sita giving her chudamani to hanuman 5 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – Read 5th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 216]

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5 July Episode starts with

Hanuman going to Sita. Sita says I heard Lankesh wanted to burn your tail, but whats this, Lanka is burning. Hanuman says yes, Raavan’s men ignited my tail, but I had to punish Lanka for its Adharm. She says you proved evil gets ruined even if evil is powerful, you did not just burn Lanka, but that sinner’s pride and ego is also burning. Meghnadh apologizes to Raavan and says I could not find Hanuman, he disappeared. Raavan says this can’t happen, how can I live him alive, he ruined my Lanka, that monkey can fly too, does he wish to take Sita along, he will be definitely in Ashok vatika with Sita.

Hanuman tells Sita that he has to leave now, Ram’s work is fulfilled, but come with me, I request you, Ram will be glad and relive again seeing you. Sita says if I leave from Lanka, Raavan’s sins and torture won’t end, just my freedom is not necessary, Raavan’s evil has to end, his destruction is also necessary, I will leave Lanka when Ram himself comes to take me. Raavan walks to ashok vatika. Sita says Hanuman, inform Ram about my welfare, and tell him that I m waiting for him and the moment when he comes here and frees me from Raavan’s clutches, tell him to take me along soon.

Hanuman says Mata, Ram will be restless to know about you, like Ram gave his ring to show his welfare, you also give me some sign of your welfare. She cries and gives her golden hair accessory pin to him. Hanuman sits and takes that with respect. He asks her to permit him to leave now. She nods. Hanuman greets her. Jai Hanuman………..plays………….. Hanuman flies in the air and gets off her sight.

Raavan, Meghnadh, Kaikesi and Vibhishan come there with soldiers. Raavan shouts Sita….. he asks his soldiers to find Hanuman. He says I know Hanuman came here, tell me Sita where did you hide him. Sita asks why is he worried for just one monkey, did you come here to find Hanuman or to check if I went with Hanuman, don’t worry, I won’t go so easily, your death is coming close, you gave two months time, its 4th day over now, just 55 days are left for your and Lanka’s destruction. Meghnadh fumes and asks Raavan to permit him to kill her. Raavan says no, the woman because of whom my Lanka got burnt, my son died, how can you kill her so easily, she has to be alive, she has to see me killing her husband and devar, she will beg for her death and even then we won’t give her death. Soldiers tell Raavan that Hanuman is not found here. Sita smiles.

Hanuman crosses the ocean. Angad, Jamvanth see him and smile. Hanuman lands on the shore and meets them. Angad asks him did he find out about Sita, how is she, is Lankesh much powerful and torturing. Jamvanth says we were very restless and worried for you, we feel relieved, tell us, did you meet Sita. Hanuman says yes, I met Sita, she is in Lanka’s ashok vatika, she is completely fine, she is in sorrow thinking about Ram and waiting for Ram. Jamvanth says without any delay, we have to inform Ram about Sita. Hanuman says yes, you reach Kishkindha with everyone by land route, and till then I will go by air route and inform Ram. He flies.

Laxman asks Ram to look there. Hanuman lands and greets Ram. Ram asks did you meet Sita. Hanuman smiles. Ram asks how is she. Hanuman says she is fine. Ram gets relieved and cries. He says I was very much worried and wanted to know her welfare and today you freed me of my tears and sorrow by informing me about her, how is she and where is she. Hanuman says Sita is in Lanka’s ashok vatika. He tells everything. Ram cries. Hanuman says Sita told you to free her soon from Lanka and kill Raavan, end Adharm and install Dharm in Lanka. He sits down on his knees and presents Sita’s sign to Ram. He says Mata has given this for you. Ram gets that hair pin and cries. Laxman gets tearful eyes. Ram Ram…..plays…………

Ram recalls Sita and adoring her hair with that pain. He says Sita, you maintain your belief, I will come soon to free you of that Raavan’s clutches, and to free Lanka from Adharm and sin.

Raavan says I think your self confidence increased after that monkey came here, you maybe feeling that Ram will come with monkeys and take you, don’t be mistaken, that monkey went back because of my pity, not his power, I won’t pity anyone now, you will become reason for those two Sanyasis’ death. She says I have sympathy for you, you are not seeing your bad future, you are proud of your security forces, none can save you, if you want to stay alive, then beg to Ram to spare your life, else you will die with your entire Asur kul in a moment when you face Ram and Laxman’s powerful arrows. Raavan shouts Sita.

Vibhishan says Sita is right, you still have time, think, if Ram’s messenger can burn Lanka along, then when Ram comes here, there will be destruction, I m sure Ram would have started to reach here with all the monkeys army, if you want to save Lanka, then return Sita soon. Kaikesi asks him not to favor enemies. Vibhishan asks Mata can’t you see Raavan’s death if he walks on this path, if you support Raavan in his bad doings, then entire Lanka will be ruined. He tells how Hanuman burnt the Lanka, and you are planning to take revenge from Ram, you are brave, if you want to take revenge, challenge Ram and battle, what’s the need to kidnap a woman. Raavan kicks him and says Vibhishan, you are not my brother, you are an enemy, you are here on my expenses and you are favoring my enemies, if you were not on brother, I would have cut your head right now, you don’t have any right to stay in Lanka, leave from Lanka right away. Vibhishan gets shocked. Sita looks on. Vibhishan cries and greets Raavan. He sees Sita and leaves. Raavan fumes. Kaikesi thinks to find sosme other solution for this woman.


Precap :

Kaikesi wakes up by the dream and shouts no. She says for this entire Asur clan’s protection, Sita has to become an Asur. She does some yagya and gets a magical kalash. She asks Trijata to make Sita drink that water. Trijata unknowingly gives the water pot to Sita. Ram, Laxman and others are on the way to Lanka.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angad ask to hanuman about mata sita

hanuman returns from ashok vatika

hanuman telling ram about situiation in lanka

jamwant ask to hanuman about sita

ram carries sita chudamani in his hand

ram puttting chudamani on sita's head

ram sees chudamani of sita ravan in ashok vatika finding hanuman

ravan insults vibhishan

sita giving her chudamani to hanuman

sita very good pics in vanvas

vibhishan leaves lanka

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