kaal dev insist ram to fulfil his vachan siya ke ram 1st november

Siya Ke Ram – 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 301]

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Siya Ke Ram 1st November Episode starts with

Laxman apologizing to Rishi Durvasa and saying no one is allowed to enter Ram’s Kaksh. Rishi Durvasa tells Laxman that he dried the sea when sea tried to stop him, no one can dare to stop him, does Laxman want to see his anger, maybe Laxman did not know his anger. Laxman says I m helpless, there is a reason, I m bound by command. Rishi says Laxman, I was silent as I respect Raghuvansh’s Kirti, if you don’t stop doing this, I will be helpless to curse you. Bharat says no, we request you to leave this anger, it will be bad for us if you step in Ram’s Kaksh. Rishi says so not just Ram, you all three are walking on Adharm, if Raghuvansh insults Rishi, the Maryada and Kirti of Raghukul will be ruined in this world. He holds water in hand to curse them. Laxman recalls Ram’s words.

Laxman thinks no, I can’t see Raghuvansh Kirti/fame and Yash/success to end. He says forgive me Rishivar, I will enter Ram’s Kaksh and inform him about your coming. Bharat and Shatrughan get shocked. They try to stop Laxman. Shatrughan says if you enter the Kaksh, Ram will be helpless to give you death punishment according to his promise. Laxman says my life is to serve Raghuvansh, and protect its Yash and Kirti. Bharat says no, I m elder and I will go to inform him. Shatrughan says no, I will go there.

Urmila prays to Mahadev and says Laxman’s life is in risk, I know he will obey Ram, but you can stop my bad dream from turning true, take my life, but save his life. Laxman says Ram gave me this responsibility to secure the Kaksh, so I will inform him about Rishivar’s coming.

Kaal says Prabhu, you have placed Dharm and customs’ new Maryada, and today you blessed me, you have chosen time for your departure, I m thankful, now allow me to leave. He turns to go and sees Laxman. Ram and Kaal get shocked seeing Laxman. Laxman gets shocked seeing Kaal. Ram says Laxman & Kaal says Prabhu, no human has seen me in my real avatar, so I took promise from you, whoever enters this Kaksh, you will give death to them. Ram recalls his promise. Kaal says so Prabhu, you have to fulfill your promise now, you have to give him death. Ram and Laxman see each other.

Kaal says allow me to leave, I m sure you will fulfill your promise for sure. He disappears. Ram and Laxman get tearful eyes. Ram says what disaster did you do, why did you do this, I promised infront of you, how did you forget, if you knew, then what happened that you had to enter Kaksh and go against my command, you have created big Dharm Sankat infront of me. Laxman says I can’t imagine to go against your command. Ram asks why did you do this. Laxman says Rishi Durvasa wants to meet you, I had no option, he was entering Kaksh, when I stopped him, he felt I m insulting him, if he entered Kaksh, you would have killed him by your promise, if I stopped him, Raghukul Yash and Kirti would be ruined, what would I do, you meet him, he is very angry, go. Ram cries.

Rishi Durvasa says I will not wait now, Ram should have come to welcome me when he knew I came. Bharat says forgive me, Laxman will get Ram, Ram will be pleased meeting you. Rishi Durvasa says now I dont need to meet Ram. He leaves. Ram and Laxman come. Ram asks where is Rishi Durvasa. Bharat says he went, he was very angry, he felt insulted when you got late to come. Ram says what can be reason for his coming like this. Kaal looks on and says Rishi Durvasa came here for a reason and it got completed. He looks at Laxman.

Mandvi and Shruthkirti go to Urmila, and say its big disaster, your bad dream.. They cry. Urmila asks what happened, is Laxman fine, tell me, why are you silent. Mandvi says Laxman entered the room by disobeying Ram’s command, and now Ram will be bound by his promise to give death punishment to Laxman. Urmila gets shocked and recalls her bad dream. She faints in shock. Mandvi asks Shruthkirti to get water. Shruthkirti sprinkles water on Urmila. Urmila gets conscious. Mandvi asks are you fine? Urmila says I will not let anything happen to Laxman, I will protect him. She runs out of her Kaksh.

Ram says you took big decision for Raghukul and me. Laxman says I learnt all this by you. Ram says what did you do, such a big sacrifice. Laxman says I don’t know big or small, don’t let this go waste, fulfill promise without any hesitation, if I have to sacrifice my life, it will be my good luck. Ram says Laxman and Urmila comes and asks Laxman what is he saying, did he think of her before talking about death, he is not alone, she is his wife, his life is linked to her life. Ram, Bharat, Shatrughan and Laxman cry. Urmila says you can’t take decision to die alone. She asks Ram to forgive Laxman, how can a brother give death to another brother. She cries and says Ram’s tears show Ram has forgiven Laxman, tell me is Laxman’s life not in danger now…. Ram leaves from there. She worries.

Hanuman says Prabhu, did you send me to give knowledge about life, or there is some reason which I m not understanding. He thinks of Kaal. He says Kaal, or there is big danger coming on Ayodhya, I have to leave from here soon. He rushes. Laxman asks Urmila where is she taking him. She says far from Ayodhya, if we don’t stay here, Ram will not punish death to you. he says stop, I understand your emotions, but we have to face truth, we can’t run like this. She says we will stay far, no one will know about us. He asks will we stay happy without Dharm, are we running away from death. She says you will be saved from this bad death. He says for some years, what after then, its better to accept death than running away like a coward, I accept death if Ram decides so, I will wait for Ram’s decision, if he decides death punishment, I accept. He goes. She cries in shock.

Ram asks Raghukul ancestors about this test, how more tests he has to give, he abandoned his wife for Rajya and Praja, and today giving death to my brother who is more dear than my life. Laxman comes and hears him. Ram says my brother who stayed as my reflection, who has roamed in jungle and bear all troubles, who believes my wish to be his Dharm, how is this possible to give death to him, I can’t give death punishment to my Laxman. Ram and Laxman cry.

siya ke ram 1st november siya ke ram 1st november siya ke ram 1st november siya ke ram 1st november

Precap :
Ram declares infront of all ancestors and Rishi that he abandons Laxman forever. Laxman is made to leave from the haveli. Laxman says sorry Ram, I can’t have courage to live life without you. He takes a knife to end his life.

siya ke ram 1st november siya ke ram 1st november siya ke ram 1st november siya ke ram 1st november

** Jai Shree Ram **

urmila shocked listening about laxman

urmila praying for laxman safety

ram in dilemma dharm sankat for laxman

ram asking the reason from laxman to interrupt

bharata shatrugan feeling bad for laxman

kaal dev insist ram to fulfil his vachan

kaal dev sees laxman inside the ram room

laxman crying listening ram emotional words

laxman requesting durvasa to wait

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