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Siya Ke Ram – 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 269]

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Siya Ke Ram 16th September Episode starts with

Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan going to Ram, and asking him to command. Ram apologizes to them. Laxman asks why are you apologizing. Ram says I have taken decision, I m giving up this throne. They get shocked. Bharat asks what are you saying, after so many years, Ayodhya’s fate has brightened. Ram says you three are capable of managing the Rajya. They apologize if they did any mistake. Laxman stops Ram and asks whats the reason by which you are helpless to give up the throne. Ram says not helpless, this is the solution, I have to sacrifice the throne or Sita, I have sacrificed the Rajya throne. Shatrughan says we don’t understand, why to leave Sita. Ram says Sita was captive by Raavan, so she is regarded impure by Badra.

Laxman says Badra is fool, who is he to doubt on Sita’s character. Ram says he is representative of the Praja, he is Praja’s voice, everyone agrees with him, a king should be ideal for Praja, all my decisions will be followed by them, I can’t punish Sita for her innocence, and I can’t break Praja’s trust, I have just one way to leave Ayodhya with Sita. Bharat says no, don’t do this, we all will explain Badra, no one will ask you to leave Sita. Ram asks to how many people will you explain, its better you do your Rajya duties. Laxman says every problem has a solution, you don’t have to do this. Ram says I have taken the decision, I have to leave Ayodhya. He leaves.

Sita prays to Mata and says help Ram in taking the decision, and end all his dilemmas, the moment I stepped in Ayodhya, I realized that Raghunandan is his Praja’s Ram, but I request you that bless Ram to be ideal king for Ayodhya’s Praja. Ram goes to the ancestors’ hall and greets them. He says I have vowed to become king and serve Praja, but I failed to keep my promise today, forgive me, the woman who has always supported me in my life, I can’t leave that woman, I know this incident will be first and biggest one in Raghukul, but I have no option that to do Rajya tyaag, that’s why my ancestors, I sacrifice the throne forever to do my Pati Dharm.

He hears his ancestors telling him that his Pati Dharm obedience will get justice for Sita, but ruin Raghukul’s tradition, as he is breaking his vow which he took before sitting on the throne, you are independent to decide, but remember Raghukul is immortal in the world because of the Maryada and customs, if you leave, Raghukul will end and your motive to get born in Raghukul will be ruined, the ancestors hardwork will get ruined, Raghukul’s bright sun will set, Raghukul’s end is certain after you leave. Ram worries.

Ram says my decision serving personal interests can’t be above Rajya Dharm, never. The brothers come and ask him to get up. Laxman asks whats the matter. Ram says to protect Raghukul’s Maryada, customs and traditions, I don’t have any option, I have to obey the tough RajDharm, I have to sacrifice my wife, Sita. He cries. Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan get shocked. Ram says Sita has to bear vanvaas in this life once again, this is our fate.

Guru Vashisht senses the happening and opens eyes. He says Ram, what hard decision did you take, you will protect Raghukul’s prestige, but you have stained your bright character. He recalls Ram’s words. Ram asks Laxman to do this work, you have to drop Sita to the jungle. Laxman says but…. Ram says no one should know this, go Laxman. Laxman cries and says this is not right, how can I do this, Sita Bhabhi is like my mother, can any son leave his mother in Nirjal van, I know its sin for me if I disobey your command, but I accept this sin.

Ram says Sita is Raghukul’s Maryada, question raised on her is question on Raghukul, if I stop her for my personal happiness, it will be bad for Raghukul’s prestige, I have to stop this. Laxman says forgive me, I accept to die, than doing this disastrous step. Ram says its right, then Bharat will do this work. Bharat cries and says no, I don’t have courage, you don’t put me in this Dharm Sankat, what will I answer Sita if she asks me, I can’t lie to her, and I can’t even speak out truth.

Shatrughan folds hands and says the work which Laxman and Bharat can’t do, how can I do this, forgive me too. Ram says Laxman, you have always freed me of problems and sorrow, you will do this work. Laxman says this work…. Ram stops him from saying anything and says this is command of your king Ram. The brothers cry. Ram asks Laxman to remember, no one should know about this, not even Sita. Ram goes. Laxman asks him to stop. Laxman cries and says how will I do this, I had vowed to protect Sita always and protected her during 14 year vanvaas, how will I do this, forgive me. Bharat consoles him.

Ram sees Sita sleeping. Ram vivash much Siya nihaare……….. plays………… He cries and stops himself from holding her. He turns to leave. His arm cloth gets stuck to her dupatta and he stops. He frees the cloth and gets away crying.
Sita wakes up and calls him out. He stops. She says you came to me and going without saying anything, whats the matter, He says nothing, you were sleeping, so I did not feel right to wake you up. She says I was waiting for you, you were saying of some decision before leaving, did you take that decision. Ram cries and nods, saying there can’t be more tougher decision than this. Keeping Dharm, customs, Kul in mind, I have taken the decision. She says I had belief on you, did you come to say this to me. He says you said you had to go to jungle and take Rishi’s blessings. She says yes, when shall we leave. He asks her to prepare, we will leave in some mahurat. She smiles.

siya ke ram 16th september siya ke ram 16th september siya ke ram 16th september
Precap :
Laxman asks Sita where are you taking me, we are going to take Rishi’s blessings and then we will return to Rajbhavan. Laxman cries and forgive me, Ram has sacrificed you to obey his Rajdharm. She gets shocked. Ram sits in his Kaksh and cries.


siya ke ram 16th september siya ke ram 16th september siya ke ram 16th september siya ke ram 16th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

Song Played During Episode :

Ram Vivas Mukh, Siya Nihare.
Shama Kro Priye, Dhosh Hamare..
Prakat Karu Kaise, Vyatha Mai Mann ki.
Antim Rain Hai, Apni Milan Ki..












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