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Siya Ke Ram – 31st August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 257]

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Siya Ke Ram 31st August Episode starts with

Ram telling everyone that they have won their aim by their bravery. He says because of your courage and hardwork, Dharm won and Adharm lost, that’s why I declare vanar sena’s victory over Lanka. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram sees Vibhishan upset and goes to him. Ram says I can understand your pain and sorrow, but its important that you meet Mata Kaikesi, she will need your support now. Vibhishan says no, she will get angry seeing me. Ram says she will be angry for sure, but Mata is always a Mata, no one can take place of a mum, that’s why you should try to convince her, I can’t enter Lanka’s palace, but I want you to meet Kaikesi, will you get her here. Vibhishan nods and hugs Ram.

Trijata says Maharani Sita ki Jai and comes with some women. They all shower flowers on Sita. Sulochana comes there and tells Sita that Ram has made Raavan lose, and now Ram is Lanka’s Swami and king, you are not Lanka’s bandini now, you are Lanka’s queen, all this is for your Shringhaar. She shows the jewelry. Sita says I respect your thoughts, but I have sworn to live as sanyasi till I return to Ayodhya, this jewelry has no use in my life. Sulochana says its important for Lanka’s queen to adorn with this clothes and jewelry, according to Lanka’s customs. Trijata says yes, such clothes and king’s jewelry is sent to Ram too, we all wish to see you as Maharani.

Sugreev and Jamvanth tell Ram that this clothes will suit him and they want to see him as king. Ram tells them that he respects their feelings, but he has sworn to live as sanyasi till he returns to Ayodhya by completing 14 year exile, I can’t wear this clothes and have normal food, forgive me, I can’t accept this clothes. Laxman says I agree, but I also have a wish, you get in that avatar in which you were, before Sita was kidnapping, Sita will be sorrowful to see you in this state. Ram says sure.

Sita is about to take the jewelry. Kaikesi comes there with a sword and throws the plate. She attacks on Sita. Sulochana warns Sita. Vibhishan comes there and holds the sword. He asks Kaikesi what is she doing. Kaikesi says Sita is reason of Lanka’s bad fate, she has to die. Vibhishan says no. Kaikesi says you are Kul’s traitor, I will kill you also, you both have made me helpless. She cries. Sita looks on.

Ram sits for the bath. Laxman, Jamvanth, Sugreev and Hanuman pour water over his head. Mangale bhavan……….plays……….. Ram smiles and gets dressed in Sanyasi clothes again. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Hanuman sits eating fruits. Sugreev says I did not see such smile on Ram’s face again. Hanuman says after many hurdles and sorrows, Ram and Sita are uniting, its such a great and happiness thing for me.

Sita holds Kaikesi and says Mata, I can just guess your sorrow to lose your sons. Kaikesi says I tried to do lot and always failed, I tried to kill you today and failed, I thought when I go and meet your husband in battle ground, I will present your cut head to Ram, I will end Ram’s war motives by killing you, Ram will win Lanka and lose to himself, but I could not do anything, my life has no meaning now, I lost everything, pride, respect, Rajya, Kul, family and prestige. Sita says no, you did not lose everything, your Dharmatma son is alive.

Vibhishan holds Kaikesi. Kaikesi says don’t touch me, you lost the right to be my son. Vibhishan says don’t say this, when I was made to leave from Lanka, where would I go, did I have any option. Kaikesi asks was it good to go to enemy. Vibhishan says yes, I could walk on Dharm path being with Ram, who would give me courage to go against Lankesh, I also lost a lot in this war, I can’t lose you Mata. He says don’t abandon me, I m your son and will always be your son, I will not go leaving you. He holds her face. She says your crocodile tears will not affect me Vibhishan. He gets away and cries.

Sita asks Kaikesi don’t you think your anger towards him is wrong. Kaikesi asks who are you to teach me right and wrong. Sita says its right you regard me enemy, tell me where will your anger take you, what will you get by insulting Vibhishan, Asurkul got ruined by Raavan’s Adharm and ego, what did you get by making hatred and revenge your life’s motive, your son is standing here and needs you, what do you want to choose, anger, hatred and revengeful life, or a happy and content life with son and family, you have two options.

Kaikesi says I have to meet Ram tomorrow, he requested to meet me, I m born in Rakshas kul, its my life’s important part to take revenge, its against my nature to live without taking revenge. Sita recalls Surpanakha’s similar words. Kaikesi stumbles and Vibhishan holds her. He takes her along. All the vanars do arrangements of a grand feast. Ram smiles seeing them. Laxman sees Urmila’s idol and says Urmila, its your love, because of which I could do my duty, you have obtain my sleep and I could fulfill my Sadhna, now its time for Ram and Sita’s union, and our union time is also not too far. Ram hears him and goes. He recalls meeting Sita at temple, their Swayamvar, marriage and his vows. He looks at the sky and closes eyes. He then opens his eyes and finds Sita beside him. They both see other emotionally and get tearful eyed. She holds his hands.

siya ke ram 31st august siya ke ram 31st august

Precap :
Surpanakha walks to Sita. Mandodari comes in between and stops Surpanakha, asking her to kill her before killing Sita. Vibhishan takes Kaikesi to Ram. Kaikesi gets a crown along.

siya ke ram 31st august siya ke ram 31st august siya ke ram 31st august siya ke ram 31st august

** Jai Shree Ram **

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ram seeing sita romantically

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vibhishan stops kaikesi from killing sita

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