sulochna ask laxman for meghnadth's head for last rite siya ke ram 15th august

Siya Ke Ram – 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 245]

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Siya Ke Ram 15th August Episode starts with

Laxman coming to Ram and everyone. Laxman says I have cut that Adharmi Meghnadh’s head, he cheated and attacked on you, I ended him. Ram holds Laxman and asks him to calm his anger. Laxman says no, my anger will calm down when I cut off Raavan’s head from his body. Sulochana looks at the sky and thundering striking. She rushes to Mandodari and cries. She says a disaster happened. Mandodari says don’t worry, nothing happened, tell me where is Meghnadh. Sulochana hugs her and cries.

Sita tells Trijata that Adharm can be powerful, but Dharm fails it one day, today this Lanka is one such example of Adharm and sins, this Lanka had many brave and mighty warriors, who died because of their Adharm, I m glad, but I m sorrowful for Sulochana, she did no mistake, she has always stood against Adharm, don’t know how will she bear this big sorrow.

Sulochana cries seeing Meghnadh’s dead body and says I told you not to go, you said you will come back as I m your life, why did you do this injustice with me. Raavan comes and looks on. Sulochana asks Meghnadh to come back. Raavan bends to see Meghnadh. She shouts and asks him not to touch Meghnadh, be away from my husband. He says you got mad, those Sanyasis have cut his head, but… She says but you won’t see him, you are not related to him. He asks how is that possible, he is my son. She says if Meghnadh was your son, he would have not faced this, he was just a warrior for you, who could kill anyone for you, he did not mean anything to you, Akshay and Tarini were not your sons, they were just war weapons. Raavan asks Mandodari to stop Sulochana, she got mad. Sulochana shouts Lankesh, no one is your wife, bahu and mother here, all your relations died and remaining are also burning in their funeral fire. Raavan asks his men to prepare to go for the war, till I kill those Sanyasis, Meghnadh’s final rites won’t be done.

Sulochana says you won’t go anywhere, I will go there in war ground. Mandodari stops her and asks where are you going. Sulochana says I m going to get Meghnadh’s head, else his final rites can’t happen. They cry. Sita says Laxman has cut Meghnadh’s head in his anger fire, till that fire blows off, he won’t give Meghnadh’s head to anyone, he won’t listen to anyone. Trijata asks will Meghnadh’s final rites not happen. Sulochana says it will happen, when Laxman’s anger calms down, there is just one way to calm his anger.

Sulochana cries and goes to Laxman. She says Dasharath Nandan…. Laxman looks at her and asks who are you Devi. She says I m Meghnadh’s wife Sulochana, Sumitra Kumar, I don’t have to say anything about war, war is always a reason of destruction, you followed Dharm by killing my husband, but being Meghnadh’s wife, its my Dharm to do his last rites, that’s why I have come here, please return his head to me.

Laxman says I can understand your state, but I can’t give Meghnadh’s head. She cries. Everyone look on. Laxman says Meghnadh cheated and attacked on Ram, he was also a Adharmi like Raavan, his final rites won’t happen, I know if his final rites do not happen, his soul won’t get Mukti, to be true, I want this. He says Meghnadh insulted Sita, he will be punished. She says you know Dharm and Adharm, and everything, whatever Meghnadh did was totally wrong, but now he is not in this world, Dharm, customs and Ved say that human dies with his good and bad deeds, soul is immortal, his regarded selfless and pure, his last rites are necessary. Laxman says Meghnadh died, but his father Lankesh is alive, he should be punished, Raavan should know Meghnadh’s final rites did not happen, Raavan gave separation pain to Ram and Sita, I want to Lankesh burning in separation pain by losing Meghnadh. She cries and leaves.

Raavan recalls his words and says I should have not said that to Meghnadh, he was my dearest son, this was the basis of my life, I won three loks by his power, and I insulted him, I did a big sin, Meghnadh…. Like vanvasi Laxman has beheaded you, same way I will cut off Ram and Laxman’s heads, I have sworn this, this will be true tribute to you from your father.

Trijata comes to meet Laxman. Laxman greets her. She says Sita has sent me to you. She gives a letter. Laxman reads the letter. Sita writes to him, that she can understand his heart and situation now, but there is no friend or enemy after a human dies, all good and bad deeds go with him, that’s why you should not have anger towards Meghnadh, he got punished for his bad deeds, a husband is everything for a woman, you have to understand this, I know you are angry on Raavan and its right to punish Raavan, but its not Dharm to punish Sulochana, its not her sin, she has always helped me, she tried to free me from Lanka and risked her life, she is selfless and pure, its wife’s Dharm and duty to do her husband’s final rites, how did you forget, Ram did Tadaka’s final rites, and that too he made her son do it, I request you to return Meghnadh’s head to his wife Sulochana.

Sulochana cries and is on the way. Laxman comes there with Meghnadh’s head. He apologizes to her for insulting her emotions. He says I got angry and forgot your sorrow, Meghnadh was a mighty warrior, it was impossible for me to fail him, its luck that you are wife of such a brave warrior, take this, and do this final rites with all the rituals. She takes the head and leaves crying.

Kaikesi asks Vishravas till when will he wait, we have to save Lankesh to protect Asur clan, we have to make Sahastya Raavan. He says you try to understand, Raavan is following Adharm, saving him will be like saving Adharm, I m a Rishi and this does not suit me. She says its not about Dharm and Adharm, its about Asur kul, you will see its destruction, whats imp for you, thinking about Dharm or protecting Asur kul, Raavan is alive, you can get him to Dharm path, if anything happens to him, you will not have any way than regretting. He says its right, I will create Sahastya Raavan, just to protect Lankesh and Asur clan, not to do anything wrong. She thinks just create Sahastya Raavan, then I will decide what to do.

siya ke ram 15th august siya ke ram 15th august siya ke ram 15th august

Precap :
Mandodari asks Sulochana why did she get ready as bride, when Meghnadh’s final rites are happening. Sulochana says I decided to end up my life along him. Raavan gets shocked. Mandodari cries. Ram and Laxman see the black smoke attack. Ram says beware, its Mayavi attack. Laxman and Ram faint by the smoke. A devil laughs.

siya ke ram 15th august siya ke ram 15th august siya ke ram 15th august siya ke ram 15th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

kaikesi ask her husband to create 1000 ravan

laxman deny sulochna to give meghnad head

laxman giving meghnad head to sulochna

laxman reading letter by sita after meghnad vad

ravan apologizing for meghnad's death

ravan sees dead body of meghnad

sita talking about meghnad and laxman with trijata

sulochna ask laxman for meghnadth's head for last rite

sulochna near meghnadth dead body siyakeram

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