brahman dev disagree for comeback of siya ke ram 13th october

Siya Ke Ram – 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 288]

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Siya Ke Ram 13th October Episode starts with

Lav and Kush going to the river. Lav and Kush take water in their hands, and swear by keeping air, water, fire and all Devtas, that they are just Devi Sita’s sons, Sita is their mum and dad, we break our relations with Raghukul, our Kul will be known by Sita’s clan, Raja Ram is nothing for us from today. Sita comes and stops them from swearing. She asks what disaster were you both doing. They look at her and leave. Guru Vashisht asks Ram to think again. Ram asks what second thought, I have hurt Sita already, I don’t want to hurt her more, is it right to punish my sons. Guru Vashisht asks did he get affected by son’s love like Dasharath. Laxman asks don’t you agree with Ram’s decision.
Guru Vashisht says I never disagreed with Ram’s decision till now, but if Ram abandoned Sita for Raghuvansh’s Maryada and Ayodhya Praja, will it not be right that you take this decision to get Sita back by Praja’s wish, its not question of Sita, its also about the two Rajkumars, if in future Ayodhya Praja does not accept them as king, it could be a big disaster, even before you had to bear 14 years vanvaas by family issues, I don’t want the two Rajkumars to go through lifelong vanvaas, let the Praja decide about their future king. Ram says its right Gurudev.
Ram and his brothers go…. They see Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti coming. Ram asks why are you three worried. Urmila says we have thought you are wrong. Mandvi says we thought you did not love Sita, Shruthkirti says we thought you will do second marriage, we thought bad about you, forgive us. Ram says no need to apologize, its my mistake, not yours, whatever happened by situation, its natural that you all think this, now smile and prepare to welcome Sita. Sita’s sister smile. Urmila asks can we meet Sita at Valmiki ashram. Ram says sure, you don’t need my permission for this.

Lav and Kush ask Hanuman how shall we forgive Ram. Hanuman tells them that Ram and Sita are two bodies and one soul, Sita does not feel Ram did wrong with her, you don’t know when Sita left for vanvaas, Ram has sent me for her welfare and protection, its Ram’s love for Sita, you don’t know Ram much, I will tell you everything today, I will tell you whose children are you, and in which brave Kul did you get born.

Ram greets the Praja. He says king’s decision is always Praja’s decision, this is Raghukul tradition, I have taken same decision which Praja decided, I had sacrificed Sita, now there is a good news, Sita is fine with our two sons Lav and Kush in jungle. Praja gets glad. Ram smiles and says I want to know from entire Praja about my decision to get Sita and Lav Kush, is it right, or does anyone had an objection. Badra apologizes and says don’t ashame us more, if Sita and sons are not brought back, then we will give up our life.

Praja asks Ram to get Sita back, else they will end their lives. Ram and everyone smile. Badra says we all will go with you to jungle and tell Sita to come back, I will tell her to come back, I did the crime, we will return her lost respect. Two Brahmins come there and stop Ram. Brahmins greet Ram. Brahmin says we have objection to get Sita back with the sons. Other Brahmin says you have left Sita and can’t accept her again. Laxman asks what are you saying, if Praja wants Sita back, why are you saying this.

Brahmins apologize to Laxman and asks Ram did the reasons by which you left Sita got ended now, did the stain on her character get clear, did she get free of the blames, Praja doubted on her character and said she can’t become queen, why do you want to bring her back, does the Praja agree now that Sita is innocent. Badra says Brahmindev, you have read Shastras, you don’t say this, I could not know Sita’s sacrifice and blamed her, as I m ignorant, but you are knowledgeable, don’t say this. Brahmin says you did not blame her, entire Praja blamed her, you were just a representative, so the society has to decide now, did those reasons end now, or does it need any solution.

Brahmins say I m asking this question today, tomorrow Sita will ask this, why did you send her to jungle when she was innocent, will you be able to answer her, will you say you left her and did mistake, and now you are rectifying it, whom will you punish for injustice with Sita, this is not about accepting Sita, its big question now, Sita is residing in jungle in 12 years, the society can taunt on her purity more, the society will not hesitate to say that Lav and Kush are not Raja Ram’s children. Ram and everyone get shocked.

Laxman shouts Brahmindev, do you know what are you saying, you are staining Sita’s character, I will kill you if you say anything against her. Ram says Laxman, they have right to keep their opinion according to Raghukul tradition. Guru Vashisht says its king’s duty to answer Praja’s every question.

Hanuman says Prabhu Shri Ram is the best son of the world, he has abandoned his life’s happiness to keep his promise to his father, he obeyed Kaikeyi’s condition and never went against his Kul, he has spent his life to protect Raghukul’s Maryada and customs, there is peace in every direction because of him, There is Dharm around us, Adharm ended, its because of Ram, his behaviour is ideal for the world, that’s why he is called Maryada purshottam, he has increased his Kul prestige and kept his promises to Sita, he never remarried, he loves Sita a lot, he made Sita’s idol and talks to her in his Kaksh to share his worries and sorrows, Ram and Sita stay in each other’s hearts, how did you both decide to abandon Ram, today Sita got much hurt, more than the moment when she left Ayodhya.

Ram tells Guru Vashisht that he does not need to answer anyone about Sita’s purity, the world is witness of her purity, so no one can stop Sita from coming to Ayodhya now. Guru Vashisht says Ram, Sita was pure, she is and will be always pure, you get her back, but if you get her without answering Praja’s questions, it will Raghukul’s Maryada, will this be right and big question is, can you do this…..
Ram says right, Praja wants answers, I will surely answer them, but if my answer does not satisfy Praja, then I will give up Ayodhya Raj throne for Sita’s sake. Kaushalya, Kaikeyi, Sumitra and Guru Vashisht get shocked.

siya ke ram 13th october siya ke ram 13th october siya ke ram 13th october

Precap :
Ram declares that he will get Sita back without proving anyone about her purity. Manvi and Urmila meet Sita and say Ram is going to get her. Sita tells tham that there is nothing same now.

siya ke ram 13th october siya ke ram 13th october siya ke ram 13th october siya ke ram 13th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

bhadra dhobi ask for forgivenessbhadra dhobi ask for forgiveness

brahman dev disagree for comeback of sita

guru vashist boosts ram decision

hanuman tells luv kush about ram

luv becomes emotional listening ram story

raja ram with ayodhya praja jan

ram in his kaksh with mothers and vashist

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