wife… Guru Mata says no, its not possible, the king has to remarry to keep Ashwamedha yagya, the wife has to be there with the king, else this Anushtaan will be meaningless. Sita thinks it means Ram is doing second marriage…. She goes and cries in her kaksh. Hanuman goes and sees. Sita says Raghunandan, you gave me one wife promise, how can you break that promise. She says does this mean you have made me leave from your heart and mind also, along with Rajbhavan. She says you also accepted this that your Sita is impure. She cries and lies on the ground.

Ram talks to Sita and says Rajya’s maryada made you away from me, now they all want me to make you away from my heart, none knows that Ram is alive as you are in my life, if I make you out of my heart, Ram won’t be alive. He cries. Sita appears. She holds him and says I have always prayed that whatever decision you take is for Praja’s good, I will still pray that you never fall weak while taking any decision. He says but Sita… She disappears…. He wipes his tears and says its right, now I will take such decision, even if the world never forgives me for that.

Valmiki goes to Sita’s Kaksh and asks hanuman is everything fine. Hanuman tells about Sita’s sorrow since she heard of Ram keeping Ashwamedha yagya. Valmiki says fine, wait, I will see. He enters the Kaksh and sees Ram’s idol and Sita lying on the ground. He says I know you got doubt for Ram in your heart, this will end when you see the truth, its imp that you see Ram’s truth. Hanuman thinks to go Ayodhya and talk to Mata Kaushalya.

Mandvi says this decision will end Sita’s existence. Bharat says Ram did not decide anything like that. She says but we know what will Ram decide when its about Praja. Urmila says yes, who imagines he will abandon Sita, but he did. Laxman says Ram left Sita as King Ram, not as a husband, he has done biggest sacrifice of his life for Dharm and Maryada, we all are sorrowful, the truth is Ram has biggest sorrow. Shruthkirti says what will Sita go through if she knows Ram has remarried.

Hanuman comes and asks Kaushalya to stop this disaster, Ram will be sorrowful too, none can take Sita’s place in his life, we all know he loves Sita. She says I understand your state, we all are in same state, when its about Praja and Rajya, Raghukul did not think for itself, this is the tradition. Hanuman asks what is the need for second marriage, Sita can be called back to Rajbhavan, Badra apologized. Praja is also regretting, even Praja will want us to bring Sita back. She says I wish this was possible, we all know its too late now. He cries.

Ram addresses to everyone, and tells about Raghukul’s ancestors giving away body to a bird to keep a promise, Harishchandra leaving his kingdom, and Dasharath giving up his life to keep promise, promise keeping tradition is definite in Raghukul, and that’s why, I have taken a decision, that I will not do second marriage. Everyone get glad.
Rishi says but Maharaj if you don’t remarry, Raghukul tradition will break. Ram says but Rishivar, if I remarry, the tradition will break forever, because I have promised Sita that I will marry just once, if I marry again, Raghukul tradition will end here, I don’t think you will want this, being a king, I have sacrificed my personal life and interests, I have abandoned my queen, my life, my wife Sita to obey Rajdharm, my wife is not with me now, but her love is still there in my heart, do you all want me to make Sita out of my heart, the moment I make Sita out of my life, that moment will be my life’s last moment. They all look on.

Ram says Guru Dev, is there tradition of sacrificing love in Raghuvansh. He says you all think Ram is great king and did big sacrifice, but the truth is I m not great, Sita is great, she did not ask any question and let me do this sacrifice, she has accepted all sorrows, she has bear my deceive, she stays in my heart, her thoughts stay in my mind, Ram’s existence is by her, if I forget her, and if I remarry, Ram will not be Ram, I m born in Raghuvansh, but Sita defined me, this will be injustice with that woman also, with whom I will remarry, because I can’t love her, its impossible that anyone else takes Sita’s place in my life. Janak comes and says you are great Shri Ram. Everyone see Janak. They all greet Janak.

Janak says Ram, you are really great, you placed a new Maryada today, to protect a woman’s self esteem and existence is over any Rajdharm and Kuldharm, woman is one who gives birth, the land, Rajya and Kul where women is preached, that becomes pure forever. Rishi says we agree, but if Ashwamedha yagya does not happen, it will be danger on Raghukul’s traditions. Janak says Ashwamedha yagya will happen. Rishi asks how is this possible without Ram’s second marriage. Janak says like Lord Shiv is regarded complete without his wife, even Ram is complete without Sita, Ram can do the yagya with Sita’s idol. Everyone smile. Guru Vashisht says you are great Janak, you solved this and saved Raghukul from this problem, this solution is right. Ram greets Janak. Valmiki says Ram you are great, Sita will become witness of your love, then her heart pain will get away.

siya ke ram 4th october siya ke ram 4th october siya ke ram 4th october

Precap :
Sita says I want to know who is that pure woman who will sit with Ram in Ashwamedha yagya. Her soul leaves from her body. She goes and sees Ram sitting with Sita’s idol. Ram asks Sita where are you, I want to see you, come infront of me. Sita cries seeing him.

siya ke ram 4th october siya ke ram 4th october siya ke ram 4th october siya ke ram 4th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman feeling sad for sita

rajrishi janak comes to ayodhya raj sabha

urmila innocent face to cry skr

sita infront of ram statue skr

sita fainted listening ashwamed yagya

ram missing sita in rajsabha

ram feeling very sad and sorry sita

valmiki giving sita power to see ram

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