ram talking with kaaldev in his room siya ke ram 31st october

Siya Ke Ram – 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 300]

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Siya Ke Ram 31st October Episode starts with

Kaal coming to Ayodhya palace. He sees Laxman coming and takes Rishi’s avatar. Laxman greets him and says you are welcome in Ayodhya’s rajbhavan, how can I serve you. Kaal says I want to meet Ram. Laxman says Ram stays in his Kaksh alone, no one is allowed to meet him, tell me the matter, I will help you. Kaal says no, I want to meet Ram, I can just talk to him. Laxman says kindly accept my request, Ram can’t meet you. Kaal says you are insulting me, if Ram can’t meet me, I will leave, remember no Sadhu has left Ayodhya’s Rajbhavan empty hand, this is Sadhu’s insult, and its matter of pride and respect for Raghukul. Laxman thinks Ram does not want to meet anyone, its right, but its not right if any Sadhu goes annoyed, it will be against Raghukul customs. He stops Kaal and asks him to come alone.

Urmila cries. Mandvi and Shruthkirti console her. Mandvi asks her not to be scared, it maybe just a dream and not connected to reality. Urmila says no, I felt Laxman’s behavior strange today. Shruthkirti says maybe you thought so. Urmila says no, its meaning linked to my bad dream. Mandvi says come, we will ask Gurudev about your bad dream. They go and meet Guru Vashisht. He asks Urmila what happened, why are you worried. Urmila says I have seen a bad dream, and tells him. Guru Vashisht thinks its sign of Kaal’s entry in Rajbhavan, it means Ram’s last time/death is close. Urmila asks him to say the meaning of this bad dream. He says whatever is going to happen in Ayodhya Rajbhavan now, we have to face it by courage. He blesses her and goes. Mandvi says what is going to happen that

Gurudev can’t tell us. Urmila says I feel my husband will fall in danger, I will end that danger.
Laxman takes Kaal to Ram’s Kaksh. Ram sits praying. Laxman calls out Ram and says sorry to disturb you, a Rishivar wants to meet you, I did not find right to send him. Ram says you did right, calll him. Laxman asks Rishivar to come. Kaal enters the Kaksh. Ram greets him and asks how can I serve you. Kaal says I have to talk to you in private. Ram says you can talk without any worry, I assure you all your talk will be kept secret. Kaal says no, I can just talk to you, I m not allowed to tell it infront of anyone else. Ram looks at Laxman and signs.

Laxman starts leaving. Kaal says remember, till we are in this Kaksh, no one enters this Kaksh, if anyone intentionally or unknowingly enters this Kaksh, I will give death punishment to him, you may be finding this strange, if you promise me, I can tell the secret to you for which I came here. Ram says right, any Rishi or Sanyasi’s wish is respected in Raghukul, so I promise you, if anyone enters this room during our conversation, he will get death punishment. He asks Laxman to secure the Kaksh, assure that no one can enter this Kaksh during our conversation. Laxman says sure and goes.

Ram asks Kaal to tell the matter without any hesitation now. Urmila comes to Laxman and says come with me. Laxman asks why are you crying. She says your life is in danger, I have to protect my husband, come with me. He says I can’t go anywhere, Ram is talking to Rishivar, he said no one can enter the Kaksh till their talk ends. She says who will come here, there are soldiers on door, come. He says no, Ram promised Rishivar, if anyone enters the Kaksh during conversation, he will punish them death. She gets shocked and says no, its more dangerous, come with me. He says its Ram’s command, I have to be here even if I die, even if Kaal comes infront of me, I have to obey his command. She cries. Bharat, Mandvi, Shatrughan and Shruthkirti come there.

Urmila says I always obeyed you, can’t you accept my one request. She asks them to explain Laxman not to be here, its not right, ask him to come with me. Bharat says what danger can come on Laxman’s life inside Rajbhavan. Laxman says I m trying to explain the same. Mandvi says Urmila has seen a bad dream and she is worried. She says Laxman, maybe your life has no danger, you should respect Urmila’s words. Laxman says my life is spent in obeying Ram’s commands and even today I will do the same, forgive me.

Bharat says dont worry Urmila, to clear your doubt, Bharat and Shatrughan will be with Laxman, we promise, we will not let anything to him. Mandvi and Shruthkirti take Urmila along.

Hanuman sits looking at the rings and says what’s the secret of this Maya, which I m not understanding, does this ring want to sign me something, what is the meaning that I m here. He recalls Ram’s words about life, which has no meaning in reality, one day such time comes, when we leave this world and go far. He gets worried and says Ram wanted to tell me such big thing, but I could not understand him.

Kaal comes to his real form and greets Ram. Ram greets him too. Kaal says for everyone’s good, you came on earth in human avatar, all Asurs died and Dharm is placed again, its all peace and happiness around, all your motives are fulfilled, all Devtas request you to leave this human body and come back to your Dharm. Ram says Kaal, if according to fate, my work on earth ended, you do your work. Kaal says I can’t do anything without your permission. Ram says you have my permission, fulfill the work destined. Kaal says you are great, everyone has desire to live on earth, you are like lotus who stays in river and does not have longing, I have a request, your brothers, Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan have to leave from this world before you. Ram gets shocked.

A rishi comes there from outside. Laxman sees him and says Rishi Durvasan. Bharat and Shatrughan greet him. Bharat welcomes him. Rishi asks about Ram, he should have been present here to welcome me. Bharat says sorry, but Ram is talking to other Rishi in his Kaksh, I will inform Ram about your coming when he comes out, till then you rest. Rishi says I did not come to rest, I have to meet Ram, if he can’t come, I will go and meet him in his Kaksh. Laxman thinks if Rishi Durvasan enters the Kaksh, Ram has to kill him according to his promise, no such sin can’t happen by Ram’s hands.

siya ke ram 31st october siya ke ram 31st october siya ke ram 31st october siya ke ram 31st october

Precap :
Kaal says I will leave, permit me to leave. Laxman enters the Kaksh. Kaal says no human has seen me in my real form, now you have to keep your promise. Ram asks Laxman what disaster did you do… Laxman looks on.

siya ke ram 31st october siya ke ram 31st october siya ke ram 31st october siya ke ram 31st october

** Jai Shree Ram **

urmila crying badly about the nightmare

urmila crying about the laxman after sita

rishi durvasa comes to ayodhya skr

ram talking with kaaldev in his room

laxman talking with urmila outside ram's room

bharata shatrugan welcomes rishi durvasa

hanuman finding ram's ring in patal lok

kaal dev take form of rishi

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