sursa say hanuman to return kiskindha

Siya Ke Ram – Read 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 207]

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24 June Episode starts with

Vulture saying I will burn you all. Jamvanth says its strange, one vulture is like this who wants to eat us and one was like Chatayu, who died to save Mata Sita. The vulture gets to human form and says I m Sampati, Chatayu was my younger brother, how do you know him, where is he. Hanuman says Chatayu helped Ram in every way, at the end he got killed by Raavan while saving Sita. Sampati gets shocked and cries. Hanuman says Ram has done his final rites and gave him high rank.

Sampati says I m thankful to Sita, she has sent food for me, what happened to her. Jamvanth says Sita is kidnapped by Raavan, we are finding her, but we did not get any info about her, in what part of Lanka is she. Sampati recalls Sita’s call for help, and says I heard some call for help, I m sure it was Sita, Raavan took him by this way, don’t worry, I will help you, I was free of my repentance by Ram and Sita’s help, I will surely do my best to find Sita. Sampati flies away. Hanuman smiles. Sampati sees the Lanka palace, the maze and Sita inside the maze. He flies back.

Raavan asks Sursa to protect the outer sea limits of Lanka, if anyone tries to get inside Lanka by sea route, then end your hunger by killing him, Singhika its your duty to manage air route, if anyone tries to enter Lanka, catch him and dip him in sea, kill him, and Lankini if anyone succeeds to enter anyhow, then… She says even Lankesh can’t enter after commanding me. He says I expected this from you, now go.

Sampati meets Hanuman and everyone, and says I have seen Devi Sita. Hanuman and they all smile. Sampati says she was sitting inside Ashok vatika, which is in Uttar/North direction. Jamvanth thanks him and says if we did not meet you, we would have failed and returned back to Kishkindha by not doing Ram’s work, we would never forget your help. Sampati says I bless you all to help Sita and Ram. He goes.

Raavan asks Sita does Ram has any way to enter Lanka now. He laughs and says I will end the basis of your belief, then you will request to marry me, if anyone can save you from Raavan, its just Raavan, because there is no one powerful than Raavan. He laughs. He shows a grin and leaves.

The monkey says we should inform Ram about Sita. Hanuman says it won’t be right, we have no info about Sita’s state, how will Ram make the plan, without complete info, it will be shameful for us to return. Angad says I can cross this sea, but I m doubtful about my powers during my return from Lanka. Jamvanth says Hanuman, you are powerful and have skills, why are you silent, you are the solution of this problem, you can cross this huge sea.
Hanuman says no, how can I cross this, I don’t have such powers. Jamvanth signs Angad. He says your power is very unique and different from others, remember the day you went towards the sun, you are completed with all Devtas’ blessings, you have to recall your powers for Ram’s work, you forgot your powers because of Rishi’s curse, we all are worried, this is not right, get courage and have belief, its just you who can find Sita and help Ram. Hanuman gets encouraged. Pavan putra………..plays…………… Hanuman says till I find Sita, till I make Ram’s sorrow away, till then I will not rest my body and heart, I will cross this sea to end Ram’s pain. They all chant Jai Shri Ram…. Hanuman flies.
Laxman is restless. Ram asks him to not be worried, when we have given work to Hanuman, he will get info about Sita and return. Laxman asks but when, its been one month now. Ram says it needs time, this is not an easy work, don’t think of this delay as failure, Hanuman will make this task possible. Hanuman thinks Ram would be worried for Sita, every moment would be sorrowful for him, I have to find Sita soon, I m going to see her. Ram says after getting Sita’s news, we should not delay in punishing Raavan, we have to wait that Hanuman comes back with complete news. Laxman says yes and goes. Ram wishes Hanuman comes back soon and frees him of this problem. Jai jai Hanuman……plays………….

A crow comes to Ashok Vatika and its call irritates Trijata. She takes a stone to beat him. Sita says wait, let him say. Trijata says he is making irritating sound. Sita says no, its sweet sound which pleases heart, when a crow comes to the door like this, it means someone is going to come here. Trijata asks how can you say this. Sita says its belief in Mithila, when the crow flies away on whomsoever’s name we take, it means that person is going to come to meet us, its like the crow passes the message, I will try that belief. She asks crow what message did he get, is there any danger on Ram, won’t I meet Ram, tell me truth, will Ram’s message going to reach me, will Ram come to Lanka to take me. Crow does not fly. She gets sad. Trijata looks on.

The crow then flies away. Sita smiles happily. She asks Trijata did she see, crow flied away, it means someone is going to get Ram’s message, Ram has sent someone to find about me. Trijata says yes, but Lankesh should not know about him, else Raavan will kill him like that bird, don’t worry, Lankesh will not know about this, I will do that arrangements. She goes. Sita gets teary eyed and says Ram’s messenger will soon come to me, I m waiting for you.
Hanuman flies in the sky. Sursa appears there. Hanuman stops. She looks a giant devil. She says Lanka’s limit starts from here, I have Lankapati’s command that it anyone enters inside Lanka, then put him in Kaal. Hanuman says air and earth is free of all limits, who are you, by what right are you stopping me. She says I m Naagmata Sursa, Lankesh asked me to secure the sea route, if you try to enter Lanka forcibly, I will eat you alive.

Precap :
Sita says I m waiting for you, when will you come. Ram says I will come to take my Siya, our separation will end forever. Hanuman is swallowed by Sursa.


** Jai Shree Ram **

sursa say hanuman to return kiskindha

sampadi shocked to listen about jatayu's death news sikr

sita thinks ram's messenger is coming to her

angad can cross ocean to lanka

crow tells sita that someone is coming

nagmata sursa stops hanuman

lankini simbika and sursa will save lanka

jamvant tells hanuman about his power

jamvant helps hanuman to remember his power

hanuman went to lanka siyakeram

ram smiles in vanvas siyakeram ram tells laxman hanuman will come shortly

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