ram shooting arrow at ravaan nabi pics siya ke ram 26th august

Siya Ke Ram – 26th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 254]

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Siya Ke Ram 26th August Episode starts with

Ram saying one fights with cowardliness who are not sure of their power. Raavan says Ram, I have done tapasya to get these Mayavi powers, this is not cowardly thing, if you had these Mayavi powers, you would have also used this, you know the truth, Brahmadev, Vishnu, Mahadev and even Kaal can’t kill me, as Lankesh is Ajay/invincible and Amar/immortal. He laughs and asks Ram not to lose so soon, fight with me.

Trijata tells Sita that Ram is fighting with Raavan, that avatar of Ram is of a ideal husband and ideal love. Ram takes bow from Raavan and shoots at Raavan. Raavan disappears and asks Ram not to lose soon.

Hanuman meets Vibhishan and tells him that Ram and Raavan are fighting since long, but Raavan is getting saved by his Mayavi powers. Vibhishan gets thinking. Raavan asks Ram where will you find me, I m everywhere. Ram shoots arrow and Raavan disappears. Hanuman asks Vibhishan is there no way to kill Raavan. Vibhishan recalls placing Amrit kalash in Raavan’s navel. Vibhishan tells Ram that there is Amrit in Lankesh’s navel, by Amrit’s power, he is not dying, Lankesh will die when you break the Amrit kalash by your arrows. Raavan gets angry seeing

Vibhishan with Ram. Ram turns and runs away. Raavan laughs seeing him. Ram jumps in air and shoots at Raavan’s navel. Raavan gets shocked and holds his stomach. Blood oozes out of his stomach. Everyone look on. Raavan falls down on the ground and goes through much pain. Vibhishan looks on.

Raavan says I can’t die, I m immortal. He removes the arrow from his stomach/navel, and throws it. Everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Raavan says Ram, you can’t kill me. He tries to get up and falls down. Vibhishan shatters seeing Raavan’s state. Ram looks on.

Mahadev and Parvati see Raavan in his final moment. Vibhishan cries and sits near Raavan. Ram and Laxman walk to Vibhishan. Ram holds Vibhishan. Ram says Laxman, a great warrior and Gyaani is leaving from this world, go and get some Gyaan in his last time. Laxman says the enemy, who has always followed Adharm all his life, what Gyaan can be expected from him. Ram says if person is enemy, it does not mean he has no knowledge, we have punished him for his Adharm and sins. He praises Raavan and says you will acquire knowledge from him, go Laxman. Laxman goes to Raavan and greets him. Raavan cries. Laxman asks Raavan the significance of his life. He turns to go, and Raavan stops him calling him Sumitra kumar.

Laxman stops and sits near him. Raavan says in war ground, being on death bed, this warrior does not have knowledge, sense and might, but just repentance tears, even then you want to know my life’s meaning, so listen, every man takes birth by some reason, my life’s aim which I got to know is…. its to tell the world that how ego becomes reason for all sins and Adharm deed, ego is person’s biggest enemy, person should not be proud of his knowledge, love, power, devotion, money, glory, sacrifice…. the person who wins over his ego, his heart does not have wish to win over the world, he does not have anything to lose.

Raavan says its not that I did not know this before, but this is my life’s Viranbana, that I knew everything, even then I have sunk in ego of power, knowledge, and glory, today this ego is ending my life and also became a reason for my kul destruction, I m dying with this burden and regret, but I will never get Mukt/free. Mahadev says its true, Raavan’s life will get Mukt and successful when he knows his truth. He puts some light on Raavan.
Raavan gets visual of Vishnu giving two choices of 7 births as friend and 3 births as enemy, and Raavan/Jai choosing to have 3 births as enemy. He turns and looks at Ram.

Raavan gets up a bit and sees Vishnu in Ram. He says in heart…. Prabhu, I m such a fool, I knew I m fighting with Shri Hari Vishnu and did not realize it in my ego, you have done all this Leela for my Mukti, you are so great. He folds hands and says in heart, you are great, there is no one with more sympathy and compassion than you, my life is blessed seeing you, one birth got less in returning to your Lok. He smiles. Ram and everyone fold hands and greet Raavan. Raavan takes a last breath and drops his head.

siya ke ram 26th august

Precap :
Ram shoots arrow at Raavan and Sahastra Raavan is born. Sita says a woman will kill you and takes Kaali’s avatar to battle with him.

siya ke ram 26th august siya ke ram 26th august siya ke ram 26th august siya ke ram 26th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

Song Played During The Episode After The Death Of Ravaan :

Raja Ho Ya Rang Piyare, Aant Hai Jana Mukti Ke Dware.
Vishwadevta Gyani Ravaan, Aaj Dhara Par Hai Marnasana..


finally ram killed raavan and ravan is death now

pics of ram killed ravaan by shooting at ravaan nabi

ram face pics with open hair in yudhbhumi siyakeram

ram shooting arrow at ravaan nabi pics siya ke ram 26th august

ravaan got shoot by an arrow at his nabi

ravaan sees ram and finds god vishnu in him skr

ravaan talks with laxman at his last moments of life

ravan crying due to of his cruelity after getting hurt by ram in yudhbhumi

trijata tells sita about fight between ram and ravaan

vibhishan with red eyes tell secret of ravaan to ram skr

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