Siya Ke Ram – Read 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update With Images Of Episode [Episode : 145]

Siya Ke Ram – Read 22nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

gandharao raj looking angry

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The Episode starts with Sita and Ram eating the ber. Laxman comes to them and asks Sita where did she go, why did she come here when he asked her to rest. Sita says anger stays on your nose always, have this ber. Laxman thanks her and says I m very hungry, the hut is ready, come see. He takes them back to that place. Ram and Sita see the new hut and smile seeing Laxman.

Roma is crying. Hanuman comes to her and asks her to give her some food. He asks is there no food here, is this the reason she used to come and steal fruits. He says I m hungry, will I get anything to eat. He sees the fruits kept there and says this won’t be enough for me, even then I will eat this first. Roma looks on, as Hanuman gets busy in eating fruits. She says its about my life and death, and you are after food, as if you are not worried. He says without food, restless heart will not focus. She says you promised Sugreev about marriage, but my dad is against it, think something.

Hanuman asks whom does she want to choose as life partner, this is her right, and its his Dharm to protect her right, but she has to decide whether she has to be with her dad’s decision or love, one side is happiness and other side is sorrow, what would she like to choose. He finishes eating and says till you decide, I will just come. She stops him and says I took decision, I will walk on love path and marry Sugreev, even when I have to bear sorrow and pain, will you protect my decision. Hanuman says sure. Gandharao Raj comes there with his wife and shouts Roma. He says you won’t go anywhere Roma. Hanuman asks how can you snatch her right to love.

Gandharao Raj says its our personal matter, you don’t have right to interfere in this. Hanuman says yes, buts its about a woman’s right too. Roma says I accepted Sugreev as my husband by my heart and mind, please let me go, I can’t change my decision. Gandharao Raj says even my decision is final, you will marry Inder Raj’s son Jayant, he is equal to us in every way. He praises the powerful and good warrior Jayant. Roma’s mum says let Roma go, I feel she will be happy with Sugreev. Roma hugs her mum. Roma’s mum asks Roma to go and be happy, her best wishes will be with Roma. Hanuman asks Gandharao Raj, does he not wish to let Roma marry Sugreev as he is not equal to Jayant in power and skills, you can train Sugreev and make him best, but there is no way that you can make Roma love Jayant, think about it. He asks Roma to come along. He leaves with Roma.

Ram asks Sita to fill life in the hut. Sita holds his hand and nods. They step inside the hut limits and smile. Their foot prints get impression on the wet sand. Laxman asks Sita to put her hand prints on the hut walls. Sita dips hands in red colored water and applies hand prints on the walls. She smiles. Ram says you left Rajya’s facilities, there are no such facilities and comforts here, this hut is not suitable for your stay, but your Ram and Laxman could just do this, you make this hut a home by your love. She thanks him for giving her this chance, this hut under the open sky is more beautiful than any Rajya bhavan, I will make this hut a home by my love, trust and dedication. Ram holds Sita and they smile seeing the hut.

Hanuman asks Roma to come fast, Sugreev is waiting to meet her. She stops seeing Inder’s son Jayant. Jayant asks Hanuman why is he still here, Roma will just marry me. Hanuman says don’t you know, marriage happens by love, not power, love is not getting anyone, but giving you to someone, Gandharao Raj was praising you, you are a big fool. Jayant asks him to leave and gives him last warning. Hanuman says this is my last warning too and picks Jayant by his tail. He says who does not understand by sense, need to be explained by power, I hope he gets sense and does not do sin to challenge anyone’s love in future. He throws Jayant in air. Roma smiles. Hanuman asks her to come. They leave.

Sugreev waits for them in the jungle. He wonders why did Hanuman not come till now. Hanuman comes there and thinks to tease Sugreev. He makes a sad face. Sugreev asks where is Roma, did she not come with you. Hanuman turns and smiles. He says no friend…. Sugreev says I knew this would happen, you thought you will help me and went there, you could not help me, look at me, how will I live without Roma, I trusted you, if this was not possible for you, you would have let me do this. Roma says you are getting angry on one, whom you should be thankful to. Sugreev gets surprised seeing her. Hanuman smiles.

Sugreev hugs Roma and says you here, but Hanuman was saying….. it means…. He smiles and goes to hug Hanuman. Hanuman asks will you invite me in marriage. Sugreev says sure friend, we will marry soon. Hanuman says but marriage won’t be completed without Bali’s blessings. Sugreev says Bali won’t let this marriage happen. Hanuman says you did love, not any crime, Bali is your brother, not an enemy, when you both go to convince him, he will surely agree, go now. Sugreev asks and you? Hanuman says I have some imp work to complete first. Roma and Sugreev leave. Hanuman smiles.

Sita prays near the plants. She sees Laxman feeling cold and goes to him. She covers Laxman with her shawl. Laxman thanks her and smiles. Sita goes back to hut. Ram looks on. Ram covers Sita with his shawl. She smiles. Its morning, Laxman calls out and asks who is there. He alerts Ram and Sita. They see few women coming. The women greet them. Laxman turns to Ram. Ram signs him to let them come. Laxman asks them to come. The lady says Ram has done a lot to protect Dharm, we thank you, but Asur’s terror is still there, you are busy in dealing with him. Laxman asks is this not right to protect everyone from Asurs, else you will be living in fear. Ram says inner peace is essential which comes by external protection and safety, and asks them why did they come here. The ladies say we want Sita to place idol and do puja in Mata Parvati’s temple. Sita says I will surely come. Laxman says no, this is not safe. Sita says when we do anything for Dharm, then Dharm protects us, if we have true devotion, then there are powers around you to safe you. They smile.

Precap :
A Rakshaks stops Sita. Mata Kaali comes there and kills the Rakshaks…

** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman and roma talks

roma and mother talks

hanuman punishes jayant

ram looks on

sita wears shawl

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