ram crying hugs sita siya ke ram 15th september

Siya Ke Ram – 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 268]

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Siya Ke Ram 15th September Episode starts with

Guru Vashisht to tell him the dilemma in his heart. Ram says I have learnt everything from you during my life’s initial phase, then I learnt everything else from my life’s experience, I have always done things according to customs and rituals, but I m not able to understand how to maintain balance between my duties and personal life. Guru Vashisht says a king takes every decision in the betterment of the Praja, no decision can be of his personal interest, his Rajya Dharm is his Dharm. Ram says but Gurudev, a king is also a father, son and husband, so if he has to take decision in these avatars then…

Guru Vashisht says if he has to decide as son, decision should be ideal for all sons, if king has to decide as father, this decision should be ideal for all fathers, if king has to decide as husband, it should be ideal and same as all the husbands of the Rajya, all his decisions should be in favor of Praja. Ram says if there is no justice for King in this decision, if his decision does injustice for himself and hurts his loved ones, then what shall he do. Guru Vashisht asks what happened Ram….. Ram says when I was going to vanvaas, I have seen helplessness, Dharm Sankat and dilemma in Pita ji’s eyes, but for the Kul, I had to leave him and did not understand his dilemma to keep my promise to Kaikeyi, but today I feel like I m in same dilemma.

Guru Vashisht says Ram, you have seen that Dharm Sankat in your dad’s eyes that day, it was just father’s love for his son, that was his biggest mistake, because a king has to be above all his desires and love, he should be firm on his decisions and obey Dharm and customs, even if his personal interests are ruined, you have kept Raghukul customs intact by not getting in Dasharath’s love, I m sure you will always sacrifice your desires, and obey Kul and Rajya Dharm. Ram greets him and says sure Guru Dev. Guru Vashisht blesses him and goes. Laxman comes and asks Ram why is he worried. Ram leaves without answering.

Mandvi asks Sita to teach them about strong belief on her love. Shruthkirti says we know you have faced all such huge problems by your love and patience. Sita says I just believed Ram, and he did not let my belief get ruined, he has always given me courage and patience. She gets sad. Urmila asks what happened, you look worried to me. Sita smiles and says no, whats need for me to worry in your presence. Urmila asks what happened yesterday, where did Ram go, did he tell you. Sita says he is now Ayodhya’s king, its not necessary that he tells me everything, there is nothing to worry, everything is fine. She smiles.

Laxman says Ram has never hidden anything. Bharat says something has happened. Laxman asks what. Shatrughan says I m seeing his behavior change since he did justice with Dhobi. Matas talk to Ram. Kaikeyi tells about woman’s Maryada and character. Kaushalya says Ram you are right, society decides about women’s purity and betterment. Ram says if any woman is pure, and society does not accept her purity, then what about such woman, is it right to regard her impure.

Kaikeyi says unfortunately, this is true, society decides about a woman’s character, even if woman tries hard to prove herself pure, till society does not accept her as pure, she stays impure. Sumitra says King’s work should decide according to society rules, the decision which can bring imbalance in society is not good, that can ruin Praja’s trust. Kaushalya says king can do anything, but no one sees how tough it is for king to take decision, such king who thinks of Praja more than himself.

The men ask Badra how did he insult Ram, Ram left him alive, that’s why we did not beat you, you should apologize to Ram and Sita. Ram comes there in commoner’s disguise. Badra says stop this drama, I did not do any crime that I apologize, Ram did crime, he should apologize, Sita has stayed as Raavan’s detainee. The man says Sita is pure, you always blame your wife and now blaming Sita, Sita has given Agnipariksha. Badra says I did not see that, and no impure woman gets pure by giving Agnipariksha, tell me if your wife comes at stranger’s house and comes back, will you accept her, answer me, will you accept a stained woman, you all follow Ram right, answer me now. Everyone get speechless.

Badra says this silence is your answer, you all agree with me that Raja Ram should have not got Sita with him to Ayodhya, you don’t have courage to say this, you all are cowards, I m foolish, but not a pretender and coward, I does not accept society’s pretention, I also believe Ram, but if Ram has to protect his Kuk’s prestige, he has to abandon his wife, this will be Rajya Dharm’s right example. Ram gets shocked and leaves.

Ram goes to his Rajya Sabha and recalls Badra’s words. He says no, I can’t leave my wife Sita, this King’s post, throne and crown are becoming hurdle for me and Sita, its right that I abandon this throne and crown. He removes the crown and keeps on the throne. He turns to leave and steps downstairs. He stops and sees the crown flying in air and following him. He gets shocked and moves away.

Ram holds his head and shouts. Sita comes and asks what happened. He holds her and says Sita…. He says this Rajya, throne and crown, all this can become a reason for our distance, no one can separate us in this world. She says yes, no one can become a hurdle between us, but what are you saying. He hugs her and says never make me away from yourself. He cries….. She makes him sit and says I did not see you such worried before, what happened, why are you hesitant to tell me anything, whats that Dharm Sankat which made you so troubled, you think well and take decision, it will always be right and follow Dharm, customs and Maryada, such decisions are right. He cries and asks if any decision of mine does wrong to you then…. She wipes his tears and says Ram’s any decision can’t be wrong for Sita. Pida mann ki kahin na jai…..plays………… He hugs Sita.

siya ke ram 15th september siya ke ram 15th september siya ke ram 15th september

Precap :
Ram tells his brothers that to keep Raghukul’s Maryada and customs, I have to abandon Sita and sacrifice my relation with my wife. Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan get shocked. Ram says Sita has to bear vanvaas again in her life. He asks Laxman to do this work, take Sita to the jungle… Laxman cries.

siya ke ram 15th september siya ke ram 15th september siya ke ram 15th september siya ke ram 15th september

** Jai Shree Ram **

dhobi bhadra insulting raja

kaikeyi costume as window

ram crying hugs sita

ram feeling tensed frustrate

ram in his villagers costume

ram taking advice from vashist

sita with her sisters

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