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Siya Ke Ram – 20th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 271]

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Siya Ke Ram 20th September Episode starts with

Sita asking Laxman about Ram’s problem, why did he break his promise to be with his wife forever, what was his helplessness, I want to know it. He has left such a wife who has supported him in happiness and sorrow, in all difficult times, what situation arose that he has decided this, I accept this punishment, but tell me Laxman what is the reason behind this, why did Ayodhya King Ram did such a bad thing with his wife. Laxman says Lok Maryada. She asks what Maryada did I ruin. Laxman says no, even Ram knows you did not break any Maryada, but Praja does not believe this, they feel that a woman who has stayed as Asur’s detainee, she is impure and she can’t become Ayodhya’s queen, the Agnipariksha you gave in Lanka, Ayodhya’s Praja is not ready to believe it, that’s why Ram had to do this sacrifice.

She says even if Ram sacrificed me, society will always say that Ram has left Sita as Sita was impure, they will say even Ram had doubt on his wife’s purity, everyone will say Sita was impure, Ram’s decision will not end Praja’s doubt, but confirm it, he has punished me and proved I m wrong, he proved praja’s doubts right, now there is no meaning to live such stained life, Ram did not leave any option infront of me than death. Sita runs….. Laxman gets shocked and shouts no, stop.

She cries and runs away thinking of Laxman’s words. She reaches the end of the cliff. Laxman stops her and requests her not to do this disaster, this is not necessary. She says my Raghunandan’s love was basis of my life, when Ram has snatched that basis of my life and left me, whats meaning of this life. He says no, Ram still loves you, he has tried all possible things so that he does not leave you, he met Guru Vashisht, spoke to Matas and went between Praja, when he did not see any solution, he decided to leave Ayodhya’s crown, he was ready to leave everything and live with you in van, he did not wish to leave you even in his dream, his love for you is like pure and gentle like Gangajal, he loves you a lot.

She says I m not blaming Ram, he might have taken this decision for Raj dharm and Maryada, but there is no motive of life for a woman who is abandoned. He says there is motive, the child in your womb, you have to live for the child. Sita holds her stomach and cries. Laxman prays to Lord to protect Sita. He says its possible that you forgive me, but I can’t forgive myself, take care. He leaves. Sita sits crying.

Sita’s sisters look for her in the palace. They see Bharat. Mandvi says they are getting late for Amrit bhojan, did you see Sita, where is she. They ask him. He says now you all have to do work without her, we all have to live without Sita. They ask what happened to Sita. Bharat says how shall I tell you, how to hurt you all, Ram has abandoned Sita. They get shocked. Bharat says Laxman has gone to leave her in Nirjal van.

Sita cries and asks Lord to guide her. Wind blows. Devi comes there. Sita greets her. Mata says Raghukul has just given you pain and sorrow, I have also bear this, I will not bear this now, I will punish Raghukul for this injustice, I will destroy Raghukul. She takes a fire ball in her hand….. Sita stops her and asks her to calm down. Mata says no, Raghukul has to bear punishment for doing this for you. Sita justifies Ram and says he has done it for Raghukul’s prestige and customs, he still loves me, calm down, I won’t get happiness by Raghukul’s destruction. Mata calms down and says a Mata can’t see her daughter in such state, come with me to our home. Sita says my duty did not get over, till I give birth to my child and handover to Ram, I promise the day I get free of my duties, I will call you and get in your shelter. Mata hugs her and leaves. Sita cries.

Kaushalya asks Ram what did you do, did you not feel right to talk to us before deciding this and doing this disaster. Sumitra asks why did you take this decision for one man saying wrong. Kaikeyi says my sense was ruined when I took that decision to send you to vanvaas, what did Sita do that you took this wrong decision. Urmila says we sisters regarded you as Lord, but you ruined our belief, you have punished Sita for her entire life without her fault. Kaushalya asks did you not think that Sita has your child in her womb, you did big crime by punishing her, I m your Mata, I will never forgive you for this injustice done with other Mata. Guru Vashisht looks on.

Guru Vashisht asks Ram to answer the questions, else this Mahapratapi Vansh will get stained, if he stays silent, then this ideal behavior will get ruined, you have to say why did you take this decision, why did you send Sita to van forever, what motive were you fulfilling. Ram says I did not abandon Sita, no Gurudev, no one can make Ram away from Sita, Ram did not leave Sita, but King Ram had to abandon his queen, because King has no right to decide for his personal interest, if King had rights, this Rajbhavan would not be without Sita, a king dedicates his entire life for the welfare of Praja and fulfilling their expectations, Praja is not ready to accept Sita as their queen, as she was held captive by Asur, they believe Sita is not pure, they are saying I should have not got Sita to Ayodhya, I m unlucky king Ram, I had to fulfill my RajDharm. Everyone cry.

Ram says I asked you Maa, you told me that Sita’s purity and respect is decided by the society, I asked Gurudev, if King’s personal decision goes against Praja, what shall King do, you said there is no one dear to King, everyone is equal for a King, Praja and family is same, that’s why I had no option than to leave Sita, that’s why I had to leave my Sita. Ram and everyone cry. Ram apologizes to them, and leaves. Sita walks in the jungle and cries.

siya ke ram 20th september siya ke ram 20th september siya ke ram 20th september

Precap :
Hanuman spots Sita in the jungle. He gets shocked seeing her state. He takes disguise of a boy, and helps Sita. He tells her about his Gurudev’s ashram, and takes her there. Sita holds her stomach and falls down. Hanuman rushes to her.

siya ke ram 20th september siya ke ram 20th september siya ke ram 20th september siya ke ram 20th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

bharti tells mandvi truth

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land monther dhartimaa pics

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