ram sees in valmiki asharam siya ke ram 18th october

Siya Ke Ram – 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 291]

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Siya Ke Ram 18th October Episode starts with

Ram and everyone arriving at Valmiki ashram. Rishi does his aarti and welcomes Ram in Valmiki ashram. He says its our good luck that you came with your family. Ram says Valmiki is not here. Rishi says he has gone for Tapasya, but we will welcome you well. He asks Ayodhya Praja to come. Lav and Kush hide and see Ram. Ram sees them. They hide. Ram asks everyone to go inside. He goes to see Lav and Kush. Lav and Kush go. Hanuman says they both are naughty, stay here, I will get them. Ram says no Hanuman, father has to go infront of sons today.

Mandvi, Urmila and Shruthkirti go to Sita. Urmila says that moment has come today, Sita and Ram will unite again. Mandvi says even this time Raghukul Praja tried to stop Ram, but he has broken all worldly bounds for Sita, why are you silent, come, its time to meet Ram. Urmila asks her to come. Sita says no Mandvi, I can’t go infront of Ram now. Mandvi asks what are you saying. Urmila says Ram has come to take you. Sita says Ram has abandoned Sita, and if a man abandons wife once, you know what it means, all my rights have ended along it, how shall I go infront of him, and by what rights…. They cry.

Ram goes to find Lav and Kush. He calls them out and asks where are you two hiding. He sees them hiding behind the bushes. They try to leave and Ram comes infront of them. He asks what happened sons, why did you turn away, see I m standing infronf of you. Kush says we don’t want to meet you, did you not miss us, you never came to meet us. Ram says don’t say this, I have missed you a lot, I m unlucky father, I did not know my child is son or daughter, how would I come to meet if I did not know anything, its my fault, I came to rectify my mistakes. Ram sits and folds hands. He asks will you not forgive your father and cries. Lav and Kush cry. Lav says Pita shri, we got sorrow because of you, we are not annoyed, but Mata had to face many troubles and sorrows, when she had to be in Rajbhavan, she was wandering in jungle, we are annoyed with this.

Ram says being a king, I could not stop that from happening, but I always tried to keep Sita in Ayodhya with happiness, but because of Rajya dharm and Praja’s decision, I had to leave Sita, but its also true that Ram did not leave Sita from his heart and life, my eyes are witness of this, from that moment, I have been living in separation sorrow, guilt burden and repentance, will you not give a chance to me, I m culprit of three of you, till both of you don’t forgive me, I can’t go infront of Sita, I won’t have courage, forgive your father. He opens his arms for them. Lav and Kush run and hug Ram. Ram cries. Hanuman looks on and smiles. Lav says we tried to know our father’s name from Mata, but she did not tell us ever. Ram says I m responsible for this, I did not give any right to Sita, you could not understand her dilemma, but now I came to apologize for all my crimes. He asks them to come and meet their Pitamai. Hanuman says like Ram and sons united, I wish Ram and Sita also unite.

Kaikeyi says when I heard two boys made Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan lose, I was sure that they are Raghuvanshi, as no one else can fail Raghuvanshis. Ram gets Lav and Kush there. Kaikeyi, Kaushalya and Sumitra hug them. Ram smiles and says I have to go to Sita now. Hanuman says come, I will take you to Sita’s hut. Ram says I have crossed many hurdles in life, but this journey is difficulty, I have to cross this distance myself. Ram walks to Sita’s hut.

He calls how he has taken decision to leave Sita. Doshi mai hun siya tumhara………..plays…………He recalls Sita’s words and reaches the hut. Sita senses him, and runs towards the door. She stops herself. It thunders. They stand at the either side of the door and cry. The storm breaks open the door. Ram sees Sita standing behind the door and forwards hand. They cry. Ram says my crime is very big, I did big injustice with you, I can’t even apologize to you, I want you that world hates me forever, and even you don’t forgive me, I don’t deserve it Sita.

He says since 12 years, I was waiting for this moment, I always thought that when I come infront of you, how much will I talk, how and what will I say, but when I m infront of you today, I don’t have any words, I met my sons, there was no moment in 12 years when your thoughts, presence and worry was not with me, I always thought how are you and where. Sita says 12years passed in raising Lav and Kush, I did not get time to think anything, yes, sometimes, I felt helpless when our sons Lav and Kush asked their father’s name. They both cry.

siya ke ram 18th october siya ke ram 18th october siya ke ram 18th october

Precap :
Ram asks Sita to punish him, not Ayodhya. She says the fate is Ram and Sita can’t unite in this birth. Kush says no, either you both will unite, else we both will get away from your life forever.

siya ke ram 18th october siya ke ram 18th october siya ke ram 18th october siya ke ram 18th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

 sita weird behaviour towards sisters

sita ram talking at doors skr

sita crying standing at the door

rishi welcome ram in valmiki asharam

ram sees in valmiki asharam sad

ram apologize to luv and kush

ram hugs luv kush and apologize

ram hugs luv kush and cries

ram seeing sita kutiya in valmiki asharam

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