sita loves luv kush before leaving world siya ke ram 25th october

Siya Ke Ram – 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 296]

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Siya Ke Ram 25th October Episode starts with

Kaikeyi saying Sita, I m proud that you are our Kul vadhu, Raghukul got blessed to get you, your parents are great who gave your character such good values and upbringing. She says Sita, you are talking about women’s status in society, we all are with you, but staying in society is imp to bring change in society. Sumitra says kaikeyi is right, the women who lost hope will get courage by your return, they will know purity and truth wins, you can become representative of their struggle, you can fight for those women and change the rules by being the Queen.
Sita says I was Queen when questions were raised on me, was I protected, you were also Queen, could you fight for women’s justice, could you stop my second vanvaas, Mata, making rules does not change the society, thinking stays same, to change thinking, society has to know the importance, the change has to come from human’s heart. Janak is on the way.

Urmila says Sita Didi, Pita ji always said that Sita is different and no one can do what Sita can do, you always proved his belief true, we all respect your decision, but think about us. The sisters cry. Mandvi says we decided to stay together always, did situation change so much, take us along.

Shruthkirti asks don’t we have any right on you, will you not return to Ayodhya for our sake. Sita cries and says getting you three is my luck, getting your love, I get a power which you don’t know, but will you three accept that this love becomes reason of my weakness, or a hurdle in women respect and completeness. Laxman says I m your culprit, I have obeyed Ram’s command and left you in arid jungle, by this guilt burden, how can I stay alive, today I accept the crime to cheat and insult you, come back to Ayodhya, else I will give away my life as a punishment. Ram says Laxman. Everyone get shocked. Laxman keeps knife at his neck.

Sita says no Laxman, its big crime to punish oneself without any crime. Laxman asks how can I live with this guilt, the repentance is not possible. Sita says that was  expected to obey Ram, not obeying Ram would be Adharm, Praja expected Ram to do that, so its imp to understand that the mistake is of society, such society where its regarded Adharm to question elder’s decision, where son can’t question a father, where student can’t question to a teacher, and younger brother can’t question his elder question, because of this, Parshuram has to kill his mother, women is weak and injustice happens with women in this men’s society, if thinking won’t change, how will society change, so Laxman, don’t waste your life by giving up your life. Laxman cries and asks her to say, how shall I be alive.

Bharat and Shatrughan hold Laxman and they all cry. Sita cries. Lav and Kush say Mata. She says I have given you necessary values to live life, its just directions, not a command. Without any hurdle, just decide by your senses according to the situation, you have to live your life without your Mata. Lav and Kush cry. She says your Mata is making a big sacrifice for a motive, don’t oppose this, try to place men and women’s equal rights, I m not asking much, if you get justice for one woman in your life, then surely do it, and think your life succeeded. Everyone cry.
Sita looks at Ram.

Ram says its all true and right, I accept your decision, if you think you can fight with society by staying away. If you want to fight with injustice and torture, fine, I will also stay here by leaving Rajya, we will fight against the society and remove the problems, we will assure the society’s mindset changes. She says forgive me, this is just my struggle, no one can help me, not even you. Ram says no, whenever I obeyed my Dharm, you always supported me, when I fulfilled son’s duty, you were with me, you did not oppose my Rajya Dharm even when you could oppose, you were with me, why can’t I fulfill my Pati Dharm today by leaving everything, why? She says its good thing for me that Ayodhya King is thinking to leave everything today for me, my decision has become more firm now, I wanted to fight for women respect and glory, you have initiated it, but today the woman standing infront of you is not your wife Sita. They all get shocked.

Sita says your wife Sita’s visarjan happened the moment when you have sent Sita to wander in jungle darkness at night, that too by cheat. She says I have come to see you before leaving, but Raja Ram did not open door for his wife, your child was in my womb, even if I was not pregnant, your decision ended husband and wife’s relation that moment itself, any relation is based on trust and respect, you knew your Sita will never become hurdle in your Dharm, what was the need to cheat and insult, why did you forget that i took vanvaas decision for you, I would have taken again if you said, you vowed to protect me at the marriage time, why did you break the vow, does Raghukul traditions have just obeying Rajdharm vows, no night of Lanka was such dark than each day of vanvaas given by you, because I had belief in Lanka that you are with me always.

She cries and says I was alive in this world to fulfill a mother’s duty, today I m free of this duty also, I will give away the two children to Ram and today after fulfilling all duties, I m free of all bonds, I m not anyone’s wife and anyone’s daughter. She says today, I m free to take decision regarding my life. Everyone cry.

Sita says my character was stained and my purity was doubted by the society, its not possible for me to return to that society, today I swear by water, earth, fire, air, sky, that I was born by the earth, by the identity I have by this earth, today I, Bhoomija will return to that earth’s lap forever. Ram gets shocked and shouts no Sita. Guru Vashisht says Sita. Laxman asks Sita not to say such bad things, I m culprit, not you. Urmila asks how can you think to decide this. Lav says no Mata, you always said children are children for mother, how did your duty get over for us. Kush says yes, mother is always needed by children. Sita cries. Laxman says don’t do this.

Ram says Sita, you give me any punishment, I accept it, don’t do this, I can’t bear this separation sorrow. Sita asks the earth to take her in her lap if she has always stayed in her Maryada and did an ideal daughter’s Dharm, if she has fulfilled all her Dharm, Mata Vasundara, take me in your lap. She prays and stands. Everyone cry.

siya ke ram 25th october siya ke ram 25th october siya ke ram 25th october siya ke ram 25th october

Precap :
Sita says the time has come, take me in your lap Mata. The earth shatters and Sita goes inside the earth. Janak shouts Sita and cries. Ram and everyone cry in shock.

siya ke ram 25th october siya ke ram 25th october siya ke ram 25th october siya ke ram 25th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

laxman punishing himself for sita

luv kush seeing sita last time

matas debate with sita to return

ram sees sita in marriage dress valmiki asharam

sita crying pics in marriage dress

water in vashist eyes at valmiki asharam

urmila and mandvi request sita to return ayodhya

sita loves luv kush before leaving world

sita joins hand and cry

sita will not return to ayodhya

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