sita to give birth siya ke ram 21st september

Siya Ke Ram – 21st September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 272]

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Siya Ke Ram 21st September Episode starts with

Sita wandering in the jungle. She falls weak and stumbles. Hanuman sees her and gets sad. He cries and says Laxman has been awake for 14 years to protect Sita, then Ram has killed Raavan and his entire Kul to save Sita, and today Mata Sita is wandering in this jungle alone, there is no one to take care and protect her, Prabhu Shri Ram said right. He recalls Ram.

FB shows …..Ram says this land has been like burning heat for me, I m burning continuously, I m not getting peace, there is no one to understand me, everyone is seeing King Ram’s decision, but no one can to see what Ram is going through, just you can help me and end my sorrow, you can become Sita’s shield. Hanuman says protecting Sita will be my life’s motive now, it will be y good luck to serve her, I promise wherever Sita is, I will never let tears come in her eyes, I promise to take care of her forever. Ram asks him to promise of not telling Sita about my sorrow and pain, you will never tell Sita about my heart’s pain. FB ends.

Hanuman sees Sita falling. He takes disguise of a little boy and goes to her. He holds her and says Mata, I will get water for you. He rushes and gets water for her. He feeds water to her. He says I will get fruits for you. He gets fruits for her and asks her to have fruit, she would be hungry, my name is Bhanuti, my speed is faster than air, I stay in nearby ashram, I will go and get Gurudev, you sit here and have these fruits. He goes to call his Gurudev. He goes to a Rishi and asks him to open eyes, my Mata is wandering in jungle in bad state, protect her. Valmiki opens eyes and says Kesari nandan Hanuman. Hanuman comes in his true form and says yes, Ram has abandoned Sita to obey Raj Dharm and Maryada, Sita has to bear this punishment even when she is innocent, she is staying near ashram like an orphan. He cries.

Valmiki says this was fate which had to occur some day by any situation, where is Devi Sita, take me to her. Hanuman gets in disguise and takes him to Sita. They see Sita sleeping on the rocks. Valmiki thinks Mithila king’s daughter, Raghukul’s vadhu, who should have been living with all comforts in Rajbhavan, she is living here because of the society, the society has always been unjust to women, sometimes in Raavan’s avatar and sometimes in Dhobi’s avatar. He asks Sita to wake up. She wakes up and greets him. Valmiki says no need to say anything, I know very well what happened to you, you are not alone here, you are welcome in my Rishi ashram.

She says no Rishivar, forgive me, the woman whose husband made her leave from Rajbhavan calling her impure, its not right to enter your ashram, your ashram can get impure by my steps. He says no, the girl’s steps which got happiness in Mithila, by whom Raghukul’s Maryada and prestige increased, by whose support, Ram is called Maryada Purshottam Ram, by whose touch even Agni dev got pure, the one who is very much pure like Ganga, can an ashram get impure by your steps, never, I want you to come there, I have written Ramayana, and I thought you and Ram will live happily in Ayodhya, this would have been happy ending, but fate has something else, come, you are welcome in ashram. Hanuman says I will tell everyone that Mata is coming. He rushes.

Valmiki tells her that Bhanuti will be at your service from today, you won’t have any problem, come. She cries and thanks him. He takes her to the ashram. A lady Guru Mata does Sita’s aarti. She welcomes Sita. Valmiki says her name is Vandevi, she will stay with us in this ashram, and we have to look after her happiness and sorrows. Bhanuti/Hanuman says come mata, I made a small hut for you. Sita smiles. Valmiki prays to Lord and says Sita has come in our ashram, we will take care of him, forgive me if there is any mistake done while serving her.
The time passes…… After eight months, Sita holds her stomach and comes out of the hut. Hanuman looks on. Sita imagines Ram and smiles. Ram disappears and she gets sad. She looks around.

Sita feels pain in her stomach. Hanuman rushes to her and asks Guru dev, Guru Mata to see whats happening. The ladies take Sita inside. Hanuman cries and says Mata is having pain. Valmiki asks him to have patience, everything will be fine. Guru Mata says nothing to worry, there is one month left, then there will be baby’s laugh echoing in this ashram. Valmiki smiles and thinks Ram and Sita’s child will starts his life journey here.
Valmiki tells Sita that this is first Sanskaar of the child growing in your womb. He does her aarti. Guru does her tika and does aarti. Guru Mata says mother’s feelings and thoughts affect the child, so try to be happy always, don’t let your heart get sad. Valmiki says its good luck for any woman to become mother, this is such happiness which completes a woman.

Janak comes to Ayodhya’s Rajbhavan. He greets Guru Vashisht. Kaushalya and Laxman look on. Urmila, Mandvi and Shruthkirti come there. They cry and hug him. Shruthkirti says we could not stay away from Sita, but now we got away from her twice. Urmila says if you took all four of us back, Sita would have been with us today. Guru Vashisht says I understand the pain to get away from a children. Janak says I came to meet Ram, where is he. Laxman says Ram is in his Kaksh, come I will take you there. Janak stops him and says I want to meet Ram alone.

siya ke ram 21st september siya ke ram 21st september siya ke ram 21st september

Precap :
Janak asks Sita will she not meet him. Sita cries and says the woman who is regarded impure, how can she show her face to him. He says you are Vaidehi, Mithila’s daughter. Sita hugs Janak and cries. He asks her to come with him to Mithila.

siya ke ram 21st september siya ke ram 21st september siya ke ram 21st september siya ke ram 21st september

** Jai Shree Ram **

valmiki got to know about sita situation

sita welcomed by valmiki

sita to give birth

sita tired and fainted

sita is pregnant hanuman as maruti to help sita

hanuman crying seeing sita in valmiki asharam

janak visits ayodhya after vanvas

ram ask hanuman to be with sita

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