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Siya Ke Ram – 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 267]

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Siya Ke Ram 14th September Episode starts with

Ram asking with whom injustice happened. Dhobi’s wife comes and says injustice happened with me, you can get justice for me. Ram asks her to say clearly. She says your return got happiness in Ayodhya, but my husband’s heart got angry, he has made me leave house without any reason. Ram asks where is her husband. Dhobi is brought there. Ram asks Dhobi Badra why did he leave his innocent wife. Badra says innocent, no, she is characterless and can’t be called a wife, so I made her leave from my life. Ram says no blame is proved, you can’t use such words and hold her culprit.

Badra says sorry, but what can I tell her, if she stays out of home all night. Ram asks her to say is this true. She says no, he is lying, I informed him and went to Maayka, my mum is unwell, I did not reach maayka, I realized on the way that I did big mistake by not obeying my husband, so I came back, but even then my husband is doubting me, he is insulting me and making me leave the house. Ram asks the man about the lady’s mother. The man says yes, we found out, her mum is really unwell. Ram tells Badra that his doubt is baseless, and commands Badra to accept his wife, this is justice. Badra says no, this is not justice, its injustice, I m ordinary Dhobi, not Raja Ram, who can accept his wife heartily after she stayed at Raavan’s place.

Ram and everyone get shocked. Badra says Ram has made Sita sit on Raghuvansh throne, this maybe ordinary thing for Ram, but for me, if my wife returns home after going away all night, I can’t accept her, Ram can be Patni bhakt, but I can’t obey your command, I have left her forever. Soldiers catch Badra. Ram asks soldiers to leave Badra. He asks all of them to leave. Ram recalls Badra’s words and gets much hurt.

Sita is sleeping on the swing in her Kaksh. Ram goes to her. He sees her and smiles. He bends to pick the blanket cloth from floor and cover her well. He recalls Badra’s words and gets tearful eyes. He cries and steps back. he leaves from the Kaksh. Sita wakes up and says Raghunandan…. She says why did he take so much time, he did not return from Rajya sabha till now. She looks for him outside. She goes to Rajya Sabha and looks for Ram. She calls soldiers and asks did Ram come to Rajya Sabha. Soldier says yes, and he left much time before. She says where did he do.

Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan come there. Laxman asks her whom is she finding, she looks worried. She asks did he see Ram. Laxman says no. She says he came in Sabha, soldiers said he left much time before, he did not come to Kaksh. Laxman says he would be in Raj bhavan, whats there to worry. Bharat says maybe he went out in Rajya. Sita says he would have informed me. Laxman says don’t worry, we will find him and get him here.

Ram stands near the sea shore and recalls Sita’s words to support him and deciding van daman with him, Sita’s purity and Agnipariksha. Sita comes to him and asks what happened, you look worried. He asks did you hear what are people saying, what Badra said about us, how dare he call you impure, what does he know about you, your decision made me Ram and you gave Agnipariksha to protect Maryada, he did not call Sita impure, but called Siya Ram love impure, it can’t happen, he is saying lie, he does not know anything, the world can have anything impure, but my Sita can’t be impure, never. She gets away from him. Ram forwards hand to hold her. She disappears. He shouts Sita. He says my Sita is pure like Ganga’s character, I will prove this to the world.

Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra are with Sita. Kaushalya asks Sita did Ram say anything before leaving. Sita says no, he did not come from Sabha. Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan come. Kaushalya asks Laxman did he find out anything. Laxman says I searched for him everywhere, I could not find him. Ram walks in. Sita says Raghunandan….. Ram is lost in thoughts and goes, while Kaushalya, Laxman, Bharat call him out and ask is there any worry about Rajya. Kaikeyi asks what happened. Ram asks Laxman to inform Guru Vashisht about coming to Rajbhavan at the earliest. Sita worries.

Guru Vashisht says why is nature changing color so often, why do I feel something bad is going to happen in Ayodhya, why is my heart restless and doubting such bad thing. Laxman comes to his ashram and greets him. He says I was coming to your ashram to meet you. Guru Vashisht asks what happened. Laxman says Ram is much worried, it seems something is going to occur, he did not tell us anything, he asked me to request you to come to Rajbhavan, come with me. Ram thinks of Badra’s words. Sita comes there and asks what justice did you had to do today, that made you so worried. She forwards her hand and asks him to come and have food. He does not hold her hand, and says come…. He leaves. She cries. Ram sits to have food. Sita says I have made such food for you, which you liked in vanvaas, we had this food for 14 years. Ram is still thinking. She says you know, I have taught everyone to make this food, if I go anywhere, you will get your fav food. Ram looks at her. He is about to begin. Laxman comes and informs him that Guru Vashisht has come to Rajbhavan. Ram leaves…..Sita says something wrong happened because of which Ram is worried.

siya ke ram 14th september siya ke ram 14th september siya ke ram 14th september

Precap :
Badra says if Ram has to save his Maryada, he has to leave his wife. Ram dressed as a commoner hears Badra. Kaikeyi tells Ram that society does not believe woman’s purity till its proved. Guru Vashisht tells Ram about the king’s duty to obey Dharm and customs, and ignore his personal rights and duties.

siya ke ram 14th september siya ke ram 14th september siya ke ram 14th september siya ke ram 14th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

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bhadra's wife ask for justice

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