love kush will agree to siya ke ram 20th october

Siya Ke Ram – 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 293]

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Siya Ke Ram 20th October Episode starts with

Sita holding Ram. She asks what are you doing, you did not do any crime. Ram says my inner soul knows my crime can’t be forgiven. She says but I did not hold you responsible, if you broke your promise and married someone else, I would have been sorrowful if you made me leave from your memories, you can’t be wrong, but if anyone is responsible for my sorrows, its my fate and time, the fate is such that Ram and Sita do not unite in this birth again. Ram looks on. She cries and folds hands, requesting him to take their two sons along to Ayodhya. Ram moves back and signs no. She says my Ansh will be with you, not me, I will be with you in their form, you will get Sita by them. Lav and Kush come.

Lav say no Mata, we don’t accept this, half life without father and half life without mother. Kush says either you both will unite else we will go away from your lives. They run away. Ram shouts and looks for them. Sita cries. Laxman asks what happened. Ram says don’t know, where did Lav and Kush go, they heard Sita saying that she will not return Ayodhya with us. Bharat says don’t worry, we will find them, they will not go far. They leave. Hanuman says I will go by air route to find them. Ram nods. Hanuman flies.

Laxman, Shatrughan and Bharat look out for Lav and Kush. Kaushalya asks Ram how will he convince Sita to come Ayodhya. Sumitra says we did not imagine that Sita will not agree to return to Ayodhya. Ram says I m responsible, I did big injustice by abandoning her, I knew this would happen, but we have to find Lav and Kush first. They get shocked. Kaushalya asks what do you mean. Ram says they got upset and went somewhere, don’t worry.

Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan went to find them. Laxman and Sita call out Lav and Kush. Hanuman too looks for them. Sita says don’t punish your Maa like this, where are you. Laxman says where did they go so soon. Hanuman sees Lav and Kush sitting on the mountain top and smiles. He goes to them and asks what are you both doing here, everyone is finding you, your mother, father, Kaka Laxman, everyone is worried, you both are sitting here, come I have come to take you. Lav says no, we agreed to you, but don’t force us to come along. Kush says we won’t go. Hanuman asks why. Kush says our Mata Pita is the reason. Hanuman asks what did they do. Lav says you know it, don’t fool us by sweet talk.

Hanuman asks what do you want. Kush says we met our father and now we have to get away from mother, we did not think this. Lav says we will stay on mountain till Mata and Sita get together. Hanuman says running away from problem is not a solution, I will talk to Ram and Sita, come with me. Lav says no, if you try to take us…. Kush says we will go when Ram and Sita come to take us together, with the promise that they will stay together. Hanuman says its right, if you both want this, this will happen. He flies off.

Ram says they both are not in jungle, then where did they go. Hanuman lands and greets Ram. Ram asks did you know anything. Hanuman says they are sitting on mountain top. Ram asks why did you not get them, come. Hanuman says no, they won’t come. Ram asks what. Hanuman says they said till you and Sita don’t go to take them together and decide to stay together, they will not come back to ashram. Sita looks for Lav and Kush. Ram informs her that Lav and Kush are sitting on mountain peak, they are saying till we decide to stay together, they will not come to ashram.

He says its Mata and Pita’s duty to guide the children, our duty is to give love to Lav and Kush, which they did not get before, to complete their life, we did what we had to, but our children’s life is infront of them, our duties can be left unfulfilled, come Sita, we will go together and get them. She says you don’t need to go anywhere, I know their nature well, I will get them. She says you don’t worry, I will not leave any duty incomplete, towards my children or husband.
Sita goes to Lav and Kush. She says whatever you both did today, I did not expect this, did I give you teaching for this, come with me without any delay. LAv says but if our behaviour can make you sad, don’t we have right to get sad by your behaviour, was it right or our future what you did. She asks what do you want to say Lav. Kush says we decided we will not go anywhere till you and Ram come to take us together.

She cries and asks do you need your father’s love along mine, it means my love was never fulfilling for you, that’s why you did not understand me and took decision. Lav says no, we just want you and Ram to stay together. Kush says we want your happiness, so we decided this. She says if I return to Ayodhya because of you, it will be a compromise for me, not happiness, do you want this, that your mum lives such life that she has to bear insult, if you want your Mata to live without self esteem, I m ready to agree with you. Lav says no, our esteem and glory is by your self esteem, we accepted Ram as you wanted. Kush says we don’t want anything than your happiness. She says then swear on me that you both will do what I say. Lav says we swear that we will obey your command from today. She hugs them and cries.

Ram and everyone wait at the ashram. Sita comes there with Lav and Kush. Everyone smile. Sita says Raghunandan, Lav and Kush are your children, Raghukul’s future, today I got them to you. Ram says Sita, you have made my heart burden less, I have no words to thank you. She says from birth till date, I did my best for raising them, whatever I learnt from my dad, I gave them the knowledge, I gave them such values that they can obey Raghukul customs and Maryada, even if their upbringing is not upto the mark, forgive me. Ram says don’t say this, you raised them into a brave and good valued boys, no one could do this, even I could not give them such teachings. She requests Ram to accept Lav and Kush. Ram says I already accepted them. He opens his arms. Lav and Kush smile. Sita cries and signs them to go. Lav and Kush go and hug Ram.

siya ke ram 20th october siya ke ram 20th october siya ke ram 20th october

Precap :
Ram says Sita, come back to Ayodhya for family’s happy future. Sita says I can’t return to Ayodhya. Ram says fine, then I will also not return, even this family won’t return. Sita says fine if this is your decision, give me one day time to leave from this ashram forever. Guru Vashisht thinks Sita’s meaning was something else, what did she mean…

siya ke ram 20th october siya ke ram 20th october siya ke ram 20th october siya ke ram 20th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

sita turns back to see ram in asharam

sita hugs luv kush last time

sita gives luv kush to ram

ram sees sita coming valmiki asharam

ram and sita talking like stranger

hanuman founded luv and kush

love kush will agree to sita

luv kush hides at peak of mountain

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