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Siya Ke Ram – Read 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 177]

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The Episode starts with Ram asking the deer to stop. The deer goes away. Ram asks the deer to come to me. Sita is restless and waits for Ram. Mahadev sees Devi Parvati crying. He asks the reason for her tears. She says many times, after knowing the truth, its tough to accept it, I m not able to see Shri Ram and Devi Sita’s separation today, undoubtedly its for place an ideal example and for world’s good, but my tears are not able to stop, their love is true, its like both knew that their separation time has come, I m feeling so sad thinking this, those who placed an example by living selflessly, they have to become target of bad people. He says you are saying right, love has much power, because of true love’s Maryada, Shri Ram and Devi Sita are feeling their separation, this love will become their strength when they get away. She asks can’t this be avoided. He says its fate, the Rishi Bhrigu’s curse is very painful, but Ram and Sita have to bear this pain of separation.

Ram says I know how you will come close to me, see this food, I will feed you, come and take this. Mareech thinks to take Ram away from the ashram. Mareech runs away. Ram says what can be the reason that deer is running away from me, maybe by fear, I have to go away from the deer to bring the deer close to me. Ram goes away. Mareech stops and thinks if Ram returning to ashram. Mareech runs after Ram and thinks where did Ram go. Ram looks at the deer.

Raavan says I did not wait for attacking any Dev, Daanav or anyone else, its small work and not getting completed. Akampana smiles and says Lankesh, its good news, everything is happening as per our plan, Mareech succeeded to take Ram away from the ashram. Raavan laughs.

Mareech thinks Ram did not come away from his ashram, I have to run away. Ram tries to get the deer and says calm down, you are hurt, I want to do the aid, come to me, don’t be scared, are you feeling pain, I have come to make you free of your pain, come. Mareech runs away before Ram could hold. Ram says deer is not able to understand me and getting scared, but I have to do the aid, how is the deer running so fast after being wounded, I can know the truth after catching the deer. He runs to catch the deer.

Laxman asks Sita why is she worried. She says Ram did not return. Laxman says that golden deer is very clever and fast, don’t worry, Ram will get the deer and come soon. She asks did I do mistake by sending Ram after that deer, I m getting a doubt. He says whats there to doubt, you have sent Ram to do aid to the wounded deer. She says any problem can come. He says no problem can stay infront of Ram, don’t worry.

Akampana says Ram is gone, but his brother is still there, shall we try to make him away from ashram. Raavan laughs and says no, I trust Mama Mareech, if he succeeded in taking Ram away from ashram, he will take Laxman away too, we will wait for right time and then we will play our imp move.

Bali asks Hanuman did you come to apologize from Sugreev’s side. Hanuman tells him that he has come to take Roma. Bali laughs and says Roma, Sugreev’s wife, you are mistaken, after Sugreev left, all his rights ended, even on his wife, Roma is now mine. Hanuman gets shocked and shouts Bali. Bali says truth won’t change if you shout, women accept anyone whom she finds, whoever takes cares of the woman wins her, go and tell Sugreev that Roma has come to me. Hanuman shouts Bali and goes to attack. Roma comes in between and says whoever will attack on my Swami has to kill me first. Hanuman asks what happened to you Devi, you are Sugreev’s wife, Sugreev and you love each other, how can you do this, no need to be afraid of Bali, I will take you to Sugreev, the person who is away from his Dharm and Karm, he can’t do anything against you, come with me.

She says no, forgive me, I have taken my decision, I will stay here with my husband, monkey king is my husband now. Hanuman asks what is the reason of this, Sugreev loves you, he can’t stay alive without you. She says a woman’s life is just of sacrifice, I m sacrificing my life for my love. She cries and leaves. Hanuman looks at Bali angrily. He says you used your power on helpless woman, this is shameful, Adharm is Adharm, your brother’s wife is like a daughter, eyeing her is a sin, the result will be destruction, you are victorious, no one could win over you, but your sin deed will ruin your everything, this sin will end you, that time is not far. He leaves.

Meghnadh mocks fights with his men. Sulochana comes there. He stops seeing her. The men leave. Meghnadh asks her the reason for her coming. She says I want to apologize. He says you are apologizing, what did I do that you need to apologize. She says I should have not supported Bua ji. He says this should not happen in future, forgiving often is not in my nature, you can leave. He resumes his practice. The men bow down. Meghnadh turns and sees her still there. He asks any other problem. She says I have to say one thing more. He sends the men away. He asks her to say. She says whatever happened with Bua ji, those Sanyasis are not at fault, its Bua ji’s mistake, its wrong to kidnap Sanyasi’s wife to take revenge, I feel we are doing second mistake.

He gets angry. He says its Raavan’s insult, those Sanyasis will be punished. She says they did not do any mistake, they have cut nose to stop Bua ji from doing all that, but Sita is not at fault, think if anyone kidnaps me, what would you feel, this is not right, if you want to take revenge, then fight with them, kidnapping a woman is not right, explain Raavan. He says you just said, are you done, leave about kidnapping, its not possible for anyone to imagine kidnapping Meghnadh’s wife, because Meghnadh did not do wrong with any woman, about that woman’s kidnapping, its my Dharm and duty to obey Raavan’s decision, when Raavan has taken the decision, undoubtedly, that woman will be kidnapped. He leaves.


Precap :
Ram says its some Mayavi deer, I have to return to ashram soon. Mareech stops him and asks will you not wish to know why I got you here. Laxman says Ram should have returned by now.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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meghnad body bulider doing talvarbaji

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