laxman as shehs nag shows his roop to a upajh siya ke ram 19th august

Siya Ke Ram – 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 249]

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Siya Ke Ram 19th August Episode starts with

Raavan saying attack. His army runs towards vanar sena. The war begins. Sugreev tells Asur that its last day of all sinners, you all will die along Raavan. Asur says Sugreev, we will catch all vanars and take to Lanka, we will keep you alive, you will ask why did this day not become your life’s last day. He laughs. Sugreev fights with him. Raavan smiles seeing the battle.

Few Asur soldiers fall down. Asur devil Upajh throws the snakes on vanar sena. Laxman comes infront of him. Sugreev fights with the Asur and shouts. Ram and Raavan look on. Jamvanth throws the Asur soldiers far. Upajh throws snakes at Laxman. Laxman shoots the arrow and kills all of the snakes. Upajh sends more snakes and Laxman shoots again.

Upajh throws black smoke and Laxman shoots arrow at him. Hanuman sees Asur holding Sugreev and hits him. Raavan looks on worried. Hanuman gives his gada to Sugreev and beats Asur with his hands. Om hanumanta…………plays…………. Hanuman lifts Asur and breaks his bones. Raavan gets angry seeing this. Laxman chants mantras and Upajh sees Naags around Laxman. He gets shocked seeing Laxman’s Seshnaag’s avatar and stands defenseless. Laxman shoots the arrow at Upajh’s neck. Raavan gets angry. Raavan and Ram shoot arrows and it bursts in the air by collision. Raavan shoots again. The arrow passes by Ram. Ram turns. Raavan laughs.

Sita waits in ashok vatika. Ram shoots arrow at Raavan’s chariot, and the roof umbrella falls down. Raavan looks on angrily. Ram shoots at him and Raavan’s bow falls. Raavan takes weapons and Ram’s arrows make all his weapons fall down. Raavan faces many arrows and one hits his chest. He gets protected by the Kawach, and removes the arrow. He breaks the arrow and throws away. Ram thinks why are my attacks not affecting Raavan.

Raavan takes a thunder bolt from the sky and gets a heavy bow. He says Ram, you had to die by Raavan’s hand, your life’s motive on earth for fulfilled. He laughs and chants. Ram and Raavan aim arrows at each other again. Sun sets and its gets dark. Ram lowers the bow. Raavan says Ram, if I want, I can make you reach death door in a moment, but I won’t do this today, because I want you to live with my fear and terror, because even Lord can’t save you from my hands tomorrow. He keeps his bow. Ram and his army get together.

Raavan comes back to the palace. Mandodari, Mayasur and Sulochana look on. Asurs chant Lankapati Raavan ki jai. Raavan signs them to stop. He asks Mandodari does she has doubt in her heart again, that Vishnu avatar and Leeladhaari, he was looking unsuccessful to protect his life from me, if I wanted, I could not killed him and won this war, but I did not do this, I wish that Ram sees my total power before dying, so that he does not do such mistake again. He sees Sulochana in widow clothes. He says Sulochana, I did big mistake by not going in war before, if I went in war ground before, my brother Kumbhkaran and my dear son Meghnadh would have been infront of me, but I will take revenge for Meghnadh’s death, I will take revenge of everyone’s deaths. Mandodari says I will do arrangements for your cure. She asks Sulochana to come and they leave.

Raavan tells Mayasur that your daughter should understand this day is very imp for me, I showed fear of death to Vishnu, Mandodari should understand my might and power, that I m best husband for her, I m Trilokpati Lankesh. He leaves. Sita writes a letter. Trijata says this war is going on since long, but today it was difficult for Ram’s vanar sena, many got killed today, such big incident happened and you are not listening to me. Sita says I heard each word said by you, but I need your help now. She gives letter to Trijata and says you have to make this bhojpatra reach Ram anyhow today. Trijata takes it and leaves.

Vaid raj cures the injured vanars. Ram and everyone look on. Jamvanth says you look worried by today’s war, but many Lankesh’s many warriors got killed, whats there to worry, now its sure to win. Ram says no, till Raavan is alive in war, the result can be anything, this war is still dangerous and difficult for us. Vibhishan says Ram is saying right, Lankesh has many magical powers than whats seen, Lankesh is safe by his Aradhna and powers, it won’t be easy to fail him. Trijata comes there and greets Ram.

She gives the letter and says Sita has asked me to give this to you, allow me to leave you. She leaves. Ram sees Sita’s letter and gets emotional. Ram says my heart was restless today, I was worried about war’s result, but like always, Sita made me recall Shakti mantra and took away all my worries. Ram tells Hanuman that he will also do Shakti Aradhna, he needs 108 lotus for this. Hanuman says sure and flies to get lotus. Ram thinks Sita, you are my true power, vanar sena came with me to end Raavan’s Adharm, Lanka will have Dharm and world will get better because of you.

siya ke ram 19th august siya ke ram 19th august

Precap :
Raavan says Amrit in my navel, it means I m immortal, I have become immortal forever, Mandodari does anyone knows this secret. She says yes, Vibhishan. He says before he tells this secret to Ram, he has to die. Asurs kidnap Vibhishan and fly away. Sugreev sees them and shouts Vibhishan.

siya ke ram 19th august siya ke ram 19th august siya ke ram 19th august siya ke ram 19th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

laxman as shehs nag shows his roop to a demon

laxman read mantra in arrow skr

ram and his sena pics gathered for yudh

ram receives sita's letter from trijata

ravan aiming arrow at ram in yudh

ravan use some magical power in yudh

sugreev pic while fighting with demon in yudh skr

upajh demons pics in siya ke ram

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