sita in vanvas dress left ayodhya siya ke ram 19th september

Siya Ke Ram – 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 270]

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Siya Ke Ram 19th September Episode starts with

Ram saying you said you had to go to jungle and take Rishi’s blessings. She says yes, when shall we leave. Ram asks Sita to prepare for going to jungle, we shall leave in Brahmamahurat. She smiles and thanks Mata. Ram cries. Sita thanks Mata for helping Ram in taking decision in Dharm Sankat situation. Ram leaves. Hanuman gets bananas and says I have visited Mata Anjani by Ram and Sita’s permission, I did many tasks at Anjan Pradesh, I should leave for Ayodhya, Mata Janki used to give me tasty fruits in Ayodhya, now I will gift her tasty fruits of Anjan Pradesh.
Laxman cries and goes to Sita’s kaksh. He steps back from the door. He recalls Ram’s command and stops. He enters the Kaksh and looks for Sita. He calls her out. Sita comes and says Laxman. He gets shocked seeing her in sanvasi clothes. He asks her why are you in sanyasi clothes. She says we are going to take blessings of Rishis, I have wish of not visiting them in Rajyasi clothes. He says chariot is ready. She asks about Ram. He says Ram is busy in some Rajya work, he asked me to take you, come. He goes out and cries. Antar mann kaise………..plays……. She gets flowers in a basket and asks Laxman to come. She steps out of her Kaksh and smiles.

She stops Laxman and says this never happened that I had to go somewhere alone without Ram. He says Ram would have come if he could, its not his personal wish, he is bounded by Rajya work. She says but I have to meet him before leaving. He says we are getting late. She says but I won’t go without meeting him. He asks her to stop. She goes to Kaksh and knocks the door. Ram cries and does not answer.

Laxman asks Sita to come, we should not get late, maybe Ram is resting, he would be tired by much Rajya work, so he is not able to hear us. She says yes, you would be right, Ram would be sleeping, this never happened that I called Raghunandan and he did not hear me. She keeps a flower at the door. Ram reaches the door and cries. Laxman asks Sita to come. Sita turns to see the flower. Ram stands against the door and cries. Sita gets tearful eyes and leaves. Laxman asks her to come. The flower flies by air and gets inside the door. Ram picks the flower and sits crying.

Laxman and Sita are on the way. Ram Siya……plays………… Laxman drives the chariot and cries. Sita sees the jungle and smiles. Its morning, Laxman and Sita walk in the jungle. Laxman asks Sita where are you taking me, there is no sign of Rishi’s ashram, why are you silent, do you know ashram route, why are you crying, where are we, are you hiding anything from me. Laxman cries and says I never imagined that you will stay in this nirjal van/arid jungle. She asks my stay in nirjal van, what are you saying, we are going to take Rishi’s blessings according to Ram’s command and then we will return to Rajbhavan. Laxman cries and forgive me, I m just following Ram’s command, and according to his command, you can’t return to Ayodhya. She asks Ram’s command. He says yes, Ram has sacrificed you to protect his Rajdharm and Kul. She gets shocked and drops the flower basket.

She asks why is he joking with her. He says I m not joking, I m saying truth. She says no Laxman, Ram can’t do this with me, I can believe anything, but not this, Ram can never get separated from me. Laxman cries. Sita looks at him.
She asks Laxman to say once that he is saying lie, he misunderstood Ram, this can’t happen. Laxman says forgive me, but this is the truth, that Ayodhya’s king Ram has abandoned the queen Sita. She says Laxman, even if Lord tells this to me, I will not believe this, I did not do any crime that Ram gives me such big punishment, he never did injustice with anyone, and I m his Sita.

Laxman says what you are saying should be true and what I m saying should be lie, but I m obeying Raja Ram’s command, and his command is that you can’t return to Ayodhya, and this nirjal van will be place to reside.
Ram says Sita, I know when you will know that Ram has abandoned you, whose love you believed so much, you will shatter, but its my bad fate that I had no option, I did not make you away from me, I have made my life, happiness and existence away from me Sita, I know you will never believe my decision, but you have to accept this as this is fate of Ram and Siya’s love. Sita shatters and cries. Laxman shouts Bhabhi and cries. He asks Sita is she fine. She says the woman who is abandoned by her husband, how can she stay fine, if you know Ram’s decision, you will know the reason, can you tell me why Ram left me, what was my mistake that I got this big punishment, does Ram doubt on my purity after Agnipariksha, I always obeyed Patni Dharm, what mistake did I do that Ram left me, did my service, love and care had anything less, why did he turn his face away, his love and faith were always basis of my life, and now he has abandoned me, why Laxman.

Laxman says no Bhabhi, Ram’s love and faith is firm for you like sky and land, your husband did not give this command, Ayodhya’s king Ram gave this command.

siya ke ram 19th september siya ke ram 19th september siya ke ram 19th september

Precap :
Sita says society will always say that Sita was impure, and that’s why Ram has abandoned me, Ayodhya king Ram has not left any option for me than to give up my life. Laxman gets shocked and asks her to stop. Sita cries and runs.

siya ke ram 19th september siya ke ram 19th september siya ke ram 19th september siya ke ram 19th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

Song Played During The Episode :

Antar Mann Kese, Lakhan Btaye.
Rahi Rahi Lochan, Bhari Bhari Jaye..
Sakal Sulakchini, Rani Sita.
Hai Nirdosh, Ye Sati Punita..

Samukh Kese, Hoye Siya Ke
Tod De Kese Vachan Vidha Ke
Vyakul Ram Ki, Vyatha Hai Aisi,
Pur Lochan Hai, Sarita Jesi..

laxman looking tensed skr

ram crying after leaving sita

ram crying while betraying sita

ram thinking about sita's future

sita wanted to meet ram

sita smiles and ready to go van

sita leaving ayodhya after vanvas

sita in vanvas dress left ayodhya

sita ask laxman why ram leave her

hanuman to come to ayodhya

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