ram aims arrow at luv kush siya ke ram 11th october

Siya Ke Ram – 11th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 286]

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Siya Ke Ram 11th October Episode starts with

Kush asking Hanuman not to think anything than attacking them. He asks him to attack. Hanuman thinks I have always thought good for them, how can I attack on them. They both shoot arrows. Hanuman just defends the arrows by his Gada. Hanuman smiles and gets a big boulder on his head. They shoot the arrows and break the boulder. Hanuman gets the Gada again. Lav and Kush pray and get the magical arrows. Hanuman thinks this is Brahmastra, I should respect it. They shoot and capture Hanuman. Hanuman gets tied by the Brahmastra.

Sumanta tells Ram that both rishi kumars have defeated Hanuman and captured him. Ram gets thinking. Lav and Kush tie Hanuman to the tree. Lav says Kush, today we have detained Ram’s devotee Hanuman. Kush says we will inform Mata and they leave. Hanuman smiles. Hanuman gets shocked seeing Sita coming there.

Sita says since many years, you have stayed with us as Maruti, why, why did you hide truth, I could not imagine you could cheat me, I did not expect this, why did you do this…. She cries. He asks why are you saying this Mata. She says you have hidden your identity from me for 12 years. He says because if you knew I m Hanuman, then you would have not kept me along, forgive me, but your son Hanuman, would would he leave her alone in the dry jungle.

She says you did big sacrifices in your life for me. She tells him that, even if she wants, then she can’t pay back for his love, sacrifice, dedication and selfless service. She concludes saying, I m blessed to get a son like you. He says Mata, you regarded me a son, this is my good luck, but I regret that I could never speak your sorrow to Ram, and I could not tell you Ram’s sorrow, I could not unite Siya Ram again. She asks how is Ram. He says Ram stays sorrowful, you have reason to stay without him, but Ram has no reason, its impossible to imagine his pain. She cries.

Ram says the two Rishi kumars did not leave any option than war for me, now I will meet them in the war ground. Guru Vashisht says Hanuman got defeated, how can this happen, its definite that Rishi kumars are not any ordinary boys, who are they, who defeated Raghuvansh warriors, I have to find out. He closes eyes, and sees Sita asking Valmiki to stop this disaster, else Ram will come to fight with his two sons. Valmiki says I want to say truth to you, since you came here. I always tried to unite you and Ram, but I feel Lav and Kush and Ram’s war will complete my Ramayan, now I can end my Ramayan with a happy ending, such Ramayan where Ram and Sita united forever. Sita says no Gurudev, this is impossible, Sita can’t return to Ayodhya now, there is no return way for me now. Valmiki gets shocked. She says I don’t have any wish to bear more insult, I have one last wish that Lav and Kush unite with Ram, but if they both fight with Ram, their union won’t be possible, so stop them. He asks how can I help you, you have to end this war, its just you who can end this.

Guru Vashisht opens eyes and gets shocked. He smiles and says Raghuvanshis have captured the Raghuvansh’s horse, and that’s why they could defeat brave warriors Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan in war, but it means Ram is going to have war with his own sons.

Ram goes to fight, and sees Lav and Kush. Ram gets down the chariot. Lav and Kush look at him. It thunders. Lav says it would be good if you came to fight with us before, your brave warriors would have not got upset by defeat, see Hanuman is tied over there. Ram says you have defeated such brave warriors, whom no one could defeat, I praise you, I know you are mighty warriors, you both are boys, so I want to say, war just brings ruining, it does not get good for anyone, so I request you to drop the war thought and free the horse. Hanuman looks on. Ram says its possible that its good for all of us. Lav says we are not fighting for pride and glory, we have sworn to fight to get justice for an innocent lady, because our mother taught us that no oath should be left incomplete, we will not break our oath till we get justice for Sita.

Kush says you did injustice with Sita, now you will get justice for her. Ram asks what do you want. Lav says if person realizes mistake and rectifies on time, its good, we want you to call Sita back to Ayodhya by all respect, if you swear to do this, it will be justice with Sita, if you accept this, we will free your horse. Ram says it was a decision by King Ram for Rajdharm and Praja’s right, it was right that time and even today, it will be always the same, decision and promise is just taken and given once and then it becomes definite forever, no one can force me to change my decision. Kush says fine, if your decision is this, then be ready for war. Ram says sure. Hanuman worries. Lav and Kush shoot at Ram……. Ram looks on.

The arrows are shot near Ram’s feet. Lav says king is always like a father, so accept our greetings before the war. Ram smiles and thinks that mother is great who gave birth to them. Ram aims the arrow. He sees Sita coming and stops. Lav asks what happened, we are in war ground, pick up your bow. Kush asks Ram to fight. Sita shouts Lav Kush….. Ram gets shocked seeing her. Lav says you here. Kush says Mata, see Raja Ram left the bow and accepted this defeat, if Ram does not do justice with Devi Sita, we will capture him also. Sita says stop it, you will leave the horse without any delay. Ram says Sita… it means they are my sons. Sita asks Lav and Kush to come. They apologize and say they won’t return to ashram without ending the war, justice with Sita did not happen, if we stop this war, it won’t be justice with Sita. Ram drops the bow. Kush says we will lose in Dharm yudh. Sita says Devi Sita does not need any justice or respect, or you both say any word, it won’t be good. Ram cries. Sita looks at him. Ram and Sita walk to each other. Sita says if my sons did any mistake unknowingly, if you have said wrong in your respect and Raghukul’s pride, forgive them. She leaves. She takes Lav and Kush along with her. Ram cries.

siya ke ram 11th october siya ke ram 11th october siya ke ram 11th october

Precap :
Ram says Sita will sit in this Ashwamedha yagya, not her idol. Sita says I felt you are not my Ram now. Lav and Kush swear that they are just Sita’s sons, their clan will be known by Sita’s clan.

siya ke ram 11th october siya ke ram 11th october siya ke ram 11th october siya ke ram 11th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram aims arrow at luv kush

ram arrives at yudhbhoomi ashwamed

sita says sorry to raja ram skr

vashist came to know abt luv kush

sita know about maruti's truth

sita handing kush and luv

ram with kush luv at yudhbhoomi

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