kumbika in the form of sita 7 july episode

Siya Ke Ram – 7th July 2016 Written Episode Update With HD Images Of Episode [Episode : 218]

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7 July Episode starts with

Ravan questioning his mother kekashi for daring to give asur vish to Sita with out his permission, with out discussion in the rajsabha.

She argues that she had caused death of two of her family members so she deserved this,Ravan says sita could have died because of this , kekashi tries to argue but Meghnath has his own ideas to deal with Sita and rushes off. Lankesh warns of consequences .

On the other side of the ocean Vibhishan chants Jai Shri Rama and arrives To pay obeisance to Ram, he introduces himself as Younger brother of Lankesh Ravan ,he had left Lanka puri because of the sins, misdeeds and tortures by Ravan .

All are skeptical about ravan’s brother’s hidden intentions , but Ram welcomes him and accepts him as he was a sharanagat . It was his duty to save and protect all those who sought his sharan. Hanuman says this was the time to welcome all those who escape from Lanka due to Ravan’s atyachar , and he narrates that in Lanka Vibhishan was the only one who followed dharma and helped him . Rama tests Vibhishan’s ideas and finds him very knowledgeable. He welcomes him with open arms . Ram praises Vibhishan and he too praises Shri ram. The entire vanar sena shouts Jai Shri Ram,…

At Lanka Meghnad comes to Sita and orders her out of Lanka , he releases her. He orders trijata too out of Lanka , but sita says she could not leave as she had vouched not to leave Lanka until she punished Ravan for his misdeeds 
Meghnath retorts that in Lanka she had to follow orders.

Meghnath sends Sita off on a boat . She floats away carried by the waves rudderless … On the other side of Ocean Nal Neel begin creating the bridge with the help of stones, Hanumaan writes the Ram’s name on every stone , all chant Jai Shri Ram…

Hanumaan notices a boat floating towards them in the ocean he wonders if this was Ravan’s saazish. As the boat arrives at the shore all are shocked to find a woman sleeping in the boat .Hanumaan identifies her as Maata Sita…
He alerts Lord Ram. Ram is surprised and gets emotional , goes running to meet his beloved .Sita wakes up…

At lanka Ravan accuses Meghnath for being Pitri doshi and Rajdoshi , for disobeying father’s orders , sending Sita out of Lanka and breaking rajniyam. He would have to repay this crime by his life.
Lankesh draws out his dangerous looking sword and places it at Meghnath’s neck as Kekashi looks on grimly.


Precap : 
All watch with pleasant surprise as Sita approaches Ram. Ram watches Sita intently. Just as Sita is about to touch Ram’s shoulder Sita is hit by one arrow and she falls to the earth.


** Jai Shree Ram **

hanuman writes ram on every stone

kaikesi with mandodari pics at lanka sabha

kumbika as sita reaches near ram

kumbika in the form of sita 7 july episode

meghnad betrayed ravan by sending kumbika to kill ram

meghnad sends kumbika to kill ram

nal and nir pics in siyakeram

ram got emotional by seeing sita

ram setu starts for the construction

sita got emotional by seeing ram

sita in the form of kumbika died

sita shocked pics in ashok vatika

sugiv and hanuman smiling pics

vibhisan comes to prabhu ram's saran

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