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Siya Ke Ram – 22nd September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 273]

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Siya Ke Ram 22nd September Episode starts with

Ram meeting Janak. He says your daughter had to face many sorrows and problems because of me, I know your heart has anger and hatred for me, and also many questions in mind, the Ram who vowed to support and protect Sita forever, why did the same Ram abandoned your daughter, forgive me, I m not able to answer any question of yours. Janak says Ram, I did not come here to ask answer of any question, the world calls me by Rajrishi Janak, but today I did not come here as a father, I have come to get some knowledge from you. Ram gets shocked and asks what are you saying, knowledge from me.

Janak says yes, I have come to ask you, how did you get so much patience and Dharm obedience in you, Rishi and Muni do tapasya for many years to get such patience, world feels Janak is above happiness and sorrows, even I have love and longing for my family, daughters, person can go against any custom and Maryada for his family, but you have left your beloved wife for Maryada and Praja palan, Sita was your life, you sacrificed her, how did you get such strength Ram, if I was in your place, I would have not taken such decision, for Rajdharm and Kuldharm, just a Lord’s avatar can take such decision, not any ordinary human, you are like Lord, you will be Lord for the world always.

Ram holds his hand and says no, I m not Vandeni, I m just an unfortunate man, who has abandoned his innocent wife to obey Rajdharm, she was my future and fate, I made her away from me, I don’t know what will the world think of my relation, but I know that I have hurt myself and my beloved wife by this decision, I have given ourselves the sorrow of separation, you are great to praise me and forgive me, than questioning me about Sita. He cries and says forgive me. Janak holds him.

Hanuman asks Sita to have fruits, if she does not eat it then Ram… She looks at him. He says I mean if you don’t eat fruits, everyone will think Maruti is not able to take care of his Mata. She says but Maruti, I can’t eat so much fruits. He says fine, have this one. She says I will eat this, you go and play with your friends. He runs. She looks at the fruit and recalls Ram. Ram appears infront of her. She gets up. Ram asks why are you not eating this fruit. She says Raghunandan you here….. He asks where else can I be…. and feeds the fruit to her. She happily cries….. She smiles and says see what I made for our child…. She gets the clothes and turns to see…. She does not find Ram and cries, hugging the clothes.

Janak hugs his daughters and tells them that keeping desire in life is a sign of illiteracy, all the humans have one motive in life, that’s obeying Dharm, Ram has obeyed his Dharm, Sita is obeying her Dharm, and now you all also come out of your love and obey your Dharm and duty, obeying duty will become the strength and fulfillment of your life. He greets Kaushalya and Laxman. Kaushalya says Sita is Raghukul’s vadhu and will always be, but my heart was burdened by crime guilt, thinking Sita is in van now and I m your culprit, forgive me.
Janak says no need to apologize, its not your mistake, this is just fate, its all written by fate which no one can erase, we have to accept this truth. She says whatever fate it is, but its true that Sita just got sorrow and troubles after coming to Ayodhya, in future no father of Mithila will send his daughter to Ayodhya. Laxman says I have left Sita close to Valmiki ashram…… Janak leaves.

Hanuman/Maruti eats many fruits. The kids ask how did he eat many fruits. Hanuman says its nothing, I had many fruits when I stayed in Anjan parbat and Sita gave me many fruits in Ayodhya, I ate many fruits in Lanka’s ashok vatika. Valmiki hears it. Sita comes hearing Hanuman and asks Maruti about his words. Valmiki comes and says Vandevi, Maruti is not saying about himself, he is saying about Hanuman. Maruti says yes Gurudev, I thought I will tell her about Ramvachan by becoming Hanuman so that it affects the kids, but I don’t think it affected them. He thinks to be careful else his secret would have come out. Rishi tells Valmiki that Mithila’s king is arriving to his ashram today. Sita says Pita ji…..

Valmiki goes and welcome Janak in his ashram. He asks how did he come here, any special occasion. Janak says Rishivar, Mithila king Rajrishi Janak did not stand infront of you, I m here as Sita’s father Janak, Sita was left close to your ashram, do you know anything about her. Valmiki says if anyone came here finding Ayodhya’s king Ram’s wife, he would have gone back, but today a father has come to find his daughter, you would not regret to come, Vaidehi is in my ashram. Janak says you are great Munivar, where is my daughter. Valmiki says she is there in her hut, go….. Janak gets tearful eyed and goes to meet Sita.

He enters the hut and calls out Sita….. He does not find her there and turns to go. He hears Sita’s cry and stops. He sees her behind the partition and asks does Janak’s Janki not wish to meet her father today. She cries and says a daughter who is called impure by the world, how will she come infront of her father. He says nothing gets true when world says, its ritual of the world to stain other’s character, the one whose heart is true, they should not care of people’s verdict, you are very pure, the one who regarded you impure, they don’t know truth, you are Janak Nandini, Vaidehi, you are Mithila’s pride. She goes and hugs him.

He says I went to Ayodhya before coming here, will you not ask anything about your Raghunandan….. Ram has become lifeless in your sorrow, he takes a breath, but his every breath has pain of separation and sorrow, like he is keeping himself alive for just Rajdharm and duty obedience, I can’t tell you anything by right, as a father’s right ends on a daughter when he does her kanyadaan, but I can just request you, come with me to Mithila.

siya ke ram 22nd september siya ke ram 22nd september siya ke ram 22nd september

Precap :
A lady asks about Lav and Kush. Sita tells about her sons Lav and Kush, who went to jungle, they will come to ashram on right time. Lav and Kush run through the jungle and reach Sita. They touch Sita’s feet. Sita smiles

siya ke ram 22nd september siya ke ram 22nd september siya ke ram 22nd september siya ke ram 22nd september

** Jai Shree Ram **

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