kush and luv irritated at ram siya ke ram 30th september

Siya Ke Ram – 30th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 279]

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Siya Ke Ram 30th September Episode starts with

Lav and Kush saying about Sita’s Mahima/glory. They tell about Raavan cheating in disguise of a Brahman and kidnapping Sita. Sita being soft hearted did not identify Raavan and crossed the limit line for obeying her Dharm, he kidnapped Sita and she shouted for help, none heard her and he took her to Lanka. All the moments are shown. They tell about Sita bearing Raavan’s tortures. Dhobi Badra too hears the tale and cries.

A man says Rishi kumars, I have come from Ayodhya palace, Mata Kaushalya invited both of you, come. Badra cries and says Lord, I did such a disaster, I did not think and stained Sita’s character, Mata Sita’s character is pure like soil, and Ganga. Sita prays to Mata Gauri to protect father and sons, don’t know they met or not.

Lav and Kush sing in the palace Rajya Sabha. They continue Sita and Rama katha. How Sita has bear tortures and did not lose to anyone in Lanka. Ram and his family look on and listen to the katha happily. Ram gets emotional. Lav and Kush sing about Hanuman burning Lanka by his tail, Ram took decision and took vanar sena to get Sita back from Lanka, Meghnadh shot Laxman, Hanuman got Sanjeevani and Laxman got his life back, Laxman killed Indrajit Meghnadh and Ram killed Kumbhkaran. Ram and Raavan’s war ended, and Vibhishan became Lanka’s king, Sita came infront of Ram, Sita gave Agnipariksha and Agnidev proved her purity. Ram and everyone cry.

Lav and Kush sing Vaidehi passed the test and Ram hugged her, they came back to Ayodhya, everyone met Ram, Sita and Laxman, Ram’s Rajya tilak happened. Badri cries seeing Ram. Lav and Kush sing the tale of Ram and Sita. They say Ram Chandra Ki Jai. They greet Ram. Lav says now we want to meet Mata Sita. Ram, Laxman and everyone look on. Kush says we want to meet Mata Sita, is she present here. Lav says tell us, where is she. Ram cries, and leaves from Rajya Sabha. He goes to his Kaksh and shuts door, recalling the boys’ words. He cries and sees Sita’s idol.
Ram says what shall I tell those boys, how shall I say that I left you, my wife, my queen, what shall I answer those boys…. Mandvi talks to Lav and Kush, and says I m Sita’s sister and did not know the events of her life, who told you this tale.

Lav and Kush say our Gurudev told us this story, he has written Ramayan on Ram and Sita’s lives, he knows everything, he realized everyone should know this tale. Kush asks why did Ram leave Rajya sabha, why does none want to say about Mata Sita, where is she. Lav asks Kush not to ask. Mandvi says Lav, let Kush ask, else how would anyone get answers, even Sita was like Kush, she had many questions, she used to love everyone and respect them. Kush says even our Mata is like Mata Sita, so we want to meet her. She asks them to rest. Lav says we can’t stay here, we have to leave in some time, can we see Rajbhavan. We did not see such great palace till now. She says why not, sure.

Ram tells Sita how to tell them, these boys made me realize that our child will also be facing these questions, I know if our child ask you this, you won’t have any answer, I could not protect you, I did not do my duties as a father, how to get rid of this guilt, what shall I do of this Rajya, when I can’t raise my child, such an unlucky father and husband, what can I answer these rishi balaks, help me Sita. He cries.

Lav and Kush look around the palace and reach near Ram’s Kaksh. Laxman stops them and asks whom are you finding there, what are you seeing. Kush says Rajbhavan’s greatness, we wanted to see Sita. Laxman says Sita does not stay there, Ram would be resting, come and meet Mata Kaushalya, I will make you meet Ram later, come.
Valmiki asks Sita is everything fine. She says don’t know, I don’t see any good signs. He says everything will be fine. She says I m worried for Kush, if he gets adamant to meet Sita there. He says you are not worried for Kush’s questions, but Ram’s answers, you know Ram does not lie and he won’t have answers, are you not guessing Ram’s glory less this way, I m sure Ram will find some solution, like you faced your son’s questions well, Ram would also do this, don’t worry. She asks him to allow her to leave. She goes to her hut.

Kaushalya thinks what to answer these boys. She says sometimes, life is not like its seen, Raja Ram is a great king, but his heart is sorrowful, as his wife Sita does not stay with him in Rajbhavan. Kush asks why did Sita leave Ram alone. Kaushalya says she did not go by her wish, Ayodhya Praja did not wish to accept Sita as their queen, so she was sent to jungle. Lav asks was she sent for vanvaas. Laxman says I will explain. Lav says there is nothing to explain, the woman who has sacrificed her happiness for Ram, she was sent for vanvaas on Praja’s saying, is this not injustice. Kush says the man who left his innocent wife for Praja’s sake, can’t be a good human and a good Praja paalak/caretaker. Laxman and Kaushalya look on shocked. Kush asks Lav to come.

Kush says the place where a woman is insulted, we will not stay there. Lav says yes, we made a big mistake by coming here. Laxman asks them to stop, where are they going. Kush says we will not stay here. Lav and Kush collide with Ram. Ram asks son, are you fine. Kush says no need to call me son, you are not a nice man, is this Raghuvansh justice to abandon an innocent wife. Lav says the husband who leaves his innocent wife can’t be an ideal man, the wife who always supported her husband what did she get, such bad behaviour and cheat, how can we accept this, why did you abandon Mata Sita. Kush says you are a heartless man and don’t even repent, can you answer this, we have to ask Gurudev, why did he call Raja Ram a great king, why did Ram ruin Maryada. They both leave. Ram gets sad and looks at Kaushalya and Laxman.

siya ke ram 30th september siya ke ram 30th september siya ke ram 30th september

Precap :
Badri apologizes to Ram about staining Sita’s character. Valmiki asks Kush and Lav not to judge anyone without knowing anything completely. Lav and Kush argue. Kush says Ram can’t be an ideal man. Sita slaps him. Kush says we said what we have seen and heard, this is truth.

siya ke ram 30th september siya ke ram 30th september siya ke ram 30th september siya ke ram 30th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

bhadra's crying and apologize

kaushalya and mandvi looking to kush and luv

kush and luv irritated at ram

kush and luv telling ram kahani

ram seeing his kids

ram talking to sita ornament

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