kush and luv taking pledge siya ke ram 12th october

Siya Ke Ram – 12th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 287]

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Siya Ke Ram 12th October Episode starts with

Lav and Kush leaving Sita’s hands. Lav asks why did she do this that she got them here. Kush says their promise is left incomplete now, we could not get justice for Devi Sita, if we captured Ram, we would have made him helpless to give justice to Sita, why did you do this, tell us. Sita cries and asks do you know who is Raja Ram, you wanted to detain him, Raja Ram is your father. Lav and Kush get shocked. Lav says no, this can’t happen, it means you are….. Sita says yes I m that Sita….. They look at her shocked.
Lav says no, this can’t be true. Kush says Raja Ram our father and you are Devi Sita. Sita says yes, this is the truth which I had hidden from you.

Ram cries… and recalls Sita’s words. Ram Ram…..plays…………. Ram says Lord, it was going to be disaster happening by my hands, I was going to fight with my sons. Hanuman comes to him. He asks Ram to calm down. He says truth came out on right time. Ram says no, there won’t be any unlucky husband and father in the world, I could not stop Sita from going to jungle, I could not talk to Sita today, I could not recognize my sons. Hanuman says I wanted to tell you, but how could I go against your promise, I was tied in your promise, if you know everything now, what is your decision now. Ram leaves from there in his chariot. Hanuman says I felt Ram will take Sita and sons to Ayodhya, but Ram has gone to Ayodhya.

Sita cries in her Kaksh. Lav and Kush come there. They hold Sita. Lav apologizes to her and says this world has always given you sorrow and pain, but we are your sons and should have not gave you troubles, we will not behave like this. She says you both did not hurt me, you are the only motive of my life, I was alive only for you, else everything was snatched from me many years ago, if I m alive, its because of you both, all happiness is by you both. She hugs them and cries.

Hanuman apologizes to Lav and Kush. Lav says no, we will not forgive you, you stayed with us and did not let us know you are hanuman, you are also like Ram, why did you hide your truth. Hanuman says if Sita knew my truth, then she would have not allowed me to stay here, and I would have not served you, I know I m your culprit, but I had no other way, forgive me Lav Kush. Kush asks will you not cheat us again. Hanuman cries and signs no. Lav and Kush smile and hug Hanuman.

Ram goes to yagya place in the rajbhavan and sees Sita’s idol. He says you won once again, and you have made me lose in everything, you have kept all the promises which I should have kept. Laxman, Guru Vashisht and everyone look on. Ram says you have done both mother and father duties.

Sita talks to Ram’s idol and says meeting you after such a long time, I felt like you are not my Ram, the one whom I loved, the one with whom I have taken vanvaas, the one with whom I stayed in jungles for many years, the one for whom I waited in Ashok vatika, you are not that Ram who have fought with Raavan for me, yes…. Now you are not Siya Ke Ram….

Laxman asks Ram what happened that you look affected. Ram tells Guru Vashisht that Sita will sit in the yagya instead this idol. They all get shocked and smile. Sita cries and says I was standing infront of you, but you did not ask me once how I m, why am I alive till now, why did you try to stop me. Laxman asks what are you saying. Ram says yes, Sita is fine and alive, I have seen her, the two brave boys Lav and Kush are Sita and my sons. Kaushalya and everyone smile. Laxman says but that day they said their mother name is Vandevi. Ram says Vandevi is Sita, I m saying truth, I have seen Sita. He tells Kaushalya that Sita has stopped Lav and Kush.

Sita says maybe you are annoyed with me even today, but Lav and Kush are your sons, what is their mistake in all this, even after knowing all this, you did not show courage to hug your sons, the one whose heart has entire heart and has much love, you did not had love to call our your sons. Lav and Kush come and look on.
Guru Vashisht tells Ram that before such ashwamedha yagya became medium for Ram and Sita’s union, I wish this ashwamedha yagya becomes medium for your, your sons and Sita’s union. Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumitra are glad seeing Ram’s smile. Ram says yes, I m glad Maa, I did not feel such happiness efore. They all smile.

Kush says we don’t need such father who brings tears in our mother’s eyes. Lav says we are not Ram’s sons, we are just your sons, we are not related to Raghukul. Sita gets shocked. She asks what are you both saying, you can’t change this truth that you are Ram’s sons and Raghuvanshi. Kush asks will Ram go knowing we are his sons, he did not come to meet us. Lav says we got his love when he knew we are rishi kumar. Kush says we took decision that we are just your sons, we have place for no one else. They leave, while she tries to stop them. Ram says Sita, its time for your return to Rajbhavan, its time for Ram and Sita’s union, after you return, all our sorrows will end, now no one can separate us.

Kaushalya says I wanted to hear this since long , we will hear the sweet talk to Lav and Kush. Kaikeyi says it will be great when Sita comes back. Sumitra asks how is Sita, did she say anything. Ram says no Maa, I could not ask her anything, she came infront of me and I have just seen her, she took Lav and Kush in a moment and went, I just stood there speechless. Kaushalya says see our bad fate, Lav and Kush came in rajbhavan and we could not identify them, what will they think of our Raghukul, such a big family and their mother and they are roaming in jungles. Kaikeyi asks her to have patience, very soon Raghukul’s luck and happiness will return. Sumitra asks Ram what is he thinking now, make some plans to get Sita, Lav and Kush back. Ram says sure Maa, a father’s heart is getting restless to hug sons. siya ke ram 12th october

Lav and Kush go to the river. Lav and Kush take water in their hands, and swear by keeping air, water, fire and all Devtas, that they are just Devi Sita’s sons, Sita is their mum and dad, we break our relations with Raghukul, our Kul will be known by Sita’s clan, Raja Ram is nothing for us from today.

siya ke ram 12th october siya ke ram 12th october siya ke ram 12th october siya ke ram 12th october
Precap :
Ram asks Ayodhya Praja about his decision to get Sita back. Badra says we all will come and request Sita to come back. Some Brahmins come and stop Ram, saying the society will not hesitate to say that Lav and Kush are not Ram’s sons. Ram gets shocked.

siya ke ram 12th october siya ke ram 12th october siya ke ram 12th october siya ke ram 12th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

hands of luv kush siya ke ram

kush and luv taking pledge

luv kush talks bad about ram

luv says sorry to sita

ram cries after seeing luv kush first time

ram smiles to see sita again

ram talking with sita idol

ram tells kaushalya about sita

sita cries and stopped war with sons and father

sita shocking images skr

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