laxman dominates over meghnad in the fight siya ke ram 8th august

Siya Ke Ram – 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 240]

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Siya Ke Ram 8th August Episode starts with

Raavan saying Vishnu is one of Tridev, Leeladhaari and one who blesses everyone, he has come to fight with me, he is standing outside my door. He tells Vishravas that even you wanted to meet Vishnu, this is the chance, come and meet Vishnu’s avatar Ram, go and see how helpless is Ram, he has no solution to get his wife from me, this is the message for entire world, to learn, understand and accept that there is no one powerful in the world than Lankesh, whoever regarded Vishnu as their Lord, should come to pray to me, as just I can protect them, now this war will be between Vishnu and Lankesh, it will go on till Vishnu dies, does anyone have to say anything. He asks Meghnadh what does he want to say. Everyone look on. Meghnadh asks Raavan to allow him to go in war and to kill Ram and his brother Laxman. Raavan cuts his finger and goes tilak to Meghnadh by his blood. He gives his sword and blesses him to win. Mandodari cries. Raavan gets glad and laughs. Meghnadh goes.

Meghnadh asks Raavan to allow him to go in war and bless him. Raavan blesses him and laughs. Meghnadh goes. Trijata tells Sita that she is lucky to meet ram, but I want to know one night, if Ram is really Lord Vishnu’s avatar, then whats your real avatar. Laxman is worried. Vibhishan comes and asks for Ram. Laxman says Ram is in Dhyan, what happened. Vibhishan says Meghnadh is going to come in battle ground today. Laxman says Meghnadh, the time has come, I was waiting to punish Meghnadh. Vibhishan says but we have to beware of Meghnadh’s cheat, he will come from hidden door, he attacked on vanar sena last time. Laxman says he may come from any door, but its destined that he gets death by my hands today. He goes. Vibhishan calls out Laxman.

Meghnadh comes out of the secret way in his chariot. He sees Laxman. Laxman says what did you think, you will succeed by attacking us by this secret way. Meghnadh says I wanted to kill you and Ram together, but I will give chance to Ram to mourn for you. Laxman says coward, decision will be made today to know who will mourn. Meghnadh leaves. Laxman shouts coward, fight with me in battle ground if you are real warrior. Laxman runs after Meghnadh and reaches infront of his chariot. He aims the arrow at Meghnadh. He shoots at the wheel, and stops the chariot. Meghnadh gets down and the chariot falls over.

Laxman shouts Adharmi Meghnadh, your deceive can’t fail me today. Meghnadh laughs and says you followed me, you got trapped in my plan, its that place where human can come, but just their soul can leave. Laxman and Meghnadh prepare to fight. Everyone worry for Laxman. Ram says Laxman…. Vibhishan comes and says its big disaster, Laxman went alone to fight with Meghnadh, but don’t know where did Meghnadh take him for war. Ram says how could Laxman go without informing me. Sugreev says we will find Laxman and asks soldiers to spread in four directions. They all leave. Ram says Laxman did not go anywhere without my permission, then why today.

Laxman and Meghnadh have a sword fight. Meghnadh gets a wound on his arm. Sita says my heart is doubtful, I feel something bad is going to happen. She prays to Mata Gauri for Ram and Laxman’s protection. Meghnadh throws off his protective shield. The fight continues. Laxman gets a cut on his arm this time. Meghnadh overpowers him and kicks him down in the dirty mud.

Vanar sena tries to find Laxman and call him out. Hanuman flies in the air and looks for Laxman. Meghnadh jumps in the dirty mud. Laxman shouts Meghnadh. Meghnadh beats him down. Laxman fights back and holds his neck. Meghnadh raises hand in the air and it starts thundering. He gets a thunder bolt in his hand. Meghnadh stabs Laxman with the thunder bolt. Laxman falls down. Hanuman flies in air and says don’t know where did Laxman go, Ram is so worried for him. he sees Meghnadh going away with a piece of cloth and flies down. Hanuman sees Laxman unconscious and worries. Sugreev says we could not find Laxman. Vibhishan says Hanuman has to come, we should hope he gets some good news. Hanuman shouts Prabhu and they all turn to see. Hanuman lifts Laxman and walks to them. Ram and everyone get shocked seeing Laxman’s state. Everyone run to Laxman. Ram stumbles in shock. Shakti lagi…………..plays……….. Ram calls out Laxman….. Everyone cry.


Precap :
Raavan gives Laxman’s clothes and tells Sita that you might have identified your Devar’s blooded clothes, my son Meghnadh has killed Laxman. Ram asks Laxman to open eyes, what will I answer Sita. Sita holds the blood stained cloth and cries.

siya ke ram 8th august siya ke ram 8th august siya ke ram 8th august siya ke ram 8th august siya ke ram 8th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

laxman and meghnad fighting pics siyakeram

laxman and meghnad fighting with each other in the mud

laxman being unconscious laying with mud over his body

laxman blocks way of meghnad

laxman dominates over meghnad in the fight

laxman got to know meghnad coming in yudh

laxman preparing himself for war

meghnad cleverly used secret weapon to harm laxman

meghnad comes in yudhbhumi

meghnad fighting with veer laxman pics

ram feeling tensed for laxman skr

ravan sending meghnadth in yuhd

ravan's father looking ravan angrily

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