ram taking bath with human's blood siya ke ram 11th august

Siya Ke Ram – 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 243]

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Siya Ke Ram 11th August Episode starts with

Snake demon laughing and saying I m Kaalnemi, you won’t get saved now, you won’t get Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman smiles and hits the snake. The snake dies. Hanuman says Ram’s enemy will face this consequences, I m sure he has told me wrong direction, it means north is that way. He flies.

Ram says if I knew this would happen with you in war, I would have not let you go, I obeyed Pita ji and came on vanvaas, if I knew I will lose you, I would have never allowed you to come with me. He cries. Sugreev says don’t worry, Hanuman will come with Sanjeevani plant. Ram says what will I answer Matas, what face will I show to Urmila, who is waiting for his return since 14 years, everyone will say I lost you for my selfish motive, I should not protect my brother.

Hanuman flies to North. Ram cries. Ram Ram….plays…………. Hanuman reaches Himalayas and sees the glowing leaves of Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman could not understand which plant to take. He says which one is Sanjeevani in this, all look similar to me. He smiles and says now I understood what I should do. He says Jai Shri Ram and gets into his huge form. He lifts the entire mountain on his one shoulder. He flies.

Sugreev says don’t know where is Hanuman, when will he come. Hanuman flies back to Ram. Ram cries seeing Laxman. Angad sees Hanuman getting the mountain and gets surprised. He says Mahavir Hanuman has come. Everyone see Hanuman getting the huge mountain along.

Hanuman lands and keeps the mountain down. Vaid ji goes to the mountain. Hanuman gets back to his true form. Vaid ji says you got the entire mountain. Hanuman says yes, I got confused seeing all the plants, all of them were glowing and any knowledgeable person can identify it, so I got the mountain. Vaid ji gets the Sanjeevani plant. Hanuman goes to touch Ram’s feet. Ram stops him and hugs him. Ram Ram…..plays…………..

Vaid ji crushes the leaves and feeds its juice to Laxman. Laxman coughs and comes to life. Everyone happily cry. Ram holds Laxman. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Ram asks Laxman to open his eyes. Laxman opens eyes and sees Ram. He says Bhaiya. Ram hugs him.

Sita tells Trijata that there can’t be anything good for her than knowing Laxman is fine, like Laxman came to van with us, I will take him back safe, if anything happened to Laxman, we would have no answer to give Urmila, we can’t life without Laxman.

Ram asks Laxman why did he go to fight with Meghnadh without asking him, don’t I have right to protect you or know anything about you. Laxman cries and apologizes to him. Laxman says when I got news that Meghnadh is coming in war, I got angry and left without taking your permission, like you always forgive me, you forgive me even this time, I did big mistake. He falls in Ram’s feet and cries. Ram holds him and wipes his tears.

Ram asks Laxman to recall what Gurudev Vishwamitra taught them, anger is cause of sin and destruction, anger is like enemy for a warrior, anger destroys sense, if you have to win, you have to control your anger, I have no doubt on your bravery and might, you are better and capable warrior than Meghnadh, even then he succeeded to overcome you, how, because you were into your anger. Laxman says you are saying right, I promise you, I will never lose my senses by anger. Ram hugs him.

Ram says Meghnadh has used tantric powers to make a fatal attack on Laxman, just Laxman will kill him now. Laxman says Meghnadh is away from death, till I m away from him, when he comes infront of me, his end is definite.
Meghnadh runs and a horse jumps over him. Sulochana wakes up from this dream and shouts no. Meghnadh asks what happened. She says bad dream, your life is in danger. He says your worry is sign of your love for me, remember I m Ajay/ invincible, even Kaal is afraid to touch me, don’t worry and sleep. A horse opens the door of her Kaksh. Sulochana sees the horse(same as seen in her dream), and gets shocked.

Raavan takes bath by the blood. He recalls killing Rishi munis. Meghnadh looks on. Raavan asks Meghnadh does he know whose blood is this, those Rishi munis, who were devotees of Vishnu, I killed them because I did not want anyone to have such qualities, I wanted to become supreme, I thought you are a great warrior among all my sons, but I was wrong, you went in battle ground twice to kill those sanyasis, but they both are still alive. Meghnadh says I m sorry, I could to stand up to your expectations, give me one chance to go to war ground and kill those vanvasis, I want to see trust and respect for me in your eyes. Raavan says go and do tapasya first, get capable to fight first, I will go in war ground alone now. Meghnadh asks for a final chance. Raavan signs no and goes. Meghnadh gets angry and screams.

siya ke ram 11th august

Precap :
Meghnadh tells Sulochana that Raavan does not trust me, don’t you trust me. Sulochana cries and says its nothing like that, I trust you. Laxman breaks Meghnadh’s tapasya. Meghnadh says you all created hurdle in my yagya, you all will get punished. Laxman challenges Meghnadh to lift his weapons. Meghnadh goes to attack on Laxman.

siya ke ram 11th august siya ke ram 11th august siya ke ram 11th august siya ke ram 11th august

** Jai Shree Ram **

Sholak Used During The Episode :

Chale Pawansut Sish Navai, Ram Sabha Me Aasha Chayi.
Beete Chhan Chhan Samay Nirantar, Pahuche Hanumana Parvat Par.
Dekhi Himalaya Shobha Maya, Hanuman Ke Samajh Na Aaya..
Kare Vanaspati Ya Aaghuvani, Lakhi Na Paye Kapi Sanjeevni..

Kaun Nai Janat Hai Jag Mei, Sankat Mochan Naam Tehero.


hanumana bringing parvat with sanjivni buti

hanumana uplifts whole parvat to take sanjeevni buti booti

hermit snakes traps hanuman skr

laxman apologize for his mistake skr

ram becomes angry when laxman get recovered

ram cries by holding laxman hand

ram hugs hanuman when he come back with sanjivni buti

ram taking bath with human's blood skr

sanjeevni buti pics siyakeram

sita becomes happy after laxman recovery

vedya susen identifies sanjivni buti siyakeram

vedya susen shocked seeing the whole himalaya parvat

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