ram looking to the sita's handprint

Siya Ke Ram – 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 275]

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Siya Ke Ram 26th September Episode starts with

Valmiki doing the aarti. Sita, and everyone pray. Sita smiles. Ram goes and sees Sita’s handprints on the wall. He touches that and gets sad. He imagines Sita with him. Sita keeps her hand over the print. Ram smiles seeing her. She says you in this Kaksh. He says yes, I m here in this Kaksh, your handprints are here. She sas after marriage, I have been with you in jungle for 14 years and then 12 years spent in jungle alone, such time gap has made the prints so blurred, same way our love has faded. Ram says no Sita, everyone can get erased and blurred, but not my love, till I m alive, no one can make your love out of my heart and soul, this love gives me strength to live life, that lights my heart like a Deepak and makes the darkness away, King Ram has made you away from Ayodhya, but no one can make you away from Ram’s heart, never. He holds her.

Kaushalya calls out Ram…. Sita smiles and leaves from there. Kaushalya comes there in the Kaksh. Ram looks at Sita leaving. Kaushalya goes to Ram, and calls him out again. He sees Kaushalya…. She asks son, do you remember the special day today. Ram says yes, Sita came in my life today, in my wife’s avatar, she came as my entirety’s avatar. Kaushalya says yes, but not just your and Sita, Laxman-Urmila, Bharat-Mandvi and Shatrughan-Shruthkirti also, since Sita left for jungle, the three sisters are not happy, even on their special day, I m coming from their Kaksh, they all are very sad.

A rishi greets Valmiki and says our RishiBalak are getting kidnapped since few days, we don’t know who takes them and where, they go to get flowers from jungle and disappear, we have come to you, you see who is it, who is taking the kids, you can see that by your Divya sight. Lav and Kush see the dangerous hawk. Lav says Kush, we have to fight with him, our lives are in danger. Valmiki closes eyes and sits to see.

He sees the hawk, and opens eyes. He says I have seen by my Divya sight, it’s a violent bird, don’t worry, I will find solution to face this problem. Sita makes garlands. She asks Maruti did he see Lav and Kush, they are not seen since they got flowers. Hanuman says they will be close to ashram, don’t worry, I will find them and get them to you. He goes. A lady asks Sita why does she make garlands every year on this day, is this special day that she is making garlands. Sita tells lotus is for devotion and this white flowers is for love, I make these flowers garlands to show her devotion and love. She smiles.

Ram asks his brothers do they remember which day is it, what crime they did by forgetting, you three got married along with my and Sita’s wedding, you all should celebrate, you are sorrowful. Laxman asks how shall we celebrate our wedding anniversary in Sita’s absence. Ram says you all don’t think for yourself, atleast think for your wives, and their happiness. Mandvi says but Sita.. Ram says Mandvi you know Sita’s happiness is in your happiness, if we all stay unhappy, Sita will get upset, so we have to celebrate today.

Sita makes Ram’s idol wear the garland. She says Raghunandan, the way you left me and doing a Raja’s dharm and protecting Kul maryada, same way, staying in jungle, I m also obeying Patni Dharm and Sanyasi Dharm and Maryada, its that day when you promised to protect me all my life, I m waiting for that day when I handover our sons Lav and Kush to you. She cries.

Everyone celebrate in Ayodhya. Ram looks on. Sita appears and asks Ram what are you doing alone here. Ram says when you are always in my heart, how can I be alone, but why do you go so soon after coming close to me, I had to talk a lot and talks are left incomplete, I won’t let you go. She says when I had to talk to someone in childhood, I used to make an idol and talk to it as much as I wanted.

Lav and Kush see the Rakshas bird. The hawk flies down and turns to some wicked Rakshas. He laughs and says today I will capture both of you. Sita calls out Lav and Kush. Hanuman says Mata, I tried to find them, but they are not here around ashram, I think they went to jungle. Sita worries. Lav says we will capture you and take you to our Gurudev. The Rakshas laughs. Lav and Kush shoot at him. He defends the arrows. They shoot at him again. He tries to throw his weapon. They shoot arrows and make his weapon fall.

They aim at him and walk ahead. More Rakshas come there. The Rakshas laughs seeing his group coming. Lav and Kush get shocked seeing so many Rakshas birds coming. Valmiki prays. Sita comes to him and says Lav and Kush are nowhere seen in the ashram, don’t know where did they go, I m worried that they can be in some problem, you tell me where are they by your yog Shakti. Valmiki closes eyes and sees Lav and Kush surrounded by Rakshas birds. He says Lav and Kush are surrounded by danger in jungle, the Rakshas birds have surrounded them. Sita gets shocked. The Rakshas birds laugh. Lav and Kush stand in the middle. Sita asks what are you saying, my sons Lav and Kush are in danger. Valmiki says the Rakshas Lavnasur has kidnaped them. She asks who is he. Valmiki says he is Raavan’s nephew, he is an Asur, he has kidnapped many boys, all the boy’s lives are in problem, not just Lav and Kush. Sita says no one can harm my sons till I m there.

siya ke ram 26th september siya ke ram 26th september siya ke ram 26th september

Precap :
Ram says this challenge is given to me and I will end this. Sita takes Trishul to save her sons and leaves from ashram. The Rakshas says Ram will come here to save the boy’s lives and then he will not go back alive. He laughs.

siya ke ram 26th september siya ke ram 26th september siya ke ram 26th september siya ke ram 26th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

hawk men in siyakeram

ram and sita looking to each other

ram looking to the sita's handprint

ram seeing sita softly skr

sita face pic skr

sita praying for ram on anniversary

valmiki sitting with granth

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