luv kush to war with hanuman siya ke ram 10th october

Siya Ke Ram – 10th October 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 285]

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Siya Ke Ram 10th October Episode starts with

Bharat and Shatrughan going to free the horse. Lav and Kush aim at the chariot wheel and make them fall. Bharat asks who is it, who is attacking by hiding, if you have courage, come infront of me. The boys shoot at their bows and make it falln. They come out. Bharat says so you both are rishi kumars, we heard you are brave and courageous warriors, but hiding and attacking is not brave. Kush says this does not suit you to say, as you have always hidden behind Ram. Lav says we don’t care we are brave or not, where did your bravery go when Ram was making Sita leave from rajbhavan, you both knew Ram is abandoning Devi Sita, why did you get silent and not say the truth to Sita, we don’t attack on defenseless warriors, so its better you return to Ayodhya, and send Ram, we will fight with him for the injustice he did. Bharat and Shatrughan get speechless. Lav and Kush leave from there.

Bharat and Shatrughan go to the palace. Lav asks Maruti to free Laxman. Kush says but we should not free him soon. Lav says no, people are chained by thoughts, crimes and sins, not by any clutches, and Laxman has realized his mistakes. Hanuman frees Laxman. Lav says we have freed your brothers too, you go and send Ram to fight with us, he has to answer our questions. Laxman leaves.

The brothers go to Ram and tell everything. Ram says Laxman, you are brave and mighty warrior, and lost to those boys, whats the reason. Laxman says we have won and lost the wars till now based on Dharm, we always won as we were true, but today the two boys are fighting for injustice with Sita, Dharm is on their side today, not us. Ram says so you three want to say we should stop Ashwamedha yagya, and get scared of those two boys, we should ruin Raghukul maryada, I know who can win war against those boys now. Hanuman comes and says Prabhu, you called me. Ram says Hanuman, you have to fight with those boy rishi balaks, leave for jungle soon, free the horse and catch those boys, present them infront of me. Hanuman thinks in which Dharm Sankat did Ram put me, how can I capture Lav and Kush and get them here.

Hanuman flies to the ashram. He looks inside the ashram. He says I did not think I will face such big Dharm Sankat one day, one side is Ram’s command, and other side is Sita’s sons Lav and Kush’s love, don’t know how will I solve this dilemma, I can’t disobey Ram’s command and can’t hurt Lav and Kush, now I have to tell Lav and Kush’s truth to Ram, I have no other option, but no….. telling Ram now is not right. He says now Sita can free me of this dilemma. Lav and Kush ask Sita to bless them to succeed in this Dharm yudh. Sita closes eyes and blesses them that Dharm wins. They leave from the ashram. Hanuman goes to her. She asks what happened Maruti. He says I knew Ram will come to fight with Lav and Kush, I got to know Ram has sent Hanuman. She smiles and says I know every warrior has to fight with Hanuman before fighting Ram.

Hanuman says but hanuman is in dilemma as Ram and Sita are equal to him, its big problem for Hanuman, he can’t hurt Lav and Kush, what should he do. She says Hanuman should support Dharm, and today Ram’s command is his biggest Dharm. Hanuman says you ended my dilemma, now allow me to go, now following Ram’s command will be my Dharm. She says why was Maruti asking for Hanuman’s Dharm Sankat. She asks Maruti what is he saying. He thinks what did I say and worries. He says I m getting late, I have imp work, I will meet you later. He goes. She says who is this Maruti, I have to talk to Gurudev about his real identity.

Kaushalya asks Ram about sending Hanuman to fight with rishi balaks. Kaikey says whats the need to fight, they want to get some answers so they stopped the horse. Sumitra says the boys wanted to know about Sita and get justice, they can’t be enemies, why to fight with them. Ram says yes, they are not enemies, but by stopping the horse, they challenged Raghuvansh, and its my duty to protect Kul Maryada. Kaushalya says but you should talk to them, if they get their answers, there won’t be reason to fight. He says I will talk to them after making them lose. They worry.
Sita goes to Valmiki. He asks whats the matter, is everything fine. She says I want to know something, just you can answer this, since Ram abandoned me and I came in this jungle, Maruti is with me, he got me to your answer, since 12 years, he is serving me, whenever I m upset, he tries to cheer me up, there are few boys like him in this world, tell me who is Maruti, say me the truth.

Lav and Kush wonder why did Ram not come, did they forget about the horse, but maybe Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan got ashamed and did not give our message to Ram, how will Ram come then. Hanuman comes there. They identify Hanuman. Jai jai hanuman….plays……… Lav says we heard about you by Valmiki, our mother tells us your story. Kush says your love, devotion and dedication will always be remembered in the world, but how did you come.

Hanuman says you both have captured the horse, so I have come by Ram’s command to free the horse. They say we were waiting for Ram. Hanuman says you both have to fight with me first. Lav says we don’t want to fight with you, as you were always good towards Sita, you did not do any crime and we can’t hurt you, you would also want justice for Sita, you be with us, we will together fight for her justice. Hanuman says I have come by Ram’s command, I have one motive, that’s to free Ashwamedha yagya horse, accept my request and free the horse. Lav says impossible, we decided that we will not leave the horse till we get justice for Sita. Hanuman says according to Ram’s command, I have to free the horse, I don’t have any option than to fight. Lav says fine, then be ready to fight with us.
Valmiki says you guessed right, Maruti is not an ordinary boy, he is Hanuman. Sita gets shocked. She says Hanuman… He says he is staying with you and taking care and protecting you by Ram’s command, he is doing his duty. She recalls Maruti and cries. He says its fate, Hanuman stayed with Lav and Kush for 12 years to protect them, and today he has to fight against them. siya ke ram 10th october siya ke ram 10th october

Lav and Kush take the arrows. Kush says Hanuman, thinking anything else than fighting is wrong, you come ahead and attack on us. Hanuman thinks I always thought good for them, how can I attack on them. Sita prays to Mata Gauri and thinks what is this Dharm Sankat, Hanuman is fighting with Lav and Kush.

siya ke ram 10th october siya ke ram 10th october siya ke ram 10th october siya ke ram 10th october

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram sends hanuman to take ashwa


sita weird expression on maruti

bhakt hanuman as maruti in skr

hanuman to fight with luv kush

laxman in van after vanvas

luv kush to war with hanuman


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