ram request vedya sushen to cure laxman siya ke ram 10th august

Siya Ke Ram – 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 242]

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Siya Ke Ram 10th August Episode starts with

Trijata coming to Ram. He says Mata, you here. She cries and greets him. She says I got Sita’s message, she got to know about Laxman, there is Sushen Vaid, he is very gyaani Vaid, he has cure for all of Meghnadh’s negative powers, just he can give solution for Laxman’s cure. Ram asks where will we get him. Trijata says I don’t know this, I just came with Sita’s message, now I have to leave. Ram says I will be thankful to you all life for this message. Sabha beech me Trijata aai…..plays……… She leaves. Vibhishan says Sushen Vaid is not in Lanka since one year, but Meghnadh always used to meet him, Trijata is saying right, he has much knowledge, he knows all the herbs of the world. Hanuman asks how will we know of him, where does he stay. Vibhishan says he used to stay in some hut, maybe we can get any clue. Hanuman asks Ram to allow him to go, he will find Sushen Vaid. Ram says its right. Hanuman flies off.

He looks for Sushen, and says Vibhishan said Sushen used to stay in Dakshin/south direction, I should proceed that way. He sees some hut and says maybe this is his house. He calls out Vaid Raj Sushen. He enters the hut and says there is nothing else than darkness, Vibhishan is right, VaidRaj is not in Lanka since much time. He heats some sound and goes back to see. He breaks a door and finds the Vaid. Vaid gets tense and says don’t kill me. Hanuman says no, I did not come to harm you, you are VaidRaj Sushen right. Vaid says yes. Hanuman says such a gyaani vaid and this state, why did you hide here. Vaid says I did not hide, Meghnadh has confined me here, he warned me, if I go out or if anyone sees me, he will not leave me alive.

Hanuman says just Meghnadh has do this cheap thing, he would do this so that you can’t cure the affect of his powers, I m Hanuman, you don’t need to be afraid, Meghnadh has attacked Laxman with his power weapon, he needs you, come with me, just you can save Laxman. Vaid says no, Meghnadh is very cruel, I can’t come. Hanuman says you have to go, any way. He lifts Vaid and takes him. Hanuman comes back to everyone, and gets Vaidraj with him. Ram greets him and says my brother’s life is in danger, we got to know just you can cure him, save his life. Vaid says I stay in Lankesh’s Rajya, you are his enemy, my duty is to think of my king’s betterment, if I help you, Lankesh and Meghnadh will kill me.

Hanuman says any Vaid’s duty is to cure an ill man, you cure Laxman, no need to be scared of Raavan and Meghnadh, till you are in Ram’s place, no one can harm you. Ram requests Vaidraj. Vaidraj checks Laxman. He tells Ram that Laxman is struck by Meghnadh’s powers, there is just one way, that’s Sanjeevani plant. Ram asks Sanjeevani plant? Vaidraj says yes, just that can get life in Laxman’s body, if he does not get that plant till tomorrow sunrise, Laxman will die. Ram and everyone get shocked. Hanuman asks where will I get that, its my duty to get it.
VaidRaj says you will get it at Himalaya mountain in Uttar/north direction, but its impossible to go to Himalaya and come back in so less time. Hanuman says no work is impossible, if my life is not of Ram’s use, its totally waste, but Vaidraj, there will be many plants, how will I identify Sanjeevani plant. Vaidraj says the one which will shine and have light, that will be Sanjeevani plant. Ram tells Hanuman that just you can save Laxman’s life now, come back soon. Hanuman cries and touches Ram’s feet. Hanuman leaves. Ram Ram….plays…….

Asur tells Meghnadh that Vaidraj Sushen is not in his hut, I got news that a vanar has gone to get Sanjeevani plant from Himalaya. Meghnadh says its impossible and gets angry. Hanuman is on the way. Ram holds Laxman’s hand. Sita prays. Meghnadh gets his magical bow and arrow. He shoots at the sky. A snake demon appears on Meghnadh’s call. Hanuman flies over the ocean. He says in which direction is Himalaya, I m not able to find it. He hears some hermit chanting Jai Siya Ram. The hermit opens eyes and sees Hanuman coming. Hanuman says who is taking Ram’s name in this deep jungle, I m sure he will show me right direction to go to Himalaya. He goes to that hermit and greets him. The hermit smiles.

He blesses Hanuman. Hanuman says Munivar, you look a big Gyaani, how did you know my name when I did not meet you before. The hermit says I know whats happening where and when, Ram is sorrowful for his brother Laxman, you are going to Himalaya to get plant. Hanuman says you know everything sitting here. The hermit asks how can I help you. Hanuman says I lost the route, tell me right direction to go to Himalaya. Hermit says sure, Himalaya is in North, you should go this way, you will see Himalaya. Hanuman greets him. The hermit blesses him and turns into a snake. He catches Hanuman and laughs. Hanuman gets shocked.

Vaidraj says Ram, Laxman’s body has very less life now, if Sanjeevani plant is not found in time, then a disaster is definitely going to occur. Ram cries.

siya ke ram 10th august

Precap :
Ram says Meghnadh used Tantrik powers and tried to kill Laxman, now Laxman will kill him for sure. Laxman says once Meghnadh comes infront of me, his death is definite. Meghnadh runs away and a horse jumps over him. Meghnadh falls down.

siya ke ram 10th august siya ke ram 10th august siya ke ram 10th august siya ke ram 10th august 

** Jai Shree Ram **

Sholak Used During The Episode :

Sabha Beech Me Trijata Aayi, Vedya Sushen Ka Pta Btayi.
Lanka Pahuch Gye Bajrani, Dhundhe Aale Sushen Vedya Ki..
Sanjeevni Hai Ek Upayi, Jaha Se Laxman Pran Bachayi.
Karya Asambhav Jo Kar Paye, Surya Uday Ke Purva Hi Laye..
Pran Bache To Lakhan Lal Ke, Tabhi Sunchay Mite Kal Ke…


hanuman comes susen ved home to take him

hanuman finding sanjeevni buti skr

hanuman pic after listening about susen ved from trijata

hanuman pic after listening about susen ved from trijata

hermit snake takes rishi form to distract hanuman

meghnad got disppointed by sushen rescue

pics of ved susen mahagyani in lanka skr

ram feels tensed and sad due to laxman unconciousness

ram request vedya sushen to cure laxman

ram thanks trijata for sharing aboyt ved susen

Sabha Beech Me Trijata Aayi Vedya Sushen Ka Pta Btayi

ved sushen sees laying laxman

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