ram completes his father sarad siya ke ram 3rd august

Siya Ke Ram 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 237]

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Siya Ke Ram 3rd August Episode starts with

Raavan walking to Ram and everyone. Hanuman smiles and welcomes Raavan. Raavan goes to Ram. Ram greets him as Brahman ji and welcomes him. Vibhishan says Brahtashri and greets Raavan. Raavan looks at him. Ram folds hands and says you accepted your request, I will always be thankful to you, this is big prestige for me and Raghu kul that my father’s Shraddh will get completed by such a big Gyaani like you. Raavan says its time for puja, shall we sit. Ram says sure.

Raavan does the rituals and asks Ram to take Sankalp/pledge of doing Pita Shraddh. He says the lines and Ram repeats those lines. Ram fulfills all rituals. Raavan guides him. Ram kneads the flour and makes some flour laddoo/balls of it. He looks at Raavan. Ram gets upset and tearful eyed. Raavan looks on. Ram prays. Raavan asks family name and makes Ram do the remaining rituals. Ram and Laxman pray. Everyone look on. Sita looks at the sky. Raavan says puja got completed, leave this pind/food in water. Ram goes and drops the pind in the river. Ram prays. Raavan looks on. Sita smiles seeing crows coming in ashok vatika. The crows eat the kheer. Sita and Trijata get glad

Raavan says Dharmin Anushtaan is regarded complete when Purohit gets Dakshina by Yajmaan. Ram says you are right, tell me what do you want. Raavan says you would be knowing, Yajmaan has to give Dakshina what Purohit asks, you are from Raghunandan kul, will you move back off your words. Ram says I will fulfill the customs, I promise you will not go empty handed from here, tell me what is your wish…. Raavan smiles and thinks you don’t know Ram, you lost this battle by giving this promise today. He says I want Sita as my Dakshina. Ram, Laxman, Hanuman and everyone get shocked. Raavan asks Ram what is he thinking after giving promise, you have tradition to fulfill promise, you said you will give me what I ask for, everyone is witness of this. Laxman shouts Lankesh….. Ram signs Laxman to calm down.

Ram says you said true Brahman Dev, I promised you, but only that can be given in Dakshina which Yajmaan has with him during puja, but Sita is not with me, you are Gyaani and would know that, you can just ask for fruits, flowers, things, water as Dakshina, a human can’t be given as Dakshina. Ram stays calm and gets a water pot. He says I have just pure water pot to give you and nothing else, I request you to accept this and complete the puja. Raavan takes the pot. Ram folds hands and greets him. Raavan leaves.

Maharishi Vishravas comes and meets Kaikesi. He says I tried to explain you many times, but you have taught Lankesh which was bad for his life and destructive for Asur kul and world, it was for your huge expectations, you showed Raavan the dream to become Trilokpati, your son has become such egoistic, that he has no respect and love in heart for anyone, he does not respect Devtas, Guru, parents or relatives, its because of you, even after becoming Trilokpati, he is standing beside. Kaikesi accepts her mistake for not listening to anyone and leading to such disaster. She apologizes to him and says we have to think for Raavan’s betterment, he is not just my son, but your son too, I know just you can protect him, I request you, save our son, by your Yogya vidya, you can know the future of this war.

Raavan goes to Sita and says you are proud of that Ram, he is your belief, he called me to do his father’s Shraddh, see my greatness, I went there to do Brahman’s duty, but Ram has nothing to give me as Dakshina, he gave me this water pot, what else can he give me. He throws the water pot and breaks it. Sita touches the water and cries. She applies that water over her head to pay honor. She says its your bad luck that you could not understand this water’s importance, you are blind in ego, if you accepted this water, your sins would have got washed and Asur kul would have got blessed. He says I don’t want Ram’s Dakshina and favor, this is my Lanka, if you feel this water is special, Ram would need this more, its Ram’s bad luck that none can save him from me, not even you.

Raavan goes to his Rajya Sabha. He sees his father and reminds him that he has sent him as he was uninvited last time. He asks her to take Kaikesi along as a gift from Raavan’s side. He says keep her in van along with you. Vishravas shouts Lankesh…. You are maha Gyaani and Vidvaan, but you did not learn the language to talk to your father, Kaikesi is my wife before being your mother, and I worry for her more than you, its my duty to take care of her, I will take her, but what will you do of Lanka who is close to destruction, this golden Lanka will turn to graveyard soon, there will be many burning pyres here, Lanka will burn.
Raavan says I killed hundred Rishis who were doing tapasya, I was young that time and you held my hand, but now 101’s murder will be yours.


Precap :
Vishravas asks Raavan does he know with whom he is he fighting. Raavan says sanyasi Ram. Vishravas says he is Lord Vishnu’s avatar in human form. They all get shocked. Raavan says if Ram is really Vishnu’s avatar, then just he can kill my son…. A little boy writing names on wall is shown.

siya ke ram 3rd august siya ke ram 3rd august siya ke ram 3rd august siya ke ram 3rd august siya ke ram 3rd august

** Jai Shree Ram **

ravan's father tell him to see your future

ravan shows jal kalash to sita offered by ram

ravan pointing his finger towards sita

ram welcomes ravan as brahman dev

ram gives jal kalash to ravan

ram completes his father sarad skr

pic of pawan putra hanumana skr

laxman looking to ravan when he ask for sita as dakchina

father of ravan comes in lanka

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