ram eating food by sita's hand siya ke ram 21st october

Siya Ke Ram – 21st October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 294]

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Siya Ke Ram 21st October Episode starts with

Ram hugging his sons. Sita looks at Ram and passes by. Ram says Sita….. She stops and cries. Ram folds hands and says want to make a request to you, I can’t raise Lav and Kush alone, for our family’s happy future, come back to Ayodhya. Laxman says yes, I have left you alone in this arid jungle, I m culprit, give me chance to repent, I want to take you back. Kaushalya asks Sita to accept their request and change her decision of not returning to Ayodhya. Kaikeyi says yes, since you are not there, we are living incomplete life, when everything is getting fine, do you want to leave Ayodhya’s residents in sorrow. Sumitra says if you don’t return, your Matas and sister’s lives will be incomplete. Sita cries and says forgive me Mata, I can’t return Ayodhya, and I can’t change my decision. They all get shocked.

She walks ahead. Ram says its right, if this is your decision, I will also not return to Ayodhya, even Matas, sisters, and entire family, no one will return Ayodhya. They all nod. Kaikeyi says Ram said right, we all will stay here, we won’t return Ayodhya. Sita wipes her tears and says if your decision is this, its fine, let me give one day to leave from this ashram forever. They all smile.

Guru Vashisht gets tearful eyes looking at Sita and feels something inauspicious. Sita looks at them and leaves. Sumitra says thank God, Sita agreed to return to Ayodhya. Guru Vashisht thinks what did Sita mean by saying that, her meaning is not straight. Kaushalya says woman’s heart gets hard while bearing trouble, in such case, the decision is final, but your love made Sita change her decision, we are lucky that Sita agreed to come with us to Ayodhya. Ram says no, this is not result of my love and trust, its about Sita’s greatness, her heart is so big that she is always ready to bear our sorrows, she has forgiven me. Kaikeyi asks minister to go Ayodhya in evening and do preparations for Sita’s welcome. Minister says sure and leaves. Urmila says the auspicious moment when we all four sisters will stay together. Kaushalya says even Lav and Kush will come, Ayodhya will be free of vanvasi fate.

Sita tells Lav and Kush that she will make them have food today. Kush asks will you feed us. Lav says we liked to eat by your hands, but you taught us to have food on our own. Kush says now we have grown up. Sita says children will always be children for mother, today, let me feed you for the last time, then you have to eat food on own always. They look at her. She feeds them and cries. She says now you both are returning to Ayodhya, don’t upset Ram, obey his command, never disobey him. Lav says you are saying as if you won’t stay there. Kush says you yourself see how we stay as your and Ram’s obedient sons. Lav says yes, else you give us punishment which you feel right.

Ram looks at the sky and thinks just this night passes any way, the sun ray will become witness of Siya Ram’s reunion. Sita comes and says Raghunandan, you did not have food till now, come. He says Sita and smiles….. He sits to have food and forwards hand to feed her. She takes food from his hand and feeds him. He looks at her and gets tearful eyes. Sita makes him wash hands. He says after many years, I felt content after having food, I left hope that I will get food made by you. She turns away.

Sita says Lav and Kush are young, you have to take care of them a lot. Ram says yes Sita, we both will together raise them, you accepted to come Ayodhya from me and made my heart burden less, now I m waiting for new day. She says Sita’s life was incomplete without Ram, I got you and my life’s complete motive got over, my birth in Vasudha succeeded, permit me to leave. He looks on. She cries. He stops her and says I got something for you, wait. He gives her the bridal dress and ornaments. She says I have worn this and came Ayodhya. He says you will wear this and leave from here tomorrow. She takes it and says as you wish. He says you are not saying anything. She says I did not forget, I was seeing do you remember or not, give me my sindoor. Ram smiles and gives her sindoor. She asks him to apply sindoor to her. He applies sindoor. She cries and sees him. She leaves. Hanuman comes and tells Ram that Guru Vashisht called you.

Guru Vashisht recalls Sita’s words and is worried. Ram comes and greets him. Guru Vashisht says my heart is doubtful. Ram asks why. Guru Vashisht says your bad dream….. Ram recalls and says now everything is happening well, all dangers are gone, so we should forget the bad dream and welcome the beautiful future. Guru Vashisht says I hope everything happens as you are saying, I pray that your trust wins over your bad dream. Ram takes his blessings and goes. Guru Vashisht thinks why do I feel that Sita’s heart has something else going on.

siya ke ram 21st october siya ke ram 21st october siya ke ram 21st october

Precap :
Janak says Sita, you came here, at this time. Sita says I came to meet you and thank you, now permit me to leave. She disappears. Janak worries and tells Shathanand that Sita took some decision that big danger is going to come on her. Janak and Shathanand leave to find Sita. Ram thinks of bad dream and says is this bad happening related to that bad dream, I have to meet Sita right away. Ram proceeds to Sita’s hut.

siya ke ram 21st october siya ke ram 21st october siya ke ram 21st october siya ke ram 21st october

** Jai Shree Ram **

sita looking helpless face pic skr

sita looking at ram eyes valmiki asharam

sita feeding food to luv and kush with her hand for the last time

ram washing hand seeing sita skr

ram talks with vashist at asharam

kush eating food by sita's hand

mata's requesting sita to return ayodhya

ram and family will stay at valmiki asharam

ram eating food by sita's hand siya ke ram ram seeing sita very lovely

guru vashist sees the future and cries

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