sita hugs all her sisters siya ke ram 14th october

Siya Ke Ram – 14th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 289]

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Siya Ke Ram 14th October Episode starts with

Sita recalling Lav and Kush’s words. Lav and Kush come to her. Lav says we have hurt your heart, we realized our mistake, forgive us. Hanuman looks on. Sita says I taught you both, that every person has right to state his opinion, you both did not do anything wrong. Lav says but you taught us not to do anything that hurts anyone’s heart, we don’t have right to hurt your heart, forgive us, we will not do this again.

She says both of you have grown up and can take decision for yourself. Kush says fine, we can’t stay here seeing you sad, so we will go away. She asks what did you said, where did you go, show me going out of ashram… Lav and Kush smile. She hugs them. Hanuman smiles. Lav says we can’t abandon Ram, whom you could not leave till now, we accept Ram as our father from today. She gets glad and hugs them. Hanuman says I have to reach Ram now, there won’t be any delay between father and sons union.

Laxman asks Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti where are they going together. They say to meet Sita, its such chance after much time, but why are they unhappy. Bharat says Ram did not take any decision, you all should wait. Mandvi says we don’t want to hear anyone’s decision to meet our sister. Bharat says but Mandvi… Ram comes and says Bharat, Mandvi is saying right, they all have right to meet their sister, I have hurt them by making their sister away, I don’t want them to get more hurt, you all go to see Sita. Mandvi says if our words have hurt you, I m sorry, but if we don’t go to meet Sita today, we will not be able to forgive ourselves. Ram says its fine Mandvi, we all will go to meet Sita soon. They smile.

Ram talks to Praja and says its matter of sorrow that woman is blamed and her purity is doubted, her purity, love and identity is seen by society’s sight, I have also seen this, but I have known now that society is the one who opposes women, this is the bitter truth of this man centric society, a woman is our mum, wife, daughter, sister, society should not know to respect women, why does a woman has to testify her purity by a society, why is injustice done by society, the rules are for humanity’s good, but to ruin it, so today I end these wrong customs forever, today I will not let Sita get testified by society, I m going to get her back to Rajbhavan.

Hanuman says I understood your heart’s matter. He says since Ram left Sita, I have stayed with Sita always, Ram was everything for Sita, her day started with Ram’s puja, doubting on her purity is like doubting on our souls, if we doubt on her, we have no right to belief ourselves. He cries.

Brahmins also cry. Brahmin tells Ram that they did big mistake by doubting on Sita’s character, there is one repentance, that’s to call Sita back in rajmahal. Badra says yes, get Sita back soon, the Rajya and throne are incomplete without her. Praja asks Ram to get Sita back. Everyone smile.

Ram plants seeds and smiles recalling her childhood. A lady asks what happened. Sita tells that we four sisters used to plant seeds in farmers field, we used to say we will always be together, we grew up together, our marriage also happened together and we came to Ayodhya, we thought our childhood dream fulfilled but….. Mandvi says we will still be together. Sita gets glad seeing her sisters and asks you three here. Urmila says I was waiting to meet you. Mandvi asks why are you delaying to hug us. Sita hugs them and cries. She says I left hope to meet you three again. Shruthkirti says we also felt the same. Sita says I missed you all, you have come from far, come and take some rest, our talks will not end today. They smile.

Lav and Kush ask a boy why is he upset. The boy says you both will leave ashram, and we will stay here. Lav says no, we will take you. Boy says we are rishi balak, what will we do in rajbhavan. Lav says king needs Rishis and Gurus to guide them, you come with us and stay in rajbhavan, prepare to come with us.

Ram keeps Sita’s clothes and jewelry. He says you have worn this bridal dress when you married me, you entered my life and completed it. He recalls their marriage. He sees sindoor and recalls how he filled sindoor in her hairline. He says we are away by this night, tomorrow sun’s first way will witness our union, its just this night’s distance. He closes eyes.

Sita asks her sisters to have food. Mandvi says all these years tapasya changed you, Sita who could not stay without Ram, you did not wish to know anything about Ram, you did not ask about him. Urmila says it seems you forgot Ram, but you are still in his heart and every breath. Shruthkirti says you are seen in his every work and talk. Mandvi says even if anyone can’t see Ram, anyone can see Sita in Ram’s heart, after abandoning you, its just you who is imp for you, you did not wish to know about such example of love and sacrifice, Ram…….

Sita cries and says its my good luck to be Ram’s wife, but its also my bad luck, the one whom I loved a lot, I have hurt him a lot, Raavan kidnapped me, but Ram faced pain and sorrow, why do we get helpless infront of fate. Shruthkirti says separation and sorrow will end. Mandvi says Ram is going to come tomorrow and take you back to Ayodhya. Urmila says this time Ram did not hear to anyone, he broke the old traditions, Praja is with him in his decision, Ram is restless to apologize to you and get you back. Mandvi asks why are you not happy. Sita says trying to go back in past is waste, everything is broken and now nothing will join, there won’t be anything like before, and expecting it will open doors of sorrow. They cry.

siya ke ram 14th october siya ke ram 14th october siya ke ram 14th october

Precap :
Sita goes somewhere far. Ram sees bad dream and tells everyone that Sita is going away from me, I have seen bad dream. Guru Vashisht advises him to drop this thought of reunion, only that can be good for both of them. Ram and everyone get shocked.

siya ke ram 14th october siya ke ram 14th october siya ke ram 14th october siya ke ram 14th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

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sita hugs all her sisters siya ke ram

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