Siya Ke Ram – Read 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 129]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram recalling Guru Vashisht’s words, Dasharath and Kaikeyi’s words and his bad dream. He cries. Sita sees him sitting at a corner and crying. She goes to him and consoles. He says Sita, I used to get a dream since my teenage years, that Ayodhya will get some big problem, I was worried, but when that day came in Ayodhya, I was away from family and Praja, now I realize why did we get restless by deer’s death in Maharishi Bharadwaj’s ashram, why we felt like our loved one is dying seeing the deer, why did we feel pain by deer’s death and then why did we get peace by doing its final rites, it was related to Dasharath. Sita says I can’t measure your sorrow, I won’t ask you not to cry, but you are example of patience and strength for others, they will be hurt seeing you, do you remember what you told Dasharath, that you can’t get away from his heart, he stays in your thoughts always, everyone is waiting for you outside, come. Ram wipes his tears and goes out to everyone.

Bharat apologizes to Ram and asks him to come back, Ayodhya is waiting for him, its ruined, you come back and make Ayodhya fine by your return, everyone wish the same, Ayodhya’s Praja, Rishis and family wish this. Ram says Bharat, my return to Ayodhya is not possible now, I have to fulfill Dasharath’s promise, Kaikeyi’s command and Raghukul’s customs. Bharat says if you are fulfilling promise, I m fulfilling my Dharm, I won’t return back without you, you are the king of Ayodhya, I request you, come back with us. Ram hugs him. Milani priti….plays………..

Ram says thanks for your love, but don’t stop me from doing my Dharm. Bharat gets away and cries. He asks Dharm, whats this Dharm, which gave sorrow to entire Rajya and our Matas, which made entire Rajya an orphan, no I don’t believe this Dharm, my Dharm believes that you are eldest son of Ayodhya, and its your duty and rights to manage its throne and rule. He sits down and says I have always agreed to you, but today you have to agree to me, 14 years vanvaas decision, you give up your decision and come with us to Ayodhya.

Ram holds him and says its right if you are not agreeing to me, then who will fulfill which Dharm, this decision will be taken by Dharm Sabha, whatever Dharm Sabha decides, after hearing both of us, I will accept that decision. Guru Vashisht says I agree with Ram. He says Bharat, this matter is serious and sensitive, this decision can be taken by Dharm Sabha, the main member will be Rajrishi Janak. Ram and Sita look for Janak. Janak comes there and Sita gets glad seeing her father. She says Pita ji and smiles. Janak walks to them. Ram, Laxman and everyone smile.

Sita runs to Janak and hugs him. She cries. Ram and Laxman look on. Janak and everyone get together in Dharm Sabha. Janak says this Dharm Sabha will decide will Ram return Ayodhya or complete 14 year long vanvaas. He calls Bharat to present his wish and matter. Guru Vashisht asks Bharat to come. Bharat says according to Raghukul’s tradition, eldest son has the right to sit on the throne, Ram is our eldest brother, I request him to come to Ayodhya and manage the rule, Ram has always protected customs and traditions, I want him to come back to Ayodhya. He says Ram can share the sorrow of Matas and Praja, he can do good to Kaushal Rajya. Janak asks Ram to keep his side of talk now. Ram says I totally agree with Bharat, I should accept Rajya work by returning to Ayodhya. Ram Ram…..plays…………. Everyone look at him.

Ram says if I take decision by my wish and return to Ayodhya, what about the limits and rules of the society and Raghukul, if my return ruins Dasharath’s promise and Raghukul’s Maryada, I will not let these Maryadas get ruined in any situation, that’s why I can’t take decision to return to Ayodhya.

Bharat says Ram is saying true, we should not ruin our Maryada, but if we are keeping the maryada and then its getting remorseful for Praja, Rajya and family, then why is the use of such Maryadas, which makes a son away from a father, a brother away from other brothers, a son from his mothers, whats the use for this, which makes a person helpless to leave Rajya and go for vanvaas, whats the use of such maryada. He cries and says its right to give up such maryadas for Praja and Rajya’s betterment. Ram says is just one Rajya’s good important, is that one Rajya’s Praja’s betterment most important, Bharat, my dearest brother, the incidents happening in my life, their meaning will be understood when the right time comes, you feel Kaikeyi’s decision is against me and its wrong, but maybe this decision will do good for the world, that’s why I have worn van clothes and taken vanvaas. Bharat cries and says the promises by which Dasharath died, by which I feel guilty, by which the entire Praja is sorrowful, why don’t you want to fulfill that promises, you can do good to others by staying in Ayodhya, whats the need to stay in van…..?? Ram looks at him.

Precap :
Bharat talks to Ram and says I will stay as a sevak/servant and spend a simple ordinary life like of a sanyaasi, I will wait for your return, if your return gets delayed even for one day after completion of 14 years, then your sevak will not be alive. Everyone look on.

** Jai Shree Ram **

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