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Siya Ke Ram – 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 280]

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Siya Ke Ram 3rd October Episode starts with

Badra going to Ram. Badra apologizes to Ram for staining Sita’s character and doing big sin. Ram recalls Kush and Lav’s words. Badra cries, and talks to him, while Ram is lost thinking about the Rishikumar’s words. Badra says my crime can’t be forgiven, I deserve strict punishment, punish me.

Ram holds Badra and says there is no use to cry for past things, we have to accept present and live with it, whatever we did, whatever decision we took, we have to bear consequences, our sight is limited, you could not see future and I could not stop this bad happening, I never had anger or annoyance for you, you regretted for your deed, I never blamed you, so go home without any guilt. Badra says you are great and cries. He requests Ram, and says its 12 years completed now, go and get Sita back, I want to meet her once and apologize to her, get Sita Mata back. He leaves.
Valmiki talks to Lav and Kush and says there is nothing wrong in Ramayana. Lav and Kush ask how can we say its true after we have seen everything by our eyes, if Ram has sent Sita, how can he be called ideal husband, if he respected his wife, he would have not sent her to jungle, he did not find right to tell about sending his wife to vanvaas.

Valmiki says till we know the complete truth, we should make form any opinion, you have heard half things, its our duty to find complete truth and then give any opinion about it, and without knowing truth, you should not decide anything about any man. Lav says sorry, but we can’t call him a great king. Kush says the man who left his wife like this can’t be an ideal man. Sita comes and slaps Kush angrily.

Ram, Laxman and Kaushalya see Sita’s idol in Ram’s Kaksh. Kaushalya says its beautiful idol, seeing it, I feel Sita is really here. She says Ram, you should get Sita to Rajbhavan, Badra realized his crime. Laxman says yes, the happiness which went by Sita’s departure, we should not delay to get the happiness back, she is Raghuvansh’s prestige, Raghukul gets bright by her presence. Laxman says she should come back soon, we should get her back soon.

Kaushalya asks Ram what is the matter, which is troubling him, I m your mum and can’t see you in this pain. Ram says I know Maa, you all get upset seeing me in this state, but none knows Sita’s thoughts more than me, I know this and I m sure that Sita will never return to this palace. Kaushalya asks why are you saying this Ram.

Sita talks to Lav and Kush and says its wrong to say this against the king, we don’t know in what circumstances did Ram decide this, did you ask him the situation or the problem for which he left his wife, how did you think he is wrong man, saying anything wrong about anyone is big crime, you should know the complete matter. Lav says whatever the reason, Sita had to bear this, Raja Ram did not know this, whatever is written in Ramayana is wrong. Kush says we will not read Ramayan, Raja Ram is bad and did crime. Sita says you don’t have right to say this. Lav asks why, he is not king in our eyes, leave about king, he is not even a human in our eyes, whatever we read in Ramayana about Ram is a lie. She says enough, you both are doubting on Valmiki’s knowledge by doubting on Ramayan.

Lav says maybe Gurudev does not know this, we will believe what we have seen. She asks them to behave like kids, not adults, you both did not grow up to judge anyone, I did not teach this to you, how did you learn this. Lav says you are getting angry on us because of Shri Ram, how can we accept him, as our heart thinks he is wrong, we can’t accept he is right, even if anyone says such. Kush says even if you say he is right, we won’t believe. Sita cries. They leave. She says it happened for what I was afraid.

Hanuman says I just wanted to see father-sons union, but something else happened, forgive me Prabhu. Ram sits talking to Sita’s idol. He says Sita, your Raghunandan’s life has just become your shadow, my existence ended when I left you, the day you had to go for vanvaas by leaving Rajbhavan. He takes sindoor box. He calls out Sita and recalls her. Kaushalya comes and says whats the use to keep this sindoor now. Ram says it makes me realize my existence, Sita used to fill this in her maang every day.

Kaushalya says you left Sita by listening to Praja, but when entire Praja regards themselves guilty, they all are repenting a lot, you have to make their sorrow and guilt away, you have to do something. Ram says no, without Sita, I fail to do anything alone, no Dharm and Karm can happen here, Adharm happened with Sita does not let me live or die. Laxman comes and says Guru Vashisht came with Rishis, he wants to talk to you on imp topic.

Sita talks to Valmiki and says you have given Shastra and Ramayan Gyaan by which they can love their ideal father, so that they respect Ram and feel proud of them, but after going to Ayodhya, they are angry and upset meeting Ram, Ram’s image got spoiled in their hearts, I thought to give my sons to Ram and do my last duty, but now I find this impossible, the day Lav and Kush realize that I m Sita, whom Ram abandoned, they will never forgive Ram, and they can’t accept him as father. Valmiki says this means that your duties are still left. She says what is it now, I don’t have more strength. He says I understand your state, but we have no option than to have patience, whatever is happening in Ayodhya now will become reason for your and your sons’ future.

Guru Vashisht tells Ram to swear to keep such Anushtaan that can fill happiness in his Praja. He says for an ideal king, its duty to keep Praja happy, its important. Ram asks Gurudev to guide him, what should they do to make Praja happy. Guru Vashist asks them to arrange Ashwamegh yagya, as this Anushtaan will make Praja happy, and the world will know Raghukul’s pride. Ram says Gurudev, I can’t do this Anushtaan, as it requires the king to be with his wife, you know I have abandoned my wife. Rishi says its not a problem, you can remarry. Another Rishi says yes, its inauspicious if the Rajya does not have queen, you can remarry some other lady, if Devi Sita is not here. Ram gets shocked. Laxman gets angry. Guru Vashisht looks at Ram.

siya ke ram 3rd october siya ke ram 3rd october siya ke ram 3rd october

Precap :
Ram says I can’t remarry. Rishi says its necessary to remarry to keep the Anushtaan. Mandvi says Sita’s existence will end by Ram’s decision. Sita is seen crying.

siya ke ram 3rd october siya ke ram 3rd october siya ke ram 3rd october siya ke ram 3rd october

** Jai Shree Ram **

bhadra dhobi apologize for his mistake

kaushalya ask ram to take sita back

laxman seeing ram's condition

ram about to cry skr

ram sitting on singhashan

sita crying valmiki asharam

sita taking sindoor from ram

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