raavan son tarini pics in siya ke ram 4th august episode

Siya Ke Ram 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 238]

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Siya Ke Ram 4th August Episode starts with

Raavan saying at the time when I killed hundred Rishis, you stopped me and held my hand, I told you to leave my hand, else 101th death will be yours. Vishravas says I have forgiven you as I m your son, I have bear insult by my son, but now my other son Kumbhkaran got killed, my Dharmatma son Vibhishan left the Kul, Meghnadh is my grandson and Mandodari is my Kul Vadhu, they arre my Kul and Vansh. Mandodari cries.

Vishravas says I can’t see this Vansh’s destruction because of your expectations and revenge, you know the woman you kidnapped, who is she, do you know, who is the one with whom you are fighting in war. Raavan says yes, I know, an ordinary Sanyasi, an ordinary human. Vishravas says he is not ordinary Sanyasi, he is Shri Hari Vishnu in human avatar. Ram’s <div style Vishnu avatar is shown. Everyone get shocked. Raavan asks Vishnu avatar, you would think I will get scared hearing Vishnu’s name. Kaikesi says just Vishnu could have killed Kumbhkaran, think Lankesh, you lost many warriors and son, do you still doubt. Raavan says I m scared, Mata you made me realize that Kumbhkaran got killed, I m afraid. He acts and says see my hand is shaking. Vishravas asks him to see things. Raavan reminds about himself, the king of Trilok, he can control Dev, asur and humans, if your yogya shakti has any powers, why don’t we find out that Sanyasi is really Vishnu or you are lying, just my Vishnu Bhakt Tarini can do this work.

Raavan’s son Tarini is shown, writing Narayan numerous times, everywhere on the walls. Raavan says if Ram is really Vishnu’s avatar, then just he can kill my son Tarini. They get shocked. Tarini prays to Narayan. Mandodari says no, you can’t put my dear son in this battle fire. Vishravas calls Raavan blind, his ego is talking, he forgot to differentiate right and wrong. Mandodari says Tarini is very young, he knows nothing about war. Raavan says its son’s duty to help father in war, else what type of son is he. He leaves.

Raavan goes to his son Tarini. He says son Tarini… and holds him. Tarini greets him and asks you here. Raavan asks why are you scared seeing me, I m your father. Tarini says you don’t like that I do Narayan Bhakti. Raavan says yes, I don’t like anyone doing Vishnu Bhakti in Asur kul, so I kept you here. Tarini says I always love and respect you from my heart, Mata comes to meet me sometimes, but you never came, I used to think is this my mistake that I do Narayan Bhakti. He cries. Raavan wipes his tears and says no, its not your mistake, its Lord’s mistake who made Vishnu Bhakt get born in Asur kul and made you bear this sorrow, but today I have come to take you, you won’t stay here. Tarini asks is this true. Raavan says yes, I will free you, you can do Vishnu Bhakti anywhere by your wish, there won’t be any bound. He hugs Tarini and asks him to come along to fulfill his devotion.

Sugreev says I can see this war is towards end, Lankesh got weak after Kumbhkaran’s death, just Meghnadh is left now. Laxman says Meghnadh’s end is definite when he comes in war. Jamvanth says the king with sin and Adharm gets himself and Rajya ruined, Raavan is big sinner, why is Lanka Rajya not getting ruined. Ram says Lanka has Adharm and also Dharm, Raavan is spreading Adharm, but there are good Dharmatmas like Vibhishan too. Vibhishan says I m ordinary Bhakt, there is bigger Narayan Bhakt than me.

Ram asks who is he. Vibhishan says Raavan’s son Tarini, he takes Narayan’s name all day, he can do anything for Narayan’s Bhakti. Raavan gets Tarini to Rajya Sabha. Everyone look on. Tarini asks about war with Ram. Raavan says yes, fight with Ram and kill him. Tarini says forgive me, I left war skills and fights before, that does not exist in Narayan Bhakt’s life, all such things are not important. Raavan says I know you left war, but I give you a chance, if you go and battle Ram, I will give you independence to do Narayan Bhakti freely and make Narayan temple for you in Lanka. Tarini gets glad and says I will fight with Ram, if I have to get freedom for Narayan Bhakti. Raavan asks are you skilled in war skills, do you remember the teachings of your Guru. Tarini says I will clear your doubt and flies in air. He takes sword from Asur. Raavan says great, Mandodari there is no delay, your brave son is going in war to win, pray for his victory and do his aarti. Mandodari cries.

Kaikesi asks Vishravas to punish her for her crime, but just give some solution to save Raavan. He says I thought Raavan is big Gyani and Vidvaan, he is Maha pandit, but I see he has big ego, his sins reached the limit, so he is not accepting Vishnu’s human avatar, the one who challenges Vishnu’s human avatar, his end is definite, think he has lost everyone and even then sending his young son to die in the war, what can I do of such man, I m helpless and can’t do anything. She requests him. he says its too late now.

Vishravas says we don’t have any option than seeing the destruction of Asur kul. Kaikesi says but I have a way, you can make Raavan’s shadow by your yogya shakti and my Asur powers, you can make a new Raavan, whom world will know as a Sahastya Raavan, he will protect our son. He says one more Adharm to give life to a Adharmi, I m not a sinner, I m Rishi, I won’t do anything which would hurt the humanity, good values and qualities are given by parents, but ego and pride is got by himself, forgive me, I can’t help Raavan. He leaves. She says but I can’t see my son dying, I can’t see his destruction infront of my eyes, Sahastya/thousand Raavan has to come on this earth and protect my son.

siya ke ram 4th august

Precap :
Tarini asks Ram where is he hiding and challenges him for war. Ram says but son, you are very young. Tarini says I can do anything to get Vishnu. Ram says who told you that doing violence you will get Vishnu. Tarini says my father has shown me this way to get Vishnu. Ram says but your death is definite in this war. Tarini says he can even die to get Vishnu. Ram aims arrow at him. Everyone look on.

siya ke ram 4th august siya ke ram 4th august siya ke ram 4th august siya ke ram 4th august siya ke ram 4th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

ram is the incarnation of lord vishnu skr

raavan son tarini pics in siya ke ram 4th august episode

mandodari beg raavan to not to send tarini in the yudh

raavan and his father talking

raavan hugs tarini skr

vibhishan tolds ram about tarini vishnu bhakt

tarini shows his yudh kala to raavan

ravan with his great personality

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