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Siya Ke Ram – 1st August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 235]

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1 August Episode starts with

Raavan asking what, Ram killed Kumbhkaran, this is impossible, there is no one to kill my brother, this news is false, its plan of those enemies to hurt my faith and turn me weak, but I m not weak, I will go there and punish those Sanyasis, but first I will punish you all who got these false news. Meghnadh stops Raavan. Raavan says don’t come in their illusion, they are not Asurs, not Ram’s vanar. Meghnadh says its true that Kumbhkaran died in battle ground. Raavan says shame on you, your trust on Kumbhkaran’s might is very weak. He asks Kaikesi to say, you gave birth to Kumbhkaran, he has blessing from Lords, that no one other than Vishnu can kill Kumbhkaran, tell me how did this happen. Mandodari cries and asks him to accept the truth, your brother has died as a brave warrior. Raavan says you are saying wrong, tell me truth, else I will kill everyone.

Mayasur says you can’t behave like this, you are prestige of your Rajya, if you behave like this, then how will others behave, a king should not sink in sorrow, its true that Kumbhkaran died. Raavan says if this is true, then no one has right to stay in this world, I will not leave anyone alive. Raavan fumes and leaves. Mandodari asks Kaikesi how more destruction will she see, stop Raavan now.

Raavan goes to Sita and points sword to her, saying my Akshay and my brave warriors got killed because of you, I did not say anything, but your husband killed my mighty brother Kumbhkaran, you love Ram right, now be ready to bear punishment for his crimes, I will not leave you alive. He hits her with sword and Mayasur stops him, asking what are you doing Lankesh. Raavan asks him to move, I told you I will kill everyone, I will start this with Sita, its because of her that my family had to bear sorrow. Mayasur says it won’t be good to kill a defenseless woman, you have two options now, either return Sita to Ram, else battle, either of Ram or Raavan’s kul will face destruction, you have all truth infront of you, all of your brave soldiers got killed, even Kumbhkaran, this war is not in your favor Lankesh, its right and according to Dharm to return Sita to Ram. Everyone look on. Raavan leaves.

Sita says you would be sorrowful to lose your brother, you have hurt and insulted a woman, this is its price. Kaikesi cries and says no mother can be unlucky like me. She recalls Kumbhkaran’s words. Mandodari cries and consoles her. Kaikesi says I lost everything, I lost my two out of three sons, its most sorrowful thing for a mother to see her child’s death. She says I did not know your sorrow and pain when you lost your son, but today I m feeling it. She says now I have just one son left, I have to protect his life, and stop his destruction.

Raavan says this war will stop when Vanvasi Ram dies. Meghnadh says we have to make a plan such that tomorrow is last day. Kaikesi comes and says no son, Asur kul Rajmata Kaikesi decided to stop this war between Ram and Raavan, I decide to return Sita with honor. Raavan gets shocked and goes to her. He asks what are you saying Mata, how can you decide this, you always supported me, your wish was also same that I make those sanyasis lose. She says if anyone realizes mistake, is it not good to rectify it in time, my first mistake was to allow Surpanakha to live independently, and then not stopping you from kidnapping Sita, I have supported you and this is the result, we lost our many warriors, Lanka got burnt, you lost your one son and I have lost two sons, Lanka is not only towards destruction, but also towards limit of humiliation, we have one way now, that’s to stop the war.

Raavan laughs and says Rajmata got scared by Kumbhkaran’s death. She says the one who has sworn to make Devtas lose, who married a Rishi being Asur kul girl, you think she can get scared, no…. you could not understand your mother Lankesh, you should know I married Rishi not to get children, I wanted to take revenge from Devtas and kill them by this marriage, I wanted to place Asur kul higher, but today by your ego, I can’t let Asur kul’s destruction happen. She asks the Asur to give message to Ram about stopping the war. Raavan takes sword and throws at the messenger to stop him. Kaikesi shouts Lankesh and gets angry. She asks how dare he go against her decision. Raavan says just Lankapati will decide, no one can go against my decision, not even Rajmata. He calls Meghnadh.

Laxman finds Ram sad. Sugreev and Hanuman come there. Hanuman asks Ram did you call me, whats command for me. Laxman says its Shraddh day of our father Dasharath, and we need to do rituals. Sugreev says Ram, you remember this in such times, this is important to recall sorrow, you are great. Laxman says there is no Brahman here, we need someone. Vibhishan comes and says yes, there is no one Dharmic Rishi and Brahman here, Lankesh killed all of Rishi Muni.

Jamvanth tells Vibhishan that you is born to great Rishi, you are a great Dharmatma, why don’t you do this ritual. Vibhishan says I m Brahman, but I don’t know paath for Shraddh, someone knowledgeable can do it. Ram asks can’t I do Pita ji’s Shraddh, is there no Brahman who knows Ved paath and do this. Vibhishan says there is one Brahman who knows Ved Paath and Karam, he could do this, but he would not. Laxman asks why not, who is he, it’s a noble deed, I will go and convince him to do this good deed. Vibhishan says such Gyani Brahman is Lankesh Raavan himself.


Precap :
Ram says Raavan’s ego can’t make him help me. Hanuman asks him not to worry, I will go and get Lankesh, you prepare for the Shraddh. Hanuman goes to meet Raavan and Meghnadh shouts on him.


** Jai Shree Ram **

kaikesi crying pics skr

kaikesi face after listening about kumbkaran death news

mandodari crying pics siyakeram

raavan sees sita angrily in ashok vatika

raavan side face best pic skr

raavan to kill sita

ram sitting sadly thinking about dasrath

vibhishan tells ravan is only the gyaani of ved data

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