Siya Ke Ram – Read 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update With HQ Images Of Episode [Episode : 130]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram saying there are many sounds in the world, we go from world, but every sound, word, thought are always alive in the world, that’s why Dasharath has sacrificed his son, doing Tyaag of his love for his son, just to protect his promises, he has given up his life too to keep his promises, you tell me will this be right that I have this big duty on me and I sacrifice it, its son’s right to fulfill father’s work and duty, till son completes the work, he can’t get free of his duty, Dasharath gave promise to Kaikeyi and its my duty to fulfill it, I swear I will fulfill it in any situation.

Kaikeyi runs to him and apologizes to him for her big sin. Ram says no, don’t say this, it was according to fate, you did not do any sin. She says no, its not by fate, I did all this, you got vanvaas by my promise/wish, I will free you of my promise my son. She cries. She tells Guru Vashisht that she takes both her promises back, she trashes her wishes of Ram’s vanvaas and Bharat getting the throne, she makes Ram free of her promise.

She asks Janak to request Ram to favor Ram’s return to Ayodhya decision, its betterment for Rajya, Praja and family. Janak says Ram, do you have to say something. Ram says Rajrishi, whatever Maa Kaikeyi said is right. He says Maa, you freed me of your promises, but will you be able to free me of Dasharath’s promises. She says Ram and cries….

Ram says Dasharath gave two promises to Kaikeyi, which he fulfilled and died, now its my duty to fulfill those incomplete promises, how will I get free of son’s duty, if I return to Ayodhya, then the two promises will be incomplete and my son’s Dharm will be ruined, I just wish you take the decision, you have great thoughts and knowledge, I will accept your decision. Janak praises Ram and Bharat, and says hearing both of them, I m shocked. He says Ram’s thoughts has his Dharm and duty and Bharat’s thoughts are right for his Rajya and Praja, I feel Bharat’s thoughts are right, Bharat is fulfilling his Rajya Dharm with love, my heart wants to take decision in Bharat’s favor. Bharat folds hands and smiles with tears in eyes. Janak says but sometimes we have to go ahead to fulfill Dharm and duty, son’s duty is such that its first Dharm of every son to fulfill his father’s promises and pending work, that’s written in every tradition and customs, son gets peace, prosperity and happiness after fulfilling his duty, who does not want Ram to return Ayodhya and do good to the Praja, everyone want the same, but Lok Dharm and Ved Dharm says that Ram’s thoughts and opinion are right, that’s why by this Sabha, I would like to conclude….. I m taking decision in Ram’s favor. They all get shocked. Ram and Sita fold hands and greet him. Janak says to get free of son’s duty and Dharm, Ram has to spend life in van for 14 years. Ram Ram….plays……… The family cries. Bharat shouts no…… and cries. Ram and Sita look on.

Devi Parvati says Prabhu, Lord is always infront of devotee, Bharat was tried to convince Ram by love and devotion, why did Ram not accept his request. Mahadev says no Parvati, Bhakt’s love was not less, Bharat is Ram’s brother, so his love is that of a brother too, he has placed Karuna Maryada today, human has biggest Dharm and motive in his life, Ram is placing this Maryada in the world, that world’s good is impoortant than a person’s good, if Ram returned to Ayodhya, it would be Ayodhya’s good, but now by his doings and behavior, it will be entire Vasudha/world’s good.

Bharat cries sitting alone and says why did I forget my emotions won’t have any value infront of Ram’s Dharm, Ram is fulfilling Dasharath’s promises, Janak gave decision according to Dharm, what about me, where shall I go, I m stained and guilty, I m such man from whom his everything is snatched, don’t I have any motive in my life, don’t I have any Dharm and duty, why is Ram not accepting my wish. Ram comes to him and says Bharat. Bharat looks at him.

Bharat holds his feet and says I can’t listen to any discussion, come back with us to Ayodhya, I don’t want anything else. Tilak samaju…..plays……. Ram holds him and makes him stand. He turns away and says Bharat, I always felt you love me selflessly, was that my illusion. Bharat asks what are you saying. Ram says I m saying true, it appears so that you just love Ram bodily (wishing to be with Ram always), not Ram’s ethics, thoughts, virtues and duty. Bharat says you know my devotion and love, why are you saying this, its right that you don’t want to return to Ayodhya with me. Everyone come there. Bharat says but I will stay with you in van for your ethics, Maryada and Dharm.

Ram asks him to stay in Ayodhya if he really wants to fulfill his duties. He asks Bharat to go back to Ayodhya and look after Praja, this way he can do good to the world in his own way, serve Ayodhya’s Praja being the king, you know Dasharath’s customs and prestige, now protecting that is your duty, go to Ayodhya and protect Dasharath’s prestige, because its good for all of us and entire world.

Bharat sits down and folds hands. He says I m your Sevak and I will obey your command, you asked me to return to Ayodhya and do my duty towards Praja, so I will return to Ayodhya, not as king, but as your Sevak/servant. They all look on. Bharat says I will do my duty towards my Praja for 14 years, but not by sitting as throne, just being your representative and servant. Everyone cry.

Precap :
Kaikeyi tells Ram that yiou have forgiven me, how will I forgive myself, how will I live without you for 14 years son. Bharat says if you don’t wish to return with me, then give me your slippers. Bharat takes Ram’s slippers and touches with respect.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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