urmila sees a nightmare about laxman death siya ke ram 28th october

Siya Ke Ram – 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 299]

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Siya Ke Ram 28th October Episode starts with

Ram praying at the Ghat by stepping inside the waters. He sees Hanuman standing behind. Ram drops his ring in the waters and ends prayers. He goes to Hanuman. Hanuman asks what happened. Ram says my ring, I think it fell in waters, Sita gave that to me, it had Sita’s memories. Hanuman says don’t worry, I will find it, even if its in any Lok, you will get it, you go and rest in Rajbhavan, I will get the ring. He says Jai Shri Ram and jumps in the water.
Parvati says Swami, Hanuman is Ram’s biggest devotee, he has never got away from Ram, but what is the reason today that Ram is sending his dear Hanuman away from him. Mahadev says every incident has a motive, every work has a reason, Ram had motive to descend on earth, and now its fulfilled, his time for his Leela to end, now Shri Hari has to return to his Dhaam along with his brothers, but Ram’s return from earth is not possible in Hanuman’s presence, Hanuman’s devotion and love is extraordinary, Hanuman will never let Ram go away, so Hanuman has to go away, it was necessary.

Kaal asks what is command for me. Mahadev says Kaal, leave for Ayodhya, your route got clear. Kaal asks about Hanuman. Mahadev says don’t worry. Kaal leaves.

Ram greets his ancestors and says I m lucky to get chance in your great Kul, I have tried to serve my Kul by true dedication, if mistakenly I did something wrong and stained Raghukul’s pride, I apologize for it, I have accepted Ayodhya’s throne for a great motive and served Praja as a king, I have regarded Praja as children, and gave importance to Kul’s Maryada and customs over my personal life, I have a request, free me of my duties now, I have handed over the duty to your Vansh with all the customs.

Lav and Kush come. Lav and Kush ask what are you saying, did we do any mistake that you want to go. Ram says no, its nature, dry leaves fall and get into soil, then new leaves are formed on the tree, what was yesterday is not today and what is today will not be tomorrow, the universe has run like this and will always run same way, I have nothing left to give like an old tree, but you both have to bring essence in this world by your good deeds, you have to lay new good customs, and do what I could not do, this is your duty.

Lav says you are out ideal, we want to follow you. Ram says no, its right to take inspiration from someone, its wrong to depend on someone, everyone has independent thoughts, every person sees world by his own sight by his sense and experience, you don’t need to become like me, you have to see world by your own sight, time always changes, and its necessities also change, I want you both to take decision yourself and get firm on it. Kush says if we decide anything wrong. Ram says always listen to your conscience/inner soul, such decisions are not wrong, don’t do anything for your ownself, if any mistake happens, then be ready to repent for it. They nod. Ram leaves.

Hanuman tries to find the ring in water and other lok too. He gets inside the dark place inside the water bed and thinks what is this light in this darkness, maybe there is way to go out. He kicks the mountain and sees some gold. He looks on. Laxman is shown fallen on the ground and Kaal takes his soul. Urmila wakes up by this bad dream and says Swami, what bad thing did I see, I won’t let this happen. Laxman comes. Urmila asks are you fine. She says I have seen a bad dream, a big abshagun. He smiles and says abshagun has become part of our life, whats there to worry. She asks what are you saying. He says come sit, what did you see.

She says you are not taking my words seriously, I have seen your life is in danger and you fell dead on the ground. He says so dream was of my death, whats there to worry, our death gets definite at the time of our birth, the journey from birth to death is called life, don’t worry, its time for me to change clothes. He goes. She says his words do not feel simple, does this have any relation with my bad dream. Hanuman sees so many rings, and says all rings are like Ram’s ring, I have to find Ram’s real ring from all of this. He goes to touch and can’t hold it. He says what is this Maya, this can never happen that Ram’s devotee Hanuman can’t do Ram’s work, its Ram’s command that I find ring, and I will surely fulfil his command.

He thinks does Ram want to explain me something by this ring, but what is there in this ring. Kaal says Hanuman forgot its impossible to stop Kaal, whenever a human’s life journey gets completed, I have to come. Ram sits praying. Kaal says maybe you don’t know, but many people’s life journey got over in Ayodhya. He taeks disguise of a Rishi. Ram opens his eyes.

siya ke ram 28th october siya ke ram 28th october siya ke ram 28th october siya ke ram 28th october

Precap :
Rishi/Kaal tells Ram that I want to talk to you in private. Laxman comes. Kaal says till we are in this Kaksh, no one should come in this Kaksh, else I will give him death punishment. Kaal comes to his real form and says all Devtas have a wish that you leave this human body and come back to your real Dhaam, but your brothers have to leave from the world before you. Ram gets upset.

siya ke ram 28th october siya ke ram 28th october siya ke ram 28th october siya ke ram 28th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram drops his ring in sarayu river

urmila sees a nightmare about laxman death

ram making strategy siyakeram

ram giving last lesson to luv kush

ram ask hanuman to find his ring

hanuman enters patal lok finding ram's ring

luv kush images as king of ayodhya

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