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Siya Ke Ram – Read 16th May 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 169]

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The Episode starts with some man coming in Raavan’s Rajya Sabha in disguise of a woman. Meghnadh asks who are you. The man starts crying and laughing. Surpanakha says you were just crying now and you are laughing. The man says I laughed as Meghnadh could not identify me, and I cried for your insult my niece. Meghnadh asks niece? I ask you again who are you. Raavan says Sumali’s son Akampana…. Surpanakha says Mama Shri…. The man reveals his face. Akampana greets Raavan and asks him to command, how to serve you.

Surpanakha asks Raavan did you call him now to take revenge. Raavan asks her to be quiet. Meghnadh asks but how will he help us. Raavan says there is no better spy than him in Lanka. He asks Akampana to find out everything about those Sanyasis, who insulted my sister, especially about Ram, find out his weaknesses. Akampana says sure Lankesh. He sees Surpanakha and asks her not to worry, more than bravery, planning is important in battle, the more info we get about enemy, it gets possible to make his failure definite. He puts the veil on his face and talks in woman’s voice, asking Raavan to allow him to go. Raavan goes. Akampana leaves.

Laxman asks Sita to have food cooked by Ram today, you will remember it all your life. He serves the food. Ram asks Sita to have it. Sita sees some soup and drinks it. She finds it really bad and they look at her. She says great. They smile. She jokes on the food that it has much water that anyone can swim in it, but when it comes to taste, she did not eat such great food in her life, did Ram make this in his Gurukul, and Laxman is this the secret of his power. Laxman says yes. Sita starts laughing. Ram and Laxman get glad seeing her laughing. She says you both cooked this great food…. you both can’t do anything without me. She asks why are you both seeing me like this. She realizes and asks did you two do this purposely. Laxman says yes. Ram says nothing is more dear to us than your smile, we don’t know anything else than the food you make. Sita smiles and asks are you hungry now or not, or will you wish to have this great food. Laxman says no, we are really hungry. They smile.

Surpanakha asks Vibhishan did he come to sprinkle salt on her burns. Vibhishan asks her to calm down, you should have realized your mistake after Asurs died. She asks did you come to insult me as Ram did. He says no, explaining my sister about the difference between right and wrong, ethical and non ethical is not called insult, I came here so that you don’t do any Adharm again. She asks did I do any Adharam. He says you tried to get Ram knowing he is married and does not love you, you attacked his wife, which resulted in this, whose mistake was it, Raavan would not worry about it, but I worry, so I thought its imp to know what happened there. She asks him to leave from here. He says you are such since childhood, you did not wish to hear truth ever, there is still time, change yourself, stop Raavan and tell him this happened by your mistake, I m afraid that this will result in Lanka’s ruin.

She asks did I come here that you will thought to respect those Sanyasis than taking revenge of my insult. He says I did not say so. She says you said they are innocent, I know you can’t face them, you are a coward, the woman who has coward brothers like you have to bear insult again and again. She asks him to understand. She shows her long nails and says even if Lanka has to get ruined to get my respect back, its fine, I will take my revenge.

Sugreev asks Hanuman to help him, everyone wants me to make Kishkindha’s king, how can I take Bali’s place, Tara arranged for Rajya Abhishek too. Hanuman says they are saying right. He says after Bali’s death, its imp for you to sit on the throne. Sugreev says I m asking for your help. Hanuman says I understand your feelings, I m not asking you to take Bali’s place, but you have to do his duties, the Rajya which Bali loved, the Praja for whom Bali was always ready to protect, do you want this Rajya and Praja to go in enemies’ hand. Sugreev says but… Hanuman says biggest sin is to ignore your duties, you have to take decision by your wish now, if you accept this Rajya, then you can’t pay a better and true tribute to Bali. Sugreev hugs Hanuman and looks at the throne.

Ram sharpens the arrows. Some villagers come there. The lady greets Ram, Laxman and Sita. Ram says we are very happy seeing you all here, but any special reason for your coming here. The lady says the area has become safe and fearless now, Dharm is being founded here, Rishi and Muni got back for Dharmic Anushtaan, we are staying peacefully, its all because of you. The other lady says yes, this Dandakaranya has become cursed free now. Sita asks what curse.

The lady says the name Dandakaranya is since some time, this jungle was full of Rishis and Munis before, Sharadvaan used to do his tapasya here, one day the Rishis wanted to insult him, so Sharadvaan has cursed this Aranya/forest, he said Asurs will stay in this forest now, and the people staying here will be punished by those Asurs, then this Aranya got the name Dandakaranya, the Rishis realized their mistake and went to apologize to Sharadvaan, then Sharadvaan said that the curse will get away when a brave, mighty/Parakrami Suryavanshi will stay in this forest, we did not know you are the one about whom Sharadvaan said, you are staying in this jungle since many years, you are our protector and blessed this forest. Ram Ram…..plays…

The lady requests him to place Mahadev idol and do his Abhishek, to make this forest free of punishment and sins. The other lady says we all wish the same. Ram says why to delay in this great work, it’s a thing of proud and good luck to place Mahadev idol, I m sure Dharm will be founded in this forest. They all thank Ram.

Sugreev sits and some rituals are done for his Rajya Abhishek. Sugreev is upset. Hanuman says no one can change the past, but what we do today can change future for sure. Sugreev says Hanuman, I can’t do this duty alone, promise me you will always support me. Hanuman says I will always support you my friend, shall we proceed.

Pandit does Raj tilak to Sugreev. He asks Hanuman to make Sugreev wear the crown and do his Rajya Abhishek. Tara and Roma smile seeing this. Bali is somewhere underneath huge rocks. He moves his hand and gets conscious. Hanuman smiles seeing the crown and is about to make Sugreev wear it.
Precap :
Raavan holds Akampana’s neck and says I have sent you to Dandakaranya not to know my enemy’s greatness, but his weakness. Akampana says Ram has one weakness, his wife Sita. Raavan says he has insulted a woman of our family, Ram will suffer and die when I kidnap his dear wife Sita. Mandodari gets shocked.

** Jai Shree Ram **

vibhisan tries convince supranakha

anukampa siya ke ram
gramwai treats ram

gramwasi with ram sita

hanuman convices sugreev

hanuman sugreev talk

lankapati ravan siya ke ram

laxman smiles siya ke ram

raj abhishek of sugreev

ram laxman sita eating food

ram listens his appreciation

ram sees sita cutely

ram smiles siya ke ram

sita eats food

sita sees ram

supranakha very angry lanka

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