ram and ravan having yudh in the sky siya ke ram 24th august

Siya Ke Ram – 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 252]

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Siya Ke Ram 24th August Episode starts with

Vibhishan apologizing to Ram. he says I can’t see today’s war by my eyes, I can’t see my Asurkul’s destruction more. Ram says I understand your state, you stay in tent here. They all leave. Shank is blown. Raavan laughs and comes in his air chariot. Raavan says Shri Hari and his vanar sena, Ram you will be responsible for their death. He shoots magic arrow, that kills many vanar in one go. He laughs and asks Ram to save them. Raavan shoots down many vanars. Ram looks on.

Hanuman says Raavan will fight by cheat and power in today’s war, you have to be careful. Sugreev angrily goes and says Raavan, you fight from sky, land or underground, I will not leave you alive. He throws his gada to hit Raavan’s chariot. Raavan gets a jerk and shoots arrow at Sugreev. Sugreev falls down by the blast. Ram says Sugreev and worries. He asks Hanuman to arrange treatment for wounded warriors. Ram thinks I know what Raavan is doing, but Raavan can’t change his destiny.

He calls out Raavan and says its not bravery to kill vanar from far, come infront of me and fight. Raavan says everyone has plan and weapons to fight, if you don’t have any medium and plan, then accept your failure infront of me, else you and your vanar sena are standing infront of Kaal today. Raavan shoots at Ram. Ramm shoots an arrow and both arrows collide and blast. Their fight continues. Ram stops Raavan’s attacks. Raavan shoots some black smoke. Ram prays and blows that black evil power. Ram Ram….plays………….

Raavan gets angry and shoots some huge ball. Its smoke creates a dense layer infront of everyone. Hanuman says Raavan is at much height, I will take you to height, you will find it easy to fight. Raavan shoots arrows, and Hanuman hits the arrow with gada. Laxman shouts Hanuman. Ram says no Hanuman, this can risk your life, I have to make Dharm win today, no one can come between me and Raavan, go and protect the sena. Hanuman agrees. Ram prays and gets an arrow. He shoots at Raavan. The arrow blows up the chariot’s wheel. The fire gets blown off. Raavan laughs and says Ram, you want to break this chariot, its Yaksha’s chariot, no human can break it in this world, no warrior can fail the person riding this chariot. Ram says one more deceive.

Trijata tells Sita that Lankesh has attacked vanar sena by sitting in his Divya chariot, no one is able to stop his attacks. Sita asks her not to worry, Mata Gauri will surely help Ram. Raavan’s chariot goes far. Ram runs after him. Raavan shoots at him and laughs. Ram also shoots at him. Ram Ram…..plays………….. Ram gets saved by his arrows. Ram runs to the mountain. Raavan shoots at the mountain, and it blasts. Ram jumps down. Laxman says Bhaiya….. Hanuman too worries. Raavan laughs and sees Ram.

Mahadev and Parvati look on. Parvati says the war happening in Lanka’s land, everyone is witness of this, the way Raavan is killing vanar sena by riding Divya chariot and showing his power, it seems its not possible for Ram to fail him. Indradev comes there and greets Mahadev. He says Mata Parvati is saying true, you can help Ram in such time. Mahadev says no Devraj, Ram does not need my help in this Dharm yudh, he needs you, you can become his helper. Indradev asks how. Mahadev looks at him. Indradev smiles and leaves.

Ram shoots at the chariot. The chariot disappears. Ram looks around. Indradev comes there. Ram greets him and says Indradev you here in battle ground. Indradev gives him a chariot, and says your father Dasharath helped all Devtas in their service, and its Devtas’ duty to help you, you can use this Diyva chariot, then Raavan’s cheat will not work, you can see Raavan, accept this small gift from all the Devtas. Ram thanks him. Indradev goes. Ram gets in the chariot. He sees Raavan’s chariot. Raavan gets angry and shouts Indra, you helped my enemy in the war, I will punish you. Ram says this is the difference, entire world helps one who walks on Dharm path, and the one who follows Adharm, gets alone, like you. Raavan looks at Ram.

Raavan says vanvasi, Indra’s chariot is not suiting you, you spoke of Dharm and customs, why did you take help from Indra, did you get scared of Lankesh. Ram says this is not help, war is of equality, I told you to come infront of me, you did not agree, so I came infront of you now, attack. Raavan and Ram fight by shooting arrows. Ram says not by cheat, fight like a warrior, come on attack. Ram shoots and Raavan’s bow falls down. Ram shoots again and Raavan’s shield falls down. Raavan holds himself. Ram shoots again and Raavan gets beheaded. Raavan’s head falls down. Laxman, Hanuman and everyone get glad seeing this. Ram Ram…..plays………..

Hanuman and everyone chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram gets down the chariot. Laxman hugs him. Ram feels incomplete victory. Raavan opens eyes and smiles. Raavan starts laughing. Ram and everyone get shocked seeing him.

siya ke ram 24th august

Precap :
Raavan says you can take many births and die, but you can’t kill Raavan. Ram pierces sword in his navel and strikes him many times. raavan still gets alive and laughs. Hanuman thinks Raavan is not dying, there is surely some secret, I have to find Vibhishan and know about it.

siya ke ram 24th august siya ke ram 24th august siya ke ram 24th august siya ke ram 24th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

ravan is all alone in front of ram and vanar sena

ravan enters yudhbhum in flying and mayavi rath

ram sees ravan in rath in sky

ram reading mantra before shooting arrow

ram cuts raavan head and separate it from his body

indra dev help ram during yudh by giving divya rath

pics of ravan during yudh with ram

ram and ravan having yudh in the sky

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