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Siya Ke Ram – 12th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 265]

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Sita asking Ram about his worry. Ram tells her that he has seen a dream, he has seen her in sanyasi clothes again, I can’t bear separation again, why are you smiling. She says we have stayed together as sanyasis, that’s you are seeing me in sanyasi avatar, if you like it, I will take that sanyasi avatar again. Ram asks her not to say this again, he can’t think of this, thought of separation makes my heart sink in sorrow, don’t say this ever. He gets sindoor and fills her maang. They smile and hug. Hanuman looks for Ram and calls him out. Kaikeyi and Sumitra meet him. Hanuman greets them. Sumitra asks whom is he finding. Hanuman says sevak finds his Swami and Bhakt finds his Aradhya, but I did not see Shri Ram anywhere, Vanvaas was better than Raj bhavan, I could see him anytime easily there.
Kaikeyi reminds him that Ram has become king Ram now and has responsibility of Praja now. Hanuman says you all have seen him since birth, you would know about the thing which pleases him. Kaikeyi says we are surely Ram’s Mata, but if you want to know about Ram’s happiness, you should ask Sita, as no one else than Sita knows more about Ram.

Hanuman nods and goes to Sita. He greets her and asks whats in the world which Ram loves a lot. Sita smiles and says Ram does not differentiate in good or bad, everything is equal to him, he is happy by everything, feelings are important for him than thing. Hanuman says but there will be something which is very dear to him. He asks what does you apply on your hairline. She smiles and says sindoor, I apply this always, Ram gets very happy seeing this. Hanuman smiles and goes.

Rishis meet Ram. Ram greets Maharishi Valmiki, and says we are lucky to meet you, tell me how can I serve you. Valmiki says I have come with wish to meet you and Devi Sita, your return after winning war from Lanka is a great sign for Ayodhya, you have initiated Dharm, customs and human race Maryada, which will be remembered by many generations, where is Devi Sita. Sita comes there and greets him. Valmiki turns to see and sees her in Sanyasi clothes. He gets shocked. Sita dressed in queen’s attire appears to him in sanyasi clothes. Valmiki thinks don’t think to what disaster is this signing, if this is going to happen, it should not. He greets her and leaves.

Sita asks Ram what happened to Rishivar, why did he leave this way. Ram talks to Sumantra and asks him to tell everything about Praja’s sorrow and happiness, thoughts, and other things, I want you to make me know everything, if anyone in Rajya has a problem with my thoughts and behavior, they can keep their opinion infront of me. Dhobi is about to say. Laxman asks what are you saying, who can be unsatisfied in Ram Rajya, just a Raj Drohi can go against your customs, thoughts and vision. Ram says no Laxman, thinking this is not right, Rajya’s betterment is possible when Praja totally trusts the king’s decision and thoughts, its possible when Praja has rights to place their agreement or disagreement, that’s why I want to know my Praja’s every opinion, even if its against me. Laxman says its true. Dhobi wants to say, but Hanuman comes. They all turn to see Hanuman.

Hanuman applied sindoor on all over his body and turned red. Everyone look on puzzled. Ram asks Hanuman what avatar did you take. Hanuman says I thought if you see pinch of sindoor in Sita’s hairline and get happy, then you will be very happy seeing sindoor over my complete body. Ram and Sita smile. Sumanta says Sita’s sindoor is sign of her suhaag, but what does your sindoor sign. The Praja laughs. Hanuman gets sad and starts leaving. Sita looks at Ram.

Hanuman recalls Sumanta’s words, Praja’s laugh and cries. Ram and Sita come. Hanuman wipes his tears and greets him. Ram asks are you fine. Hanuman says yes. Ram says if you felt bad of mine or anyone’s words in Rajya Sabha, I will feel sorry. Hanuman says no, why will I feel bad, I did not think before applying sindoor and going in Rajya sabha, I did not feel bad that everyone laughed on me, but I m sorrowful that you got embarrassed because of me. Ram asks who told this to you, I felt pride and respect seeing your love for me, love for you has increased in my heart, I did not feel such happiness ever. Hanuman says I m your ordinary devotee.

Ram says there can’t be any other devotee like you Hanuman, you have done this work with true heart, your feelings are true, you tried to please me with selfless feelings, you have placed Maryada of Shraddha, Bhakti and love, which will be remembered by my devotees in the world, today your name will be always taken with my name, no one can make Ram separated from Hanuman. Hanuman gets overjoyed. Sita says you have done Ram’s devotion by sindoor, so whoever does your Abhishek by sindoor will be dear to us. Hanuman smiles. Ram siya ram……plays…………. Ram and Sita smile seeing him.

Sita eats tamarind and smiles. Ram comes and sees her. He takes the tamarind from her. She asks him to return her tamarind to her. He asks her to come and take it. She goes to take and he teases her. She asks him why is he teasing her. He says I m not teasing you, take it. She says fine, you keep it. Ram smiles and gives her the tamarind. He gets back his hand again. She gets annoyed. She feels like vomiting and rushes. He asks are you fine and goes after her.
Dhobi asks the man to clean the clothes’ stains, be the clothes be of Raja or Praja. His wife asks him to come and have food first. Dhobi eats food and spits. He asks why is this food not hot, if you are coming straight from home, you would have got someone on the way to talk. She says I made food with love, and you are doubting me. He says stop this acting, I know you well. She says if you doubt on my character like this, I will go to my Maayka. He says then go, I know very well why you want to go to your Maayka often. She goes. He says go, I m not going to get afraid. The men look on and talk about Dhobi’s nature to talk bitter words to his wife, he always doubts on his wife.

Ram asks Sita to sit, what happened, are you fine. Matas come and ask what happened. Ram says see Sita, she was fine and eating tamarind, she started vomiting. Matas smile and go to Sita. Sita smiles. Kaushalya asks Sita how is she feeling now. Sita says I m fine. Matas ask her is this true, and get happy. Ram says I will call Rajvaid. Kaikeyi says no need to call Rajvaid, call Rajpurohit. Ram asks Rajpurohit? Matas take Sita. Sita asks them to wait, and goes to Ram.

Sita holds Ram and tells in his ear that he is going to become father. Ram gets glad. Sita leaves. Sita’s godhbharai function starts. Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti sing Aaj ayodhya ke jan jan me……plays….. Everyone look on and smile. The girls dance along Mandvi and Urmila. Ram and Sita see each other and smile. The sisters hug Sita. Janak comes there. Ram touches his feet and greets him. He says your arrival on this auspicious moment is like a blessing for us. Janak says for any father, the moment is very joyful when he gets to know he is becoming Nana. He hugs Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti. He smiles seeing Sita and greets Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra. He goes to Sita. Sita touches his feet. He blesses her. She hugs him and smiles. She takes Matas’ blessings.

Janak says Raghunandan, I was waiting for your return to Ayodhya so that I could meet you, but after coming here, my happiness got double. He says according to Mithila’s traditions, daughter’s first child is born in her Maayka. Sita’s sisters get glad. Janak says Sunaina could not come by some reason, I request you to give me permission to take Sita to Janakpuri, I will send Sita back to Ayodhya after she baby’s birth. Ram folds hands and says customs, rituals and traditions’ fulfillment is most necessary, you can take Sita along you. Janak smiles. Sita gets tearful eyes. Janak thanks Ram for allowing him to take Sita to Mithila.

Sita wipes her tears. Janak says Sita, I have raised you with love and hope since your childhood, I did not think that the Sita I kept it gold cradle, that Sita will complete 14 years of tough vanvaas along with her husband, the Sita whom I took in my lap and told stories, she will take Kul’s Maryada and pride ahead by her ideal character, I m blessed as a father, Kul’s name was known by a son, but you have broken this belief by your doings, my Kul will not be known by my name, it will be known by your name, I m proud of you, you have made Ayodhya and Mithila pure. Sita says no, it was my good luck that I got a Dharmagya, Nitigya and Rishitulya father, because of the values you gave me, I have saved my Kul’s prestige, I will always be known as your daughter, Janak Nandini, Janki and Vaidehi. He hugs her. Everyone smile.

Laxman goes to his Kaksh and asks Urmila what are you doing. She asks don’t you know, we all sisters are going to Mithila with Pitashri. He asks did you agree to go, I just returned and you are going leaving me alone. She says you should have thought of this when you left for vanvaas with Ram, I felt you don’t love me. He says don’t say this, I loved you and will always love you, no one could make such sacrifice. She says this time you have to make sacrifice as I have to go with Pitashri. She starts leaving. She asks him shall I wait for you in Mithila. He nods. She asks him to come soon. He smiles.

Ram asks Sita what are you doing here. She asks whom am I talking, Maryada Purshottam Ram or my Raghunandan whom I love. He says your Raghunandan. She says I was in illusion that you love me, but now it got ruined. He asks do I need to prove my love. She says love is expressed by feelings, I don’t see that in your eyes. He asks her to say clearly. She says if you really loved me, you would have not allowed Pitashri to take me to Mithila. He asks whats wrong in it. She asks what meaning shall I take of this, can you leave me for Kul’s maryada and traditions, say truth. Ram says as a king, its important for me to obey Kul’s customs, traditions and Maryada, you need to understand, you will be my priority always, I can leave you to obey Kul’s Maryada, customs and traditions. She gets shocked and looks at him. He holds her and says but no one can move you out of my heart, if Kul’s Maryada is my life, you are the basis

of it, my life is impossible without you. She says if this is true, you would have not agreed to Pitashri. He says its true, but there was no moment after that, when I did not think of how to stop you from going to Mithila, I m tied by Maryada, but you are free and can take your own decision, you refuse to your dad, you won’t go anywhere, you will stay here forever with your Ram. She says if you are tied by your Maryada, I m also tied by my Pita ji’s love, how can I refuse to him, take care of yourself till I return. She leaves.

siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september

sita tells in ram's ear

sita in pink saree

sita images in her godbharai siya ke ram

ram the king of ayodhya

ram hugs sita in rajbhavan

innocent ram images siyakeram

janak meets sita after vanvas

mandvi singing song in sita's godbharayi

rajrishi janak visit ayodhya

ram can leave sita skr

hanuman with sindoon all over his body

hanuman sindur upset siyakeram

hanuman painted his full body with sindoor

siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september siya ke ram 12th september

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