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Siya Ke Ram – 5th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 282]

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Siya Ke Ram 5th October Episode starts with

Janak saying like Lord Shiv is regarded complete, even Ram does not need anyone to be regarded complete, but Ram can complete the Yagya work by placing Sita’s idol beside him. Everyone smile. Valmiki says Ram, you are great, Sita has to witness this love, then her heart pain will get less. He prays and sprinkles water on Sita. Sita sees Valmiki. Her soul leaves from her body and goes to Rajbhavan.

Sita says I want to know who is that lucky lady who will be Ram’s wife, who is that lucky lady who will sit beside Ram in Yagya. She goes to Ram’s Kaksh and sees Ram resting on the side couch. She thinks I don’t have any problem with your any decision, but when you decided to abandon me, you should have told me once, I would have felt lucky to give up my life or rights happily, but you did cheat and made me leave from this haveli, you did not give me chance to meet me for the final time, your behaviour has hurt me a lot, there is no one here, I should see yagya place. She goes. Ram opens eyes and says Sita…. He gets up and says why did I feel like you were here just now.

Sita goes to yagya place and sees someone inside the ghunghat. She goes close and lifts the ghunghat. She gets shocked seeing her idol. She smiles and says you have made me leave from this bhavan and still did not let me go, I m still staying in your mind, heart and soul, even today, I m sitting beside Ram as his wife. She applies her sindoor to the idol’s hairline. She hears someone coming. Ram comes there and sees the idol. Sita looks on. Ram sits near the idol and says Sita, my life has become meaningless without you, my state just has tears of regret, nothing else. He sees sindoor in idol’s hairline and calls out Sita. He looks for Sita.

He says I know you are here, come infront of me, forgive me. He sits near idol and says I know Sita, you will never forgive me, you should not forgive me, I did big crime, I ruined your trust by cheat. Ram and Sita cry. Sita goes back to her body. She gets conscious and gets up. She says Gurudev….. Valmiki opens eyes. She says I doubted on Ram, and my doubt is baseless, the way sea is pure and mountain is solid, same way Ram’s love is definite, I thought Ram has abandoned me forever, but he has kept me in his heart, he has made my idol of gold. He says Sita has left Rajgharan for the world, but not for Ram, you are always in Ram’s heart and will stay there till the end, Siya Ram can never be separated, both’s existence is same.

Guru Dev guides Ram to chant mantras and begin yagya. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan get the horse. Guru dev says now its time to send this auspicious horse of Ashwamedha yagya. Ram looks on. Guru Dev says wherever this horse will go, he will represent Rahuvansh’s pride, valor and prestige. Ram does the rituals of applying tilak to horse. He asks Laxman to take care of the horse, and give him food and water, take care of the horse while following him. Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan leave.

Valmiki tells Lav and Kush that he is going out for few days, and they have to lookafter the ashram. Lav says its our luck to lookafter the ashram. Kush says we will protect the ashram, you can go without any worry. Valmiki smiles. Ashwamedha yagya begins. Hanuman gives flowers for puja to Sita. She likes the flowers and asks how did he get it. He says I got it by going through air route, just for your puja. She asks sky route. He says you are getting late for puja. He thinks he got saved today.

Sita prays to Lord that her puja is for Ashwamedha yagya and asks Lord to accept her prayers. Ram does the puja and imagines Sita beside him, doing the rituals. They both do the puja together. Hanuman attends the puja done by Sita at ashram. Ram looks at the idol. Sita thinks Ram, till I m alive in this world, my entire life and every deed is dedicated to you.

Hanuman thinks Mata, you and Ram are different for the world, but I know you are two bodies and one soul, whom no one can separate, I m waiting the moment when this worldly distance will end between you two. The horse runs and many people follow the horse. Laxman looks at the horse. Lav and Kush see the horse going towards the ashram. They say the horse is going towards their ashram and they have to catch it before it reaches ashram. Kush runs and jumps.

He stops the horse. Lav says whose horse is this, and why was this coming to our ashram. He sees the note and says its Ram’s horse, the one who allow this horse to run on their land will accept Ram, and the land will be of Ram, the one who stop this horse will mean to challenge Ram for war. Kush says it means the ashram land will belong to Ram, we won’t let this happen, even if we have to fight with Ram.

siya ke ram 5th october siya ke ram 5th october siya ke ram 5th october 

Precap :
Lav and Kush catch the horse. Laxman asks the meaning for stopping the hose. Kush says he has to get justice for Devi Sita. A lady informs Sita about Lav and Kush preparing to fight with Laxman. Laxman, Lav and Kush aim the arrows for fight.

siya ke ram 5th october siya ke ram 5th october siya ke ram 5th october siya ke ram 5th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

 valmiki helps sita in knowing truth

sita sees idol of her own

sita joins hand infront of valmiki

sita doing yagya pic

ram sleeping pics images skr

ashwa of ahwamed yagya pics siya ke ram kush and luv will take care of asharam

kush sees ashwa coming to asharam

ram made sita idol of gold

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