ram about to give his eyes to mata parvati as the last lotus siya ke ram 23rd august

Siya Ke Ram – 23rd August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 251]

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Siya Ke Ram 23rd August Episode starts with

Raavan talking to Vibhishan. He says you went to my enemy Ram, even then you broke all your Maryada, you become Kul’s enemy, you are reason of Meghnadh, Kumbhkaran, Ahiravan, Dhundraj, Vajramushti’s death, your survival is not good for me. hanuman thinks to take Vibhishan back safely before Ram’s anushtaan gets completed.
Vibhishan says I did not wish bad for Lanka and Asur clan, I never thought to do bad to you, I always wanted you to leave Adharm and sins, and come on Dharm path, I wanted good for Asur clan, no one took my words seriously, even Meghnadh, Kumbhkaran and Kaikesi did not understand, I request you to return Sita to Ram and apologize, Ram will forgive you. Raavan shouts Vibhishan. Hanuman hears that and looks down to some dark place. Raavan says no Vishnudhaari can be greater than Lankesh, this is proved in the war, now Lankesh will the world’s Swami, not Vishnu. He gets his sword and is about to kill Vibhishan. Hanuman enters there and picks the tree to which Vibhishan was tied. He flies away with Vibhishan and the tree. Raavan gets angry.

Hanuman gets back Vibhishan to their tent place. Sugreev asks Vibhishan is he fine. Vibhishan says yes, when Hanuman is there, wrong can’t happen with any Ram’s devotee, does Ram know this. Sugreev says no, we did not tell Ram, else he would have left shakti puja and gone to find you. He asks soldiers to protect Vibhishan, there should be no mistake.

Ram does the Aradhna and keeps the lotus infront of the Devi idol. Ram Ram….plays………… Sita prays to Maa Shakti Swaroopa infront of Akhand jyot and says Ram is praying to you, he needs your blessing, accept his puja and bless him to protect Dharm and customs. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Mahadev asks Parvati why does she look worried. Parvati says Ram is praying to Devi Shakti Swaroopa as a human, whoever does this Aradhna, has to prove his devotion, but the one who has pure heart and doing Shakti puja with a pure intention to protect the world, the one who is Narayan, how can I test him. Mahadev says Bhavani, fate is definite, fate does not differentiate, just do your duty, Ram will do his Dharm and duty.

Ram keeps lotus and prays. Parvati says Ram, I m helpless because of the fate, so I have to test your devotion as a devotion. She puts some light and disappears a lotus. Ram keeps another lotus and then extends one for the last one. He wonders where did the last lotus go, if I don’t keep it, the Aradhna will be incomplete, if I go to get flower, the Aradhna will be ruined, what shall I do Devi. He recalls Kaushalya’s words that his eyes are like lotus. He says Mata called me Rajeevnain, it means my two eyes are like lotus. He takes an arrow and points to his eye. Mahadev and Parvati look on. Ram pierces the arrow under his eyes. It starts bleeding. Devi Parvati appears behind the idol and stops Ram. Ram greets her.

Parvati says you were going to give me your eye for the lotus, I have accepted that lotus already. She shows the last lotus in her hand, your Shakti puja completed, I m pleased with your Aradhna, tell me what do you want. Ram says vanar sena and I are fighting the war for Dharm, just bless me that Dharm wins and Adharm loses in the war. She asks him to fight without worry, your Dharm and you will definitely win, you will win in the battle ground tomorrow. Ram greets her.

Vishravas and Kaikesi do the yagya. A smoke appears and forms the Sahastra Raavan. Kaikesi smiles and thinks now no one can fail my son Lankesh, now Ram’s death is definite. she laughs and says my wait is over, my son’s protector, Asurkul’s shield, Sahastra Raavan is created. Mandodari comes there. Kaikesi asks why do you look scared.

Mandodari says my heart is filling with fear and sorrow thinking of war, Lankesh’s warrior got killed, he is going in war ground alone tomorrow. Kaikesi asks who told you Lankesh is going alone, Sahastra Raavan will go along him.
Mandodari gets shocked seeing Sahastra Raavan. Kaikesi says he will be like shadow with him, he will fight with Raavan in the war. Vishravas says no, Sahastra Raavan can’t go in war ground. Kaikesi asks why. Vishravas says till he does not get a life in him, how can he go. Kaikesi asks why is that delayed then. He says that’s not in my hands, I can’t just do Anushtaan to get life in him, after that Sahastra Raavan will get life on right time. Kaikesi asks him to start Anushtaan then, we have to bring him to life before sunrise. Sita thinks everyone of Raavan’s warriors died, Raavan was proud of them, now its Raavan left.

Raavan looks at his throne. He sees the Rajya Sabha chairs vacant. Kaun bacha ab mere aage………….plays………. Ram talks to Laxman. Sita is restless and holds patience. She prays. Laxman says you look worried. Ram says no, I m not worried, I m thinking for the result of the war starting with sunrise, the war will end Sita’s sorrow and bring light of Dharm. Sita says every ray on sunrise will end Raavan’s Adharm, sins and darkness will end. Raavan laughs. She says it will initiate Dharm and customs, and truth light will be spread in entire Lanka. Raavan says tomorrow’ sunrise will be witness of Ram and vanar sena’s destruction, and Lankesh’s victory. He laughs.

siya ke ram 23rd august siya ke ram 23rd august siya ke ram 23rd august

Precap :
Trijata tells Sita that Raavan has cheated and attacked vanar sena by sitting in his Divya chariot, no one is able to stop his attack. Sita says Mata Gauri will surely help Ram. Ram runs to the top of the mountain. Raavan in his chariot, laughs and shoots arrow to blast that mountain.

siya ke ram 23rd august siya ke ram 23rd august siya ke ram 23rd august siya ke ram 23rd august 

** Jai Shree Ram **

Lyrics Of Song Played During The Episode :

Soch Vichar Me Ravaan Jage, Kon Bacha Ab Mere Aage,
Kal Jeete Jo Yudh Me Lanka, Kaun Bajaye Vijaye Ki Danka.
Ram Bhi Laxman Ke Sang Jage, Kahe Yudh Ho Na Ab Aage,,
Mite Dashanand Pap Tumhara, Kal Ho Jaye Nirnay Sara.

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duplicates clones of ravan is prepared before yudh war

mata gauri becomes happy and ask ram for vardan

mata gauri greets ram during yudh

mata parvati is looking tensed

ram about to give his eyes to mata parvati as the last lotus

ram doing shakti puja for mata gauri

ram giving his eyes to mata parvati as the last lotus

ram kamal ke ful mata parvati gauri ko arpir krte huye

ram raavan and sita in one pic together skr

ravan to kill vibhishan for doing raj dhroh

sita beautiful pics in ashok vatika siya ke ram

vibhishan is saved from ravan by hanuman

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