ram reaches lanka with his army 8 july epispde

Siya Ke Ram – 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 219]

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8 July Episode starts with

Sita forwarding hand to touch Ram. Vibhishan shoots her down. Ram, Laxman, Sugreev and Hanuman get shocked. Sita falls down. They all look at Vibhishan. Raavan asks Meghnadh why did you cheat me. Meghnadh says sorry, I did not do Pitra droh and Raj droh, whatever I did is for Lanka and your good. Raavan asks do you mean you did not cheat me. Meghnadh says no, I just played a trick. Raavan asks what trick. Meghnadh says that woman is not Sita in reality. Vibhishan tells Ram that this is Kumbika in Devi Sita’s avatar. Kumbika comes to her real form. They all get shocked. Vibhishan says Meghnadh would have sent her to kill you Ram. Ram smiles and says friend Vibhishan, you proved real friendship by saving my life, you are my best friend from today. He hugs Vibhishan. Ram Ram….plays…………. Everyone smile.

Raavan says if Kumbika went to kill Ram in Sita’s avatar, then where is Sita. Meghnadh says I have sent Sita with Trijata to the jail/lockup at night. FB shows Meghnadh asking Trijata does she know what she has to do. She nods and says yes. FB ends. Meghnadh says this was easy way to kill Ram, so I have sent Kumbika there. Raavan says its my motive to kill Ram, I will do that, Ram should not die by Kumbika’s hand, stop her. Akampana comes and says no need to stop Kumbika now, because Vibhishan identified her and killed her infront of Ram. Raavan asks Meghnadh not to do such work again without his permission. He returns Meghnadh’s sword and goes. He asks Akampana what other message did he get about Ram. Akampana tells about two monkey warriors Nar and Nil, who started building bridge over the sea, Ram and his army will be soon here. Raavan laughs and says I m waiting for that moment, if Ram reaches Lanka soon, I will end Sita’s illusion soon. Kaikesi worries.

Sita asks Trijata why did you get me here in jail. Trijata says when someone’s confidence gets low, he tries to test other’s power, Meghnadh has tried to test Ram. Sita asks what. Trijata says Meghnadh has sent Kumbika to Ram, thinking she can kill Ram by her touch. Sita asks why did you not tell this to me before. Trijata says because I have belief on Ram, and there is good news, Ram started building bridge over the sea. Sita smiles.

Ram moulds the soil into Shiv’s idol. Laxman and Jamvanth look on, while Hanuman, Angad, Sugreev, Nar and Nir place big stones on the shore, and write Ram’s name on it. Mahadev says this shivling placed by Ram will be known as Rameshwar, my Aradhya has done my puja in human avatar and blessed me, that’s why this place will always be special to me, whoever will pray to me here with true heart, I will fulfill their prayers for sure. Ram keeps flowers on the shivling and prays. Ram Ram…..plays………….

Ram says the one who makes everyone’s work successful and ends sorrows, my greetings to Mahadev. Laxman and Sugreev also pray. Sugreev says bridge work is completed as per your command, what is the next command for us. Ram says we should leave for Lanka with entire army. They all chant Jai Shri Ram….. Ram looks at the bridge and steps on the first rock. They all follow Ram.

Ram and everyone reach Lanka. Trijata runs to Sita happily in ashok vatika. Sita asks whats the matter. Trijata says its good news, your love and belief have won today, Dharm has stepped in this Adharm land, Ram has stepped in Lanka along with his army. Sita happily cries and says Raghunandan.

Raavan says those Sanyasis’ death pulled them to Lanka, I was waiting for this time, now I will see who will protect them from me. An Asur says yes Lankesh, you are saying true, make Lanka’s glory high now. Akampana says but reaching Lanka is not an easy thing, we should take this matter seriously, its first time someone reached Lanka. Raavan says they have come to Lanka by my wish, not their own wish, we were waiting for them to come here, so they we kill them and show consequences of attacking Lanka. Akampana says its not about your power and pride, Vibhishan has joined Ram too, we don’t know anything about Ram, but Ram knows all secrets of Lanka by Vibhishan, if we have to fail enemy, then we need to know Ram’s secrets. Raavan says secrets are found about more powerful enemy, not of any coward and helpless opponents, I will see who will protect Sita’s belief now. He laughs.

Vibhishan shows miniature model of Lanka’s palace and entry points. He tells about the valleys in between where demons and dangerous animals stay, so its impossible to enter Lanka palace by crossing these four doors.

Hanuman says air route can help us in entering Lanka, but its tough to enter Lanka by these four doors/routes. Vibhishan tells about the north door of Lanka. Hanuman says Mata Sita is there. Sugreev says we should free Mata Sita and attack on Lanka soon. Ram says Sugreev, even my heart wants this, that I free Sita soon, but attacking this way will not be according to Dharm, before fights, we should try to solve every problem with peace, we should give a chance to enemy to chance, war should be always last solution, so we have to send our peace messenger and tell Raavan to rethink about the war, and there can be no one better than Angad for this. Angad gets glad.

Angad thanks Ram for giving this opportunity to serve him, and finds this his good luck. He says I will end work soon and come back. He takes Ram’s blessings. Angad chale……plays…. They all chant Jai Shri Ram. Angad leaves.


Precap :
Raavan says Ram is such a fool to win war by monkeys’ support. Angad shouts Lankesh, if you and anyone present in your Sabha succeeds to move my foot, I promise you, Ram will leave from Lanka by accepting his defeat. He steps his huge foot on the ground, and looks at Raavan.


** Jai Shree Ram **

angad as shanti dut visits to lanka sabha

anukampa gives news of ram and lakhman to ravan

nal nir angad sugriv making ram setu pics

ram reaches lanka with his army 8 july epispde

rameshwaram shivling established by ram in skr

ramji ki sena chali on ram setu to lanka

ravan to punish megnad skr

ravan's reaction when he got to know that ram reached lanka

sita in kalkotri jail skr

vibhisan tm mere param mitr ho says ram

vibhishan kills mayavi kumbika skr

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