sita with her cute babies siya ke ram 23rd september

Siya Ke Ram – 23rd September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 274]

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Siya Ke Ram 23rd September Episode starts with

Janak asking Sita to return to Mithila with him, her mother is waiting since long, Mithila residents are also waiting, come with me for my sake. She reminds what he said at the time of marriage. He recalls his words to give Agnipariksha to protect her self esteem. She says I m giving Agnipariksha even today, tell me how can I leave this incomplete and come with you to Mithila.

Valmiki comes and says your father is saying right, I also feel you should leave for Mithila along with Janak. She says Rishivar, body is base of sorrow, pain and troubles, but how can the problem of soul end, even if I stay in Rajbhavan or van ashram, the pain to be away from Ram is same, the soul’s suffering will end when I see my Ram. She says I have a duty towards Raghukul, Ram’s child is my life’s motive now, and I want to end my life journey by handing over the child to Ram. Janak gets shocked and says Sita, I came here thinking I will take you back to Mithila, but its my bad fate that Janak has to return to Mithila without his Janak Nandini, my blessing will always be with you. He blesses her and turns to leave. Sita cries. Janak stops and cries. He leaves.

Days pass…..Sita pulls the water bucket from the well. Hanuman says why did you do this, I will do it. She says no, I will do my work myself. He asks did I do any mistake that you are not letting me serve you. She says no, you are serving me best, every person should do work themselves, when I m not able to work, I will call you. She pours water in the pot and takes it. He asks her to give the pot. He asks Valmiki to say.

Valmiki asks Sita whats the need to do all this, others can do this work. She says right, but you said Mata’s thoughts and behavior affects the child, I m doing this so that child understands he is Sanyasi’s child, not of a Maharani. She goes. She feels pain and drops the pot. She sits on the ground in pain. Hanuman asks are you fine. The ladies take her inside the hut. Hanuman asks Gurudev will everything be fine. Valmiki says it will be auspicious. Sita gets labor pain. The ladies deliver her child.

Hanuman worries. Valmiki asks him to have patience. Sita screams. She delivers the babies. The lady gives good news to Valmiki that Sita has become mother, she has given birth to twin babies, two children will be playing around in our ashram now.. Valmiki and Hanuman get glad. Hanuman congratulates Ram from heart, as Ram has become father.

Sita sees her children and smiles. She moves the cradle. Muni Valmiki ke angna….plays…………….Lav and Kush grow up. They learn walking. Sita smiles seeing them. Years pass….. Hanuman/Maruti makes the boys sit on his back and gives them a ride. Valmiki teaches them ved puraan. Sita smiles and cries happily.

Sita does tulsi plant puja and prays. A lady asks her about Lav and Kush, they are not seen in ashram today. Sita says they have gone to jungle to get special flowers for puja, they will come on right time. Lav and Kush are shown.
Lav and Kush run in the jungle to get the flowers. They challenge each other to touch Sita’s feet first and both take different ways. Sita waits for them. They shout Mata and come there running. They reach Sita and fall to touch her feet. They both touch feet together and smile. Lav and Kush argue that they have touched feet first. Hanuman says just Mata can say that. They ask Sita. Sita says no one came first or second, you both came together and touched my feet together.

Valmiki says we have send you to get flowers for puja, where are the flowers. Kush gives the flowers. Valmiki says its aarti time, come. Kush asks Lav to come. Lav asks him to wait. Kush says come, I will tell you, we will come back till Mata ends aarti. Lav says Mata says its wrong to go without taking permission. Kush says once we went to have fruits and Mata told us that its not necessary to take permission for small things, we are going for such small thing. Lav says fine, but we will return soon. Kush takes him to the end of the cliff. He says what I want to show you, you will be happy seeing him. Lav asks what is it. Kush says he comes here always, see he is coming our way. A hawk flies to them. Lav and Kush get tensed.

siya ke ram 23rd september siya ke ram 23rd september siya ke ram 23rd september

Precap :
A Rishi tells Valmiki about the Rishis getting kidnapped and asks him to find out who is doing this. Valmiki closes eyes and sees the hawk. Lav and Kush shoot at the hawk. The hawk takes form of a dangerous man. Valmiki tells Rishis about the violent dangerous hawk man.

siya ke ram 23rd september siya ke ram 23rd september siya ke ram 23rd september siya ke ram 23rd september

** Jai Shree Ram **

childhood of luv and kush

sita smiles silently pics skr

sita while giving birth skr

sita with her cute babies siya ke ram

valmiki giving knowledge to luv kush

sita with her father at asharam

sita with luv and kush

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