luv kush is being crowned as king of ayodhya siya ke ram 27th october

Siya Ke Ram – 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 298]

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Siya Ke Ram 27th October Episode starts with

Ram saying we all will swear that no woman will get insulted in Ayodhya Rajya, no woman will be tortured/abused, every woman will get her respect and pride, and by this, you can respect Sita’s sacrifice truly, obey this command…. They all chant Ram’s name. Ram cries and says Sita. Everyone look on. Ram Ram….plays…….
The announcement is made in the village. The man asks Praja to hear Ram’s command. Nar Nari ka bhed hataya…………..plays……………. The Praja gets glad, especially the women. Years pass. Ram does rituals of the three Matas Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra’s final rites. Hanuman, Bharat, Laxman, Shatrughan, Guru Vashisht are seen along with Ram.

Ram ignites fire to Kaushalya’s pyre, Laxman gives fire to Sumitra’s pyre, while Bharat and Shatrughan light Kaikeyi’s funeral pyre. Time passes, Kumar Lav and Kush arrive in the Rajya Sabha. Ram looks on. Everyone smile seeing them. Lav and Kush touch Ram’s feet and takes blessings. Ram hugs them. Bita samay……plays……… Ram does Raj tilak of Lav and Kush and make them sit on the throne. Guru Vashisht does tilak to Lav and Kush, and also their aarti. Ram takes the crown and does Rajya Abhishek. Ram crowns Lav and Kush. Everyone shower flowers and smiles.

Some more years pass. Ram is seen standing alone in his Kaksh and looking outside. Hanuman and Laxman come to Ram. Laxman says you called us. Ram turns to them. He says I got free of all my duties, and now I want to live with peace, I don’t want no one comes to meet me, I want to live the rest of my life alone, that’s why I called you both here, can you do this for me. Laxman says your wish is equal to command for me, your words are like Ayodhya’s fate for me, you can stay here till you want, no one can enter this Kaksh. Hanuman says not just humans, even Kaal can’t enter here. They leave. Ram sees Sita’s idol.

Ram says the time left in my life will be spent in your memories. Hanuman flies in the sky and says Ram said he does not want to meet anyone, it would mean something else, I have to be extra careful. He reaches top of the mountain and says whoever will try to enter Ayodhya now will not be saved by my sight. He sees someone and says who is he. He asks Kaal to stop and asks who are you, where are you going. Kaal says I m Kaal and going to Ayodhya. Hanuman says no one can enter Ayodhya, go back. Kaal says I can’t go back without fulfilling the motive for which I came, move off my way. Hanuman says its Ram’s command, I won’t let you go. Kaal says its not right to become hurdle in my way, result won’t be good. Hanuman asks him to get ready for the war. Hanuman fights with him. Kaal falls down. Hanuman asks Kaal not to see towards Ayodhya again. Om Hanumanta…..plays……… Kaal goes. Hanuman says till I m here, Kaal can’t enter Ayodhya ever. He says Jai Shri Ram……..

Kaal tells Mahadev that its time for Ram’s leaving, whoever is born on the earth has to leave, but Hanuman stopped me, he is your Rudra avatar and I did not know how to win over him, what shall I do. Mahadev says don’t worry, no one can change fate, whoever comes infront of fate has to move away. Kaal says as you say. Mahadev says I know to move Hanuman off the way.

Ram is in his Kaksh, praying. Mahadev comes there. Ram opens his eyes and his soul leaves from his body to meet Mahadev. Ram greets him. Ram asks him about his coming. Mahadev says Prabhu, you know the motive for which you took birth on earth in human avatar, that motive is fulfilled, now its time for you to return, but your biggest devotee Hanuman is stopping Kaal, Kaal can’t come to you till Hanuman is there, if this happens, fate’s Maryada will be ruined. Ram says don’t worry Prabhu, everything will happen as per fate. Mahadev goes. Ram’s soul goes back in his body. Ram looks at Sita’s idol. Hanuman comes to him.

Hanuman says Prabhu, you know Kaal was coming to Ayodhya, he was entering Ayodhya, I stopped him, and punished him, I have sent him away, he will never come here. Ram says you should have not stopped him, he was doing his duty, like you do your duty, fate has written some duties for everyone in this world, you stopped him from his work. Hanuman says but wherever Kaal goes, its just destruction, Kaal won’t reach you till I m here. Ram thinks Hanuman I know you can’t see anything wrong happening with me, because of your love and devotion, I have to do something else to move you from Kaal’s route. Hanuman says allow me to leave, I have to be careful. Ram stops him and says I will go for darshan tomorrow, you come along. Hanuman says sure, this will be good luck. Hanuman goes. Ram removes his ring and looks on.

siya ke ram 27th october siya ke ram 27th october siya ke ram 27th october siya ke ram 27th october

Precap :
Kaal says Hanuman, you tried to stop me, you forgot you can’t stop me, I have to come when anyone’s life gets completed in the world, but many people’s life journey completed in Ayodhya. Laxman is seen fallen unconscious. Ram drops his ring in waters.

siya ke ram 27th october siya ke ram 27th october siya ke ram 27th october siya ke ram 27th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

shiv mahadev comes to ram for kaal dev

ram thinks about sita during raj abhishek

ram passing his last time with sita's memories

ram doing last rite of mother kaushalya mata

ram declares no difference between man and woman

after war hanuman defeats kaal dev

hanuman guards ayodhya ram palace

kaal dev tries to enter ayodhya

luv kush is being crowned as king of ayodhya

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