sita and ram meet after yudh siya ke ram 2nd september

Siya Ke Ram – 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 259]

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Siya Ke Ram 2nd September Episode starts with

Vibhishan walking in the Lanka Sabha along with Ram, Laxman and others. Vishravas and Kaikesi bless him. Vibhishan sits on the throne. His Raj tilak and Rajya Abhishek is done. Mandodari gives the crown to Laxman. Laxman crown Vibhishan. Everyone chant for Vibhishan. Vibhishan says we have to leave towards Ashok vatika to meet Devi Sita. Laxman says I will get Ram and come.

Ram stands near the sea shore and looks on. His inner self of Raghukul king Ram appears and tries to make him realize the Raghukul Maryada and customs. He says Ram, I had to come on right time to protect….. Ram asks for whose protection. His inner self asks what does Sita call you. Ram says Raghunandan. His inner self says I had to come to save that Raghukul.

Ram gets worried and says no….. she is my wife, my Sita, she did not leave supporting me for a moment and did not let me divert from my duties, Ram is nothing without Sita. Ram starts leaving. His inner self stops him and says no one has doubt that there is no one pure than Sita, but remember this is the time when you have to understand you are not just a husband, but also a king, who sets examples for others, and who places Dharm and for whom customs are the priority, you have given many tests to save Maryada, but its time your biggest test will start. He disappears.

Laxman comes and tells Ram that everyone is ready to go to Ashok vatika, everyone is waiting for you. Ram says tell Devi Sita that I want her permission to meet her. Laxman gets shocked and asks Devi? Ram asks him to go. Laxman says sorry, I don’t understand. Ram says this is not easy, obey the command. Laxman says sure and leaves.

Laxman goes to meet Sita. Sita happily meets him. He greets her. She looks behind for Ram. He touches her feet. She blesses him and says I m very happy seeing you. He says I m also happy, but I m waiting when you and Ram unite again, but Ram asked your permission for meeting you. She asks permission? She says the moment for which we both gave tests, how can I become hurdle for that moment, you go soon and get Ram. Laxman says I will get him soon and leaves.

Trijata says I will arrange aarti plate to welcome Ram. Sita says Mata, I want you to be with me when Ram comes infront of me. Trijata says yes, I will come soon. Laxman goes to Ram and says Bhabhi has given permission, everyone is waiting to meet her. Everyone of vanar sena and Asur kul go to meet Sita. She looks for Ram. Vishravas, Kaikesi, Hanuman, Jamvanth, Sugreev, Vibhishan and everyone greet her. Ram walks to Sita. Her eyes wait to see him. Sita sees him and happily cries, as her long wait got over. Music plays………….

Everyone smile. Ram signs Hanuman. Hanuman nods. Hanuman requests everyone to give some time to Ram and Sita. They all leave. Ram and Sita see each other. Ram siya………..plays…… Ram forwards hand to hold her. Sita holds his hands. They both get flowed in emotions. Flowers shower on them from the sky. Ram and Sita cry. Ram takes his hand away and gets back.

Ram recalls his inner self’s words. He calls her Devi, and she gets shocked. It starts thundering. Ram says you had to face many sorrows and troubles because of me, I failed to protect you in jungle, and then to find and get you took much time, you were tied to me till now, but today I free you from all the relations. Sita gets shocked.

Ram says you are free from today, you can go anywhere in the world except Ayodhya, if you want, you can stay here in Lanka or Kishkindha. Trijata comes and looks on. Ram says you can stay in Mithila if you want, but Devi you can’t return to Ayodhya with me. Sita and Trijata get shocked. Trijata stumbles hearing this and leaves.

Sita wipes her tears and asks but why such thing Raghunandan. Trijata comes to everyone and aarti plate falls. She says disaster…. She stumbles. Angad holds her and asks what happened Mata, is everything fine. Trijata cries and tells Laxman and everyone that Ram has told Sita that she can’t return to Ayodhya with him. Everyone get a big shock. Laxman asks what are you saying, you are mistaken. Trijata says no, I have heard this from Ram, he was calling Sita as Devi, it’s a disaster. Laxman recalls Ram’s words and says Ram can’t do this, I will go and talk to him. Everyone rush.

Sita says you don’t decide anything without thinking or a reason, I want to know what is the reason for this decision, you are standing infront of me and my ears are longing to hear Sita from you. Ram says you said true Devi, there is a reason and that’s…… Laxman and everyone come there. Laxman says Bhaiya…. is this true that Sita is not returning to Ayodhya with you. Ram says its true, there is a reason behind this. They all get shocked.

siya ke ram 2nd september siya ke ram 2nd september

Precap :
Surpanakha asks what will people say, Sita has stayed with Raavan, is she pure or not. Laxman shouts Surpanakha. Sita says I will give Agni Pariksha, if I don’t get burn in this fire, it will be proved I m pure. Laxman says no…. Ram looks on. Sita walks inside the fire…

** Jai Shree Ram **

When Ram and Sita Sees Each Other :

Ram Siya, Siya Ram Ko Dekhe,
Prem Bhav Liye, Nain Hi Rekhe.
Samjhe Vyatha Ye Antar Man Ki,
Kabse Thi Asha Darshan Ki..
Sayyam Dhairya Ki Thi Ye Pariksha,
Ur Naina Kare Aaj Samisha…
Pratischha Ke Hai Ye Parinama,
Aaj Mile Hai Siya Ke Rama….

siya ke ram 2nd september siya ke ram 2nd september

laxman meets sita after yudh

ram and sita holding each other hand

ram and sita meets after ravan's death

ram comes to ashok vatika

ram image before meeting sita skr

ram say sita as devi

ram sees illusion of himself

sita and ram meet after yudh

sita and ram meets each other skr

sita crying pics after yudh

sita feeling shy seeing rammber siya ke ram 2nd september siya ke ram 2nd septembe

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